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No cal.

Farem els equips aquí al arribar. El divendres a les 17:00.

Pots venir amb l'equip format o no. Jo, per exemple, vinc només amb dos amics. Ens faltarà gent 😎

Thank you for your comment Reign.
Our first idea was that the gameplay be a metaphor to discover what your true gender and feelings. First of all pieces have a color, a random color and then after a specific time, they will be what they are. If you take the piece with the right mouse button and move near other piece that it like, its time goes fast and it discovers the flag faster.
Maybe you are right to show the flags at all times in order to be a good puzzle game.
We will continue to develop Gendertrix and trying your suggest. :)

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Hello everyone !

I'm Ralph (Rafel in Catalan language);) and I'm from Barcelona. I'm programmer. I make games in assembler in my spare time for MSX computers and I has released a couple of game in cartridge physical format. Nowadays, I'm teacher in game programming and I make games for PC in OXiAB Games Studio. I'm a Nintendo developer too as third party.

I write code in C++ always, without using any kind of third party engine. I have enough code done for make a 2D videogame. And in future I will try to integrate 3D to my code with OpenGL but no for this Rainbow GameJam. ;)

This is my second GameJam that I do in my life. Usually I don't like to produce games quickly because I think a good work needs time to mature and to become a good game. But In my last experience I saw some good results for make a game from our own code quickly. Maybe I can say that this code is like a little engine, hehe.

Well emm, I will try to do my best and to build a good team to work together.

Nice to meet you.

So beautiful! I need more game like that.