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REVENGE CITYView game page

A gta-clone in 64px made for the lowrezjam2021 !
Submitted by ROBOWARRIOR — 16 minutes, 15 seconds before the deadline
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Authenticity (use of resolution restriction)#654.6434.643

Ranked from 14 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Did you work in a team?
No, i worked alone.

Was the resolution a challenge?
Yes, of course, a lot of pixel art.
Need to made sacrifices for fluidity and visibility, but that's satisfying and challenging !
I did resolved a lot of problem of visibility and fluidity, i think it's good now.

What did you learn?
A lot of with organising User Interface, and relation with different objects. And how to apprehend to made a demake in low resolution.

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This is great game. But why would you inverse the car steering :D. SFX and visuals are good. Well polished.


The car controls were not great/correct (I believe the steering was relative to the car, which is correct at least compared to GTA1/2, but you have left and right reversed).  Anyway, super impressive you managed to make all this work in such a tight space in such a short time.  The city is surprisingly fleshed out.  I wish the gunplay felt better, I kinda just spammed click and stuff would die.  I wish there was some sort of effect or visual to show bullets / impacts because it felt like my gun was firing blanks. Nice game!


Thanks for your constructive comment, as you can see i tried to keep an arcade feeling, the control of the car isn’t perfect i tryed to made it for my own with out use physical engine, it’s coded hand made. In addition I have animation issues (movement seems jerky) when i implement different speed with that resolution so the best is to move 1 complete pixel min. , i use the 2D render, i think with a 3D render i will haven’t this kind of problem (surely), i stoped this part of the mechanics when i have found a good compromise (and did’nt lose time for implementing the others parts in the time). For the shooting part there is particule effect when you shoot an ennemy (like on the GIF4), maybe i can add a flash of the sprite to add more feedback. But i chose to didn’t draw the bullets, that may be to confusing with that low resolution and that can make the game too cartoon, i think.




Thanks !


controls/movement could be polished a little bit but for the rest it's an amazing work for such a little time jam! congratulations!


Possibly the best game I've played yet for this jam, super impressive man, good job


This submission is insanely impressive. Super impressive to pull off in just 2 weeks and a resolution this low.


Awesome job, really loved it! Like others are saying, very impressive that you did all this in such a short timespan!


Wow, incredibly polished game, great job! Got some missions, roamed the city, great game!

Got a weird bug tho - W+D makes a car go forward and left, not forward and right. Same for W+A. Made driving very complicated :D


Thanks,i’m happy you appreciate it ! For the direction of the car with a topdown view that’s “normal”, i had test with a control with the mouse but i prefer this way, it’s like the first GTA. But i understand that may be destabilising ! (and i have the same problem ^^ but with practice that’s fine)


It's really impressive that the game has such variety in animations, the game manages the fit ui elements like map, health bar and character portrait within the resolution limit . The game delivers nearly  everything I'd expected from a 2d gta clone within the jam's restrictions. It's impressive that you've accomplished it all by yourself.

Developer (2 edits)

Thanks, i made my best along the 2 weeks during a lot of hours and i appreciate your comment ! And if you have taken a little of fun with this game that’s great !


Pixel Art GTA in Reverse. I love it :D Only thing I found annoying was the red arrow indicating the next goal - it sometimes felt like this is the direction I aim my gun at. Maybe put the arrow on the edge of the screen instead. Other than that a really cool game!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Very ambitious idea, art is solid, I loved the sidequest and the way the enemy aims.

I was only able to get so far though because the game crashes at the diner mission.

Shows this error:


action number 1

of  Step Event0

for object o_car:

Unable to find any instance for object index '107875' name '<undefined>'

at gml_Object_o_car_Step_0

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for your comment, Have you test the executable with bug fixes? I have encounter this problem after the submission date and i have made a patch to correct that (i think).


Yes, the patched version works, nice.