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Thank you :) I'm glad you like it!

How cuuute these animals are :D Sweet little adventure, I liked it alot! Visuals are well polished :)

Awesome idea!! :D I loved the sound recordings and the things you can draw later <3 My 'jamie' has the coolest haircut ever *_*

The soundtrack is super nice, and I love the general Idea :D Reminds me a bit of the 'Wario Ware' games :)
Great use of theme, too! Good job, good work :3

Sweet little runner game :D Ponies <3

The 3D art/animations and the soundtrack is really! well polished :) Good job!

Awesome entry! :) The visuals are stunning. The story is well written and funny. The fightin system works fine and feels good! One thing i figured out - if you're walking by the first trees you can lock yourself out, because you can't get back. Easy to fix I guess :)

Awesome job man :) Your game is super polished for a jam entry. Graphics are top notch and the gameplay is challenging!

Amazing game.. So much content and wonderful art :) The gameplay mechanic is also super functional.

I like the visuals a lot! The lighting is great. A UI would have been nice! The lack of music gives the game a kind of creepy atmosphere. I do like that!

This is game is really sick xD So I love it!

I would recommend to do a WebGL Build as well, because Unity Web Player is almost not supported by most browsers.

Really dark setting.. Call me creepy but I enjoyed the atmosphere :) Graphics are good, but the water could look a bit better.

Great game, the fast pacing works really well :) Very addicting. You could have scaled the game up, so the resolution stays the same but it would be easier to see the details. Art ist nice!

Great concept! :) And the art is pretty cute. I like your game!

Graphics are super cute :) Gameplay is on point! Nice entry.

High five for the title :D The idea is great. Art looks super okay and the game works great on this small resolution. Now I'm even more hyped for No Man's Sky ^^

I almost died to the first ratmen xD Your game is really impressive :) The art looks top notch and polished, the sound is super atmospheric. And the amount of content impressed me the most.

This game is really great :) I love the Cthulhu myths. The art is quite perfect for the resolution! Sound would be great, I'll keep an eye on this entry.

I think the question fits the thread: Would it be okay, if the player may choose at the begin between different Color schemes? Like you can do on the GBC. :)

Thanks! :) Maybe I'm coming back to this :D Problem is, there are too many great jams xD