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So philosophical and the ending was great. :)

I call it "Revisiting old trails & dead ends". ;-)

Thanks for playing, Jupiter. :)

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I get where you're coming from with this. Thinking I might buy myself a big hat now. :) Really liked the use of the typing mechanic to control the game, and those cute characters. 

Thanks Jupiter. :)

Thanks for playing through, Jupiter. :)

Wow! This was made in Bitsy?!? This looks so good. Great job.

That was a lot of fun & I liked the clever use of the hacks. :)

That's such a well told & detailed story. Great graphics & the audio worked really well with it. :)

Thanks Emma. :)

It's fine onion. :) Thanks for playing. I hid the other 2 endings because they were a bit dark, and decided to leave them out... But it's good that someone has found them... My extra effort wasn't wasted. 😊 

Thanks dumplingsquid. I'm so glad you liked it. There were more varied endings, but they were a bit darker & I removed them because I wasn't sure they fitted into the spirit of the jam. 

Thank you. 😊 

I 😍 this. Thank you so much. 😊 

Such a great bit of narrative. ... & the end. :)

Thanks Mark. :) It's all my own work. More of the same here under the Replay in Neon playlist. 

I really enjoyed the narrative & how you built this up with the slight changes in graphics. 

Thank you. :) 

To use more than 3 colours in a screen at the same time you can do something like this in the game data window. Find the palette you want to use and add a couple more RGB colours on lines underneath. For example:

NAME Black green

I have added 133,212,201 & 249,252,246 into the game data.

Then (again in the game data window) find the tile you want to change the colour of, and underneath the line that says either WAL true or WAL false add COL plus the number row of the colour you want to use - don't forget that Bitsy starts counting at 0. For example:

NAME mistletoe 1 green
WAL true



COL 4 will give the mistletoe 1 green tile a colour of 249,252,246

When you click out of the game data window after editing the text the tiles will change to the correct colour. :)

Thank you. :-)

Thanks. :)

Wow! I'm so glad you got this in before the deadline. It looks so cute, but the storyline is dark... and it works well together.

I really liked the line "You didn't have to be fruitful." - it's so simple, but also powerful. Great to see this is your first Bitsy game too! It will be interesting to see where it goes.

That made me smile a lot. I loved the different "powers" everyone had & the voice-overs you created to accompany them. :) It took me a little while to work out how to play the game, as I don't usually play turn based games.

That was such a sweet narrative told without words. :) Cute graphics too.

I have to admit that I wasn't very good at this game, but it was fun anyway. Nice mechanics and funny little touches too. :) I enjoyed seeing it come together via your posts on social media as well. :)

This was very atmospheric & the narrative was great- I liked your choice of contemplative setting - it worked so well- I even looked up into the stars. :)

So many things to say about this. 1. A Bitsy game. Yay! :) 2. I don't identify as aromantic, but your narrative helped me understand how it actually feels for some people - there's a lot of things I have never considered before about what being aromantic means. Thank you for helping me understand a bit more. 3. I also had a "bell ringing" moment in relation to my own LGBTQQ++ experiences, and I liked the way you expressed it here. :)

I  thought this concept was very clever. I liked your use of colour and the way you developed the levels throughout the game.

I really liked the art, the story thread & the safe space twist. Nice work. :)

You educated me! :) I didn't know anything about the Band of Thebes before.

I survived for 55 seconds with a score of 16. It was quite a speedy game. :)

:) I love the rainbow lamps scattered throughout the grey ones, and such a nice way of creating the narrative.

Warnings: Contains zombie violence & gore (I imagine it's strawberry jam they're slinging at me), deep water/drowning, & references to alcohol.

But it also contains pink/blue/rainbow fabric mountains, and a quest to identify & find yourself & safe spaces.

This is a narrative driven 3D survival exploration game created in Game Guru.

Explore to find the safest space - hint, there is a beacon to aim for at the end.

Keys to play are:

  • Arrows - move
  • Mouse - look around
  • Shift - run
  • Space - jump

Some jumps are tricky, but are possible - just keep jiggling around.

It's great to see a storytelling role playing game in here. I really like the set up for this & basing it around a seance is a great idea. Have you had a chance to try it out yet? 

I really enjoy dark European folk tales, & this story had that feel about it. It also reminded me of  del Toro - it was an engaging & entertaining read. :)

Thanks for the positive comments Christina. :) Apologies about the slow reply . I hadn't realised I'd got a comment. You made a good point about the deaths. It was a bit mean of me to do that.

I enjoyed the story you set up here - I liked the direction it was heading in. The use of hand drawn characters over the photos was a nice idea. Made it feel real in a way.

It was fun exploring the castle. I really liked the lighting effects - candle light & lightning. I didn't manage to get far though, as I was constantly getting wiped out in the dark, but it was fun trying. :)

I do hope you get a chance to finish this. The art is great & just the set up from this scene is intriguing me. 

I'd love to see where you go with this. :-) It was fun exploring the house with the ghostly avatar & discovering different characters - the art was atmospheric (I really liked the style), especially with the winter theme and the music. 

It was an entertaining lead in to the rest of the story. I really liked the visual style.