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[DevLog] Colour Flux!

A topic by Eclipse created Aug 19, 2017 Views: 715 Replies: 27
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Hello everybody! Here I will post my progress on my entry for the Rainbow Jam 2017.

Day 1:

I have been working on the main menu, and I'm pretty satisfied with how it came out. Here's a sneak peak for you: 

It works and all, but it seemed a little boring to me, so I decided to add a little more fun to it! :) 

Update #1 : 

Added a Quit Button, and now the Start Button loads up the Level 1! 

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Day 2:

Changed the background of the level to Dark Grey, and made the movement really smooth. (Don't let the laggy GIF fool you!), also you can now only jump if you're touching the ground.


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Update #2 : 

- Added Invisible walls so the player doesn't fall into the depths of the abyss

- Added a little timer in the top right corner :D

- Added a little more stuff to the first level, but it's still an early prototype and it will most likely change.

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Day 3:

 I have been working on the Menu Sounds. Now the Start Button and the Quit Button will play a sound when pressed.

Also, I have started to use Butler, so my life is much easier now. :)

Currently the game can be downloaded, click here for an early prototype:

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Update #3:

 Added a little Level Select menu, now instead of instantly jumping into the game when you press the Start Button, you land here :). 

Update #3.5 :

- Now when you jump a sound will be played.


Update #4: 

- Added a "Level Failed" animation when timer hit's 0

- You cannot move after the timer hits 0

+ Super smooth GIF for your eyes!


Day 4:

- Now when the Timer hits 0, you can Press R to Restart the current level you're in.


New Build Released with everything in the DevLog!

Check it out here:

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Day 5:

- Added a "World" Select in the Level Select menu.

- Work in Progress: Background Music


Day 6:

- You can now change between White, Red, Green and Blue colors. (Each will have an unique power when you equip them)

- You cannot change colors after the timer hits 0

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Update #6.5:

- Now if you fall into the depths of nothingness you can restart the level :)

+ Work in Progress: Particle Effect when you change colors

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Update #6.6:

- Improved Level Select Menu

- Nerfed Player's movement: (White Color)

  • Movement Speed: From 7 to 5
  • Jump Height: From 9 to 5


Update #6.7:

- Every colour now his own Special Abily.

  • Red : Movement Speed decreased but Jump Height heavily increased.
  • Green: Double Jump
  • Blue: Is affected a lot less by gravity, giving him the possibility to float in the air.

Day 7:

- I'm having some fun with the particle effect system :D

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Update #7.5:

- You can now change between "Worlds" with the Arrow keys.


Can't wait to try it!




Day 8:

- Added Background music for each one of the Worlds. (Music is also played in the Level Select Menu) 

+ Work In Progress: Fade in & Out of Music when changing worlds in the Level Select.

Submitted (2 edits)

A build with everything currently in the DevLog has been published!

Go check it out here:

- You can change colors with the "0", "1", "2", "3" buttons on your keyboard (you can use the number pad as well).


Day 9:

- Updated the Splash Screen, now it shows the Rainbow Jam logo.

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Update #9.5:

- Now a sound will be played when changing Worlds in the Level Select Menu.

- The Main Jump sound has been changed.

- Now the Double Jump has a sound of it's own.


Day 10:

- Now the Timer will play a sound every second.

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Update #10.5:

- When you enter e new level, the current World and Level number will be displayed.

- Now the game will automatically launch in 800x600 resolution.


Day 11:

- Added a Credits scene!


Day 12:

- No progress.


Day 13:

- Added Spikes!


Update #13.5:

- Added Falling Spikes!

- Now the first 6 levels are fully playable.

- Added "Colour Change" coin. (GIFs for all coming soon!)


Final Update:

A new build with everything in the DevLog as been released! Check it out here: