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staggering external focus points and thoughts like meditating felt very compelling. And yes, you're not alone!

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Clever metaphor and concept! Also very pretty.

A very sweet idea. I also like how it was more difficult to help sad people than it was to transfer electricity or information. 

I tried to take my new friends to the bar, but they were already drunk. This was very cute. I really liked the effects of the lgbt aura.

An interesting concept. I like the way the game looks, especially the trees and the bunbuns. I wish the bunbuns were characters so I could talk to them.  It took a little getting used to the colliders on the red blocks being higher than expected. But then I started to use them like the side of a pool table, so maybe that was intentional. Ended up being pretty fun. Nice work.

A neat exploration game in multiple dimensions. I really like the art you made, the smooches and hug animations were very cute.

Will do! Sorry I accidently deleted my original post. :/

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Welp. I'm apparently terrible at how itch does their forums.  Sorry to post twice.

Friends call me Cole. I'm an EAE student at the U of Utah, but doing a "custom" path where I'm also studying cognitive psych and music/sound. Someone on the ineeddiversegames discord told me about this jam, and I couldn't resist the opportunity to make games with the rainbow flag fam. Can't wait to see what we all come up with. Thanks!

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Hey, I have a story idea.  My sister (a writer) and I will be writing the story.  I was originally just going to take a stab Twine, but having a dedicated programmer I don't think the idea would be poor for a VN type game. I'm NickF on the Discord. Shoot me a message if you want to discuss maybe teaming up!

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Hey all, looking for a programmer and maybe an artist. Wanting to make a narrative game with some light puzzle-ish aspects. Have an idea, a writer, and a composer. Looking forward to working with y'all.

thanks, I got super swamped and couldn't give it as much attention as I'd have liked.  ::cry::

I could really hear the story in it, nice job. What sample(s) did you use to make the sparkly arpeggiated chords with?