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  • Started working on the story
  • Added typewriting effect on text
  • Now GIFs of my progress will be in 60 FPS

Welcome to the "Fire Town" DevLog. Hope you have a great time here!

I've started working on my game pretty late, but this is my progress so far:

- Day 1:

  • Created a basic main menu
  • Brainstorming ideas for the game

I'm not going to go throughout the whole questions thing. I'm here just to say have fun and learn something new :)


Thanks for the reply! Really appreciated it. I will be sure to add "W" as a Jump key in the next patch.

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I am hosting the official discord server for this jam, come hang out with us and share your progress in real time!


Hey, I have finished the discord server, but you will need to "announce" stuff etc.

Here is the link:

Sweet! Thanks for the reply, I will start working on it. Will give you a link in a couple of hours.

Hi, I just wanted to point out that this game jam currently doesn't have a discord server, if the hosts could create one, that would be awesome. If they don't, I can host a discord server myself for this jam (if it's requested in the comments).

Have a great day everybody!

Sweet! Thanks for the feedback. Follow my profile to get a notification when the game is finished :)

The sound and visuals are extremely good. You have earned a follower!

A bit hard, love the fast jump tho!

Finished the game, better than LSD. 10/10

Was a really fun experience! Met a lot of nice people. Looking forward to the next one!

Hi, thanks a lot for the feedback, there are no "invisible" blocks on the level where the spikes fall, its just a small bug between the player's collider and the floor's collider. Will be fixed soon.

Final Update:

A new build with everything in the DevLog as been released! Check it out here:

Update #13.5:

- Added Falling Spikes!

- Now the first 6 levels are fully playable.

- Added "Colour Change" coin. (GIFs for all coming soon!)

Day 13:

- Added Spikes!

Day 12:

- No progress.

Day 11:

- Added a Credits scene!

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Update #10.5:

- When you enter e new level, the current World and Level number will be displayed.

- Now the game will automatically launch in 800x600 resolution.

Day 10:

- Now the Timer will play a sound every second.

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Update #9.5:

- Now a sound will be played when changing Worlds in the Level Select Menu.

- The Main Jump sound has been changed.

- Now the Double Jump has a sound of it's own.

Day 9:

- Updated the Splash Screen, now it shows the Rainbow Jam logo.

It's starting to look amazing! Keep up the good work buddy :)

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A build with everything currently in the DevLog has been published!

Go check it out here:

- You can change colors with the "0", "1", "2", "3" buttons on your keyboard (you can use the number pad as well).

Day 8:

- Added Background music for each one of the Worlds. (Music is also played in the Level Select Menu) 

+ Work In Progress: Fade in & Out of Music when changing worlds in the Level Select.


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Update #7.5:

- You can now change between "Worlds" with the Arrow keys.

Day 7:

- I'm having some fun with the particle effect system :D

Update #6.7:

- Every colour now his own Special Abily.

  • Red : Movement Speed decreased but Jump Height heavily increased.
  • Green: Double Jump
  • Blue: Is affected a lot less by gravity, giving him the possibility to float in the air.

Looks promising!

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Update #6.6:

- Improved Level Select Menu

- Nerfed Player's movement: (White Color)

  • Movement Speed: From 7 to 5
  • Jump Height: From 9 to 5

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Update #6.5:

- Now if you fall into the depths of nothingness you can restart the level :)

+ Work in Progress: Particle Effect when you change colors

Day 6:

- You can now change between White, Red, Green and Blue colors. (Each will have an unique power when you equip them)

- You cannot change colors after the timer hits 0

I have played your game for about 3 minutes, it looks promising! Keep the updates coming :)

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Day 5:

- Added a "World" Select in the Level Select menu.

- Work in Progress: Background Music

New Build Released with everything in the DevLog!

Check it out here:

Day 4:

- Now when the Timer hits 0, you can Press R to Restart the current level you're in.