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thank you!

Thanks for playing! 

Large if factual

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thank you!

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I love the crunchy sound effects and the variety of obstacles. Easy enough to pick up and it's challenging enough that I actually wanted to try over and over to get a better score.

I love this submission. Everything from visual presentation to the sfx and music is cute and works perfectly. 


Thanks so much for playing! Unfortunately I didn't think to include a cool secret, the fishing rod just lets you reach the lab keycard. 

Sounds strange, what browser were you using? Thanks for playing!


thank you!

thank you so much for playing! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the game.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing and making a video.

Love the art style in this. A cute mouse telling me to kill another cute mouse gave me a good chuckle.

Thank you so much for playing! I'm glad to hear you liked it.

Thanks for playing! Minit 3d was definitely what I was going for.

Thanks for playing and leaving a thought out comment! I'll update the axe collider!

This submission is insanely impressive. Super impressive to pull off in just 2 weeks and a resolution this low.

Very cool. As a fan of source engine games it was cool to do some crouch jumping :D 

I agree! Will definitely have them after the jam :)

Such a nicely executed idea. You've really managed to do a lot with the very limited resolution. I would love to play a more complete version of this at some point.

Lovely little typing game with a nice audio/visual style to it. Great submission.

One of my favourite submissions so far. The filtering can be a little harsh on the eyes at times but overall it's a really good submission.

Thank you! I'm definitely planning on releasing a post-jam version with sounds, more levels and more enemies! I'm glad you've enjoyed it.

Thank you!

This is an extremely impressive submission for a 48 hour game jam. Incredible aesthetic.

I like the concept. It reminded me a little of the game "flow".

I think that you've completely NAILED the visual style, the game is absolutely beautiful.

I love the visual style

I think the game fits the theme well and plays quite nicely but I think that you've NAILED the visual style. I love everything about how the game looks.

I like the nice, clean visual style.

Neat, well executed idea and a great aesthetic.

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Easily one of my favourite submissions so far. It's great all around. The idea is amazing and it's also amazingly executed. The general aesthetic of the game is cohesive and prefect for the feel of the game. The sound design and music fits the genre of this game perfectly. Amazing work. 5 stars across the board!

I really enjoyed this submission! I particularly liked the art style, it's simple, clean and effective.

This is a very ambitious and well executed submission! I loved the art style and the general structure of the game.

Great submission! A very good looking and feeling, concise game! Trying mid-air jumps while having bad thoughts definitely felt very "Out of control" so good use of the theme there.

Love the clean aesthetics and sound design. Nice, concise submission!