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oh cool, open source! I’ll check it out soon then, thanks!

Looks neat! Are you making this with Godot? I can help test a Linux version if you want.

No problem man, happy to help. I think that focus idea sounds good and would allow for more natural replayability. If you want to go for the detective route, maybe start the player out with crime scenes and then move them to harder areas like the criminals apartment or something. Then maybe they can piece together clues they get right at the end of each “chapter” or something? That would go along with the name of the game too.

I totally get the game ideas thing. The only way to see if they work is to try. I started working on this escape room type game that I had an idea for. I think it will work out, which is cool since most of my recent ideas failed hard.

And yeah, I never had any luck with those subs either. Maybe 1 or 2 people but eh. Even /r/godot and /r/linux_gaming didn’t really touch anything I made.

Yo, just saw this in my feed. I played all three levels. I think it’s a cool idea. It’s really tough unless you go back and replay the levels. If the questions (for each level) had a theme that maybe pointed to a specific area or were linked together somehow it would be more forgiving and make the game more coherent. Otherwise I’m forced to go back and replay and then try to remember previous answers. I also like the style of the game assets and the environments look really good.

I really like the visuals, and honestly really liked the controls.

Glad you enjoyed! Thanks for the video :)

Thank you for playing! I did have plans to have different endings, but I was running out of time so I decided not to do that. I also thought more about the theme - if you are able to choose a different ending, it’s controllable. So I thought that would clash with the theme more. As it is right now, it’s uncontrollable in the sense of - whatever options you pick don’t really effect the ending.

Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

thank you! I agree, those are the worst parts of the game. I think if I had more “days” in it and fleshed out the characters / dialogue some more it could be better. I planned on having two different endings but was running out of time.

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glad you enjoyed it! yeah, the pixel sizes are related to the font. I went pretty low with it (the game is 64x128), so the text needed to be more dynamic. The text boxes are actually just a style applied to labels, so they are also in high res. there is probably another way to do them though.

Glad you enjoyed it! Cool video :)

Nice job! Really enjoyed it. Not sure if random or a joke about project stereotypes, but on my playthrough the programmer received about 70% of the tasks, art about 25% and I only got 3 or 4 music ones lol.

I’m glad you liked it so much! Showing and not telling is definitely my favorite thing to try and do, glad it got through successfully.

thank you! glad you liked it :)

uploaded :) lmk if you have any issues

you mean for Windows?

I have to agree with what I assume everyone else is saying: This game is awesome. You nailed the feel of the combat. The music and sound effects are great. This is an actual game and I would love to see more. Very cool that you made it with love2d. congrats!

Thank you for playing! Glad you liked the more of a surprise ending. The flavor text was largely inspired by Undertale.

I did think about creating a map but wanted to make the player map it out in their head. I’m happy that the layout was memorable enough.

Thank you!

I like the idea, haven’t thought about it or seen it before. AI seems solid, good job!

Cool game! I really like the music and sound effects. Like others are saying, lasers are punishing, perhaps too much. Spikes were okay for me but I would usually just nick the lasers :(

Awesome job, really loved it! Like others are saying, very impressive that you did all this in such a short timespan!

Thanks for playing! Yes, there are more items. My favorite one is the one near the guard.

Thanks man!

Will do! Thank you for the video as well :)

Thank you for playing!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it.

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Thank you for the feedback! You’re right about the text, it just didn’t register to me when I started making the game. I will look into seeing if I can force the font into a resolution at or lower than 64x64.

EDIT: The font would simply be too big if I tried matching it. Unfortunate, but I guess how things go sometimes. I would have to change a lot of the text system and do a lot more art to get it perfectly at 64x64, so I hope the font can be forgiven. Even if it is disqualified, I learned a lot and had fun.

Cool game! Even though I don’t agree with everything, I loved reading through the readme. Also, thank you for contributing to OpenMW! Morrowind is one of my favorite games.

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If you need help with an issue in the game, please submit a ticket:

There are two issues that I am aware of in the game.

  1. is that option buttons that expand in the Options menu do not support keyboard/joypad. There is a bug within the engine where the default ui inputs don’t properly handle this.

  2. you cannot remap joypad axes. this is a bug within the engine as well, and has something to do with the engine being unable to erase the mapping correctly.

Both of these have PRs that are slated for Godot 4.0 release. I’ll update this game when that is available.

great job! loved the game. cool to see behind-the-scenes :)

Hey, I got to the 4th level, I enjoyed it! Those turrets made it pretty difficult, but I liked that. Something weird I noticed (possibly a bug) was that I would fall really fast if I wasn’t jumping (e.g. walking off of a platform). Cool game though! Did you make all/any of the assets?

Love this, I would love to play some more levels. Graphics and sound/music work very well together. Controls feel great and the o2 canisters are an original feature, haven’t seen that before!

I am 100% here for the psx visual style. Nice job :)

great, as always. would’ve never thought to make a top-down game like this. loading the gun got so frantic for me at the end, gave me that same feeling that resident evil does (the classic ones anyways)

love the visual style of this game, good job!

Definitely into it, loving the visuals and animations. Would recommend maybe removing some of the walking at the beginning though, I was definitely starting to get tired of it before making camp. Just my opinion though.

cool game! I really love the visual style.