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That's true. I was simply giving out the information that this game can work on Itch for Linux, and it's fairly easy because the Itch app will run Wine for you. Not saying that it's the best way or anything. Again, if I hadn't gotten it for free I would've just bought it via Steam. GOG is also a good choice.

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Fwiw, if you download the Itch client and buy the Windows version of this game, you can run it via Wine. The Itch client supports Wine and will run Windows games automatically via Wine if you have a Windows game installed. 

This game works great with Wine, albeit with two issues: 1. The mouse can move outside of the game window onto other monitors, and 2. If you Alt+Tab and then get back into the game, you can no longer control your character and have to restart the game. It autosaves very well so for the 2-3 times I had to restart no progress was lost.

I would just buy it on Steam if I hadn't gotten a free copy of the game for Itch.

Very cute, super impressed that you were able to accomplish so much in the short time span given. The art and music work great together. I did run into a bug where I feel through the floor after being spawned into the tunnel (after the raven). Still overall good though :)

Very nice, creepy atmosphere. I like the art style and the different sounds that you placed around in the game.

Not sure what OS you are on, but you should be able to compress multiple files at once to create a zipped folder containing all the files. At least, that's what I did for my game and I was able to include data folders and the .pck file.

Hey, thanks for playing! Listened to your portfolio - I'd love to have you on a future project! I may expand this game, but I am moving from C# to Rust in Godot and I don't particularly want to translate it to Rust lol. But maybe.

Anyways, here's the credits:

Very cute. I like the art style and the dogs each look distinct and I can tell most of their breeds. :)

Just great. The polish on this is so good. The art, sound, voices, and music are all great and the puzzles are fun. I'm really impressed by how many puzzles there are that are good in here. Nice job.

Love it, the art and music do well together and the mini-games are super fun. I wish it was a bit easier so I could play more in one session, it's pretty hard to keep up with everything!

Nice job, the screen effect is really cool and the music fits in really well. I wish there were more levels to play :)

Great game! Fun and challenging - the music fits well and I love all the visual effects (especially the dust trail the dog leaves behind).

Oh. That would make sense! Haha that's my fault then, oops :)

Hey, it works! However, for some reason the characters start out with very low health...I died after the third battle and did not make it very far :(

I believe I had tried to beat the second level, the dog died from falling into the spikes over the ice that disappears. Then it reloaded and once I un-tethered him I couldn't re-tether.

Platforming was good imo, controls were smooth and it played well.

You tricked me with the name! Lol, I really enjoyed this and definitely liked the darker take on the Jam theme. The graphics are gorgeous and the animations are great. Music + sfx fit really well here and made me feel afraid, like I was actually walking through a scary forest.

Really enjoyed this - controls are smooth and simple, art and sound effects work well together. I would have liked to hear some sadder, perhaps darker music to create some more atmosphere, but the bouncy sort of panic-inducing track also works.

Nice one, like others have said it's simple and reminds me of arcade games (except probably more forgiving). MGS reference in the title maybe? lol

I like this idea, good job going with 3D in a 2D game (or the other way around). I wasn't exactly certain as to how the mechanics worked, but I still had fun. Also, I think the music was a good fit for the game, but it's difference in tempo and style threw me off a little. Nice use of the art.

Very nice looking game, love the art and atmosphere. Good job with the lighting, and the music / sfx also fit very nicely with this. My only complaint is that I really wish you had WASD controls in your game, I have to hold the Fn key on my keyboard to use the arrow keys so it's pretty uncomfortable to make those jumps and stuff. But overall good job! nice animations too

Liked this one, ran into a bug where I couldn't tether the dog but overall nice music / sfx and good level layout that act more like "puzzles". Nice job!

Really cute and fun. The pixel art is so good. The colors all work together and I love how it looks realistic while still maintaining a classic, charming look. My only small issue is that WASD controls would very much be appreciated - I have to hold down the Fn key on my keyboard to use my arrow keys, so it was a little uncomfortable. I'm sure most players won't have an issue with that though :)

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Neat idea, wish I could have gotten farther...the game doesn't capture my mouse on Linux (tried Esc like in another comment), so I wasn't able to turn around. Still walked around and got to the loading screen...tried many forms of input but couldn't figure it out. Advice?

EDIT: Holding off on rating this btw, wouldn't want to rate without getting the whole experience :)

I like the art and sounds, and the music fits in well. It gets a little spooky further in and I like the atmosphere you set up with the lights. Platforming sections were pretty good, I like the wall climbing mechanic (but maybe reduce the amount of times the jump sound occurs, or change it to something else while on the wall).

Wasn't entirely sure what to do, but I walked around and tried different things. The different sprites used made me laugh :)

Oh, gotcha, I hadn't thought of that. Well after the jam I'd still love to play it and leave a comment if you'd like. :)

Nice job, I really liked this one! Interesting concept, the pixel art looks great and the music fits in well. The only issue I had was the controls - I'd really prefer there to be an option for WASD because I have to hold the Fn key when using arrows on my keyboard. That's just me though, the majority of players I'm sure are fine :)

I like this game, it's really relaxing and nice. Good job taking on the hard task of narration (it's the first game I've played so far in the jam that does it)! The music fits really nicely with it too.

Are you playing the games through their HTML versions or downloading and playing? What OS are you running? Browser? I highly doubt it's Godot / a game that is doing that...but it might be possible? Not sure.

Linux version is still bugged for me. Could you upload a Linux version? The art looks great, I'd love to play.

Loved it, fantastic art and animations. Music fit the game well - good on you for using FOSS for everything! I look forward to seeing more from you :)

Love the art, movement of the character and other objects in the game are smooth, and the music / sfx fit the game very well. My only complaint is that WASD controls don't seem to work properly - I can't jump with W. I have to hold the Fn key to use my arrow keys so it's a bit hard for me to move. Anyways, I still enjoyed it and had fun :)

I love the art sooo much. Very nice backgrounds and the animations for Roy are fantastic. I look forward to seeing future updates on this one :)

Nice job, I really liked the art and the music fits perfectly & reminds me of Untitled Goose Game. Puzzles were good too :) very cute

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I love it. The fact that there's a "pet that good boye" button. Music is great and I was surprised that it changed on my second play. The art is cute and sound effects as well. Nice job :)

Oh, and your menu is really nice! Cool text effects and neat that I can change the animals' colors.

This game definitely had me stressed - I'm sure that was the intention! Very and music / sfx are good and fit together. I would have liked if the movement overall was a bit faster. I like that you give the player control over the difficulty of the game at the main menu.

Hey, just wondering if you were going to upload a Linux version soon? Again, I'd love to play it...the art looks great :)

Really liked this one! The art is great and I love that you put in an "upgrade" system through creating baby slimes. Those turrets are really hard to a couple of them but died pretty easily each time. Very cute animation when interacting with the pet.

Really like the combat in this game. The controls are smooth - that spinning blade attack when playing as the brother? The sound effect and animation work perfectly with it, it feels so cool!! Music and art are good, I really liked the pixel art on the main menu as well. Nice job!

Very nice job. The dog is so cute. The music / sfx fits it perfectly and I love that you incorporated the Jam into your game. I've never been able to figure out 3D map textures in Godot so I would love to look at the source code!

Oh no, not nitpick-y at all! I'm super grateful for any feedback. :)