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No, sorry, it's an old game jam version so It was just made to be made, there is no goal. I am however thinking of remaking it, so keep an eye on that ;)


I would love for you to include in the bundle my project Detective Donovan and The Price of Love. While not big or long, it does include queer PoC - a good thing for a black pride month.

Thank you for doing this, and I hope that the bundle reaches the goal! 

It's called ludomancy, it's when you predict the future using games. And the games say it's all going to be okay.

I should have made it more intuitive, but the option is A on the controller or the left mouse button. This will definitely be fixed in future updates!

The web version should be working now!

Real nice and tight controls, the ability to change the speed is a huge help for people that could have issues. A nice few levels that ramp up well in difficulty!


I'm Jonatan (he/they/whatever), I'm from Poland, doing a Games Technology degree at Coventry University in UK, but currently about to start an internship in Poland. I do C# and Unity, to lesser extent C++ and GML, and I'm a jack of all trades, since I know some modelling, sound design, level design, writing and whatever else.

And I still have no ideas about what game to make. If it gets real bad I might drop off but I'll probably figure something out.

This is an amazing, albeit very simple 1-bit clicker. What won me over is the fact that there are lesbian and nonbinary kobolds involved, I'm in heaven.

Very enjoyable experience, although the last upgrade in the bird category stalled the game so much on my laptop that I wasn't able to 'finish' it completely, which I would gladly do.