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First dating sim I've played, definitely didn't regret playing it :D

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Great colorful vfx and juicy animation !

This gave me a good laugh

Too much polygon , that must've been a lot of effort

The toppings sound tasty

Stacking a lot from every food was a lot of fun :D

Gathering all these clones in one place should've been a lot of work :D

People who like Overcooked-esque will definitely enjoy this one. Well executed both in terms of art and gameplay!

The trippy visuals and color pallete was appealing. Honestly I found the controls a little bit stiff and the levels a bit too crowded. Other than that, good job sir!

It's really impressive that the game has such variety in animations, the game manages the fit ui elements like map, health bar and character portrait within the resolution limit . The game delivers nearly  everything I'd expected from a 2d gta clone within the jam's restrictions. It's impressive that you've accomplished it all by yourself.

This game made me smile :D The pixel art is neat, even though you say it's your first time making  music for a game I really liked the backtrack and sound effects. An original concept and a fun little game.

Even I felt cruel cathing and draging the poor ropeman, I liked the idea of throwing a rope to capture monsters. I overally liked the visuals and execution. The only problem I had with this game was the camera, I think it didn't have to be that close to the player. The map of the game felt needlessly large and it  became really tiring to travel from somewhere in the map to an other.

As fishing mini game lover, I've enjoyed the five minutes I spent on this game :D Liked the simplistic atmosphere.  The gameplay could've been just a little more complex, it was very simple even for a minimalistic game. I'd be happy to play if you expand on this concept and make the game that you've orignally had in yoru mind

Wheew this game was challenging! I almost gave up at level 10. The physics and controls were really smooth and I haven't encountered a single problem. Despite the difficulty making the game very painful after level 6 or sth it was a really fun experience :D

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Teşekkürler zaman ayırdığın için. Oyunu istediğimiz hale getiremedik jam süresinde , birçok eksiği gidermek istiyoruz :D

Oyunun kendi içinde yaşayan karanlık dünyası hoşuma gitti.  Bana Spore oyununda karaya çıkmadan önceki moleküler düzeyde geliştiğimiz bölümleri anımsattı.  Oyunun jam ile bağlantısını oyunu kazanıp, sonra sayfadaki açıklamayı okuduktan sonra anladım. Güzel bir tema ve iyi bir iş. Bir de oyun sayfasının tasarımını çok beğendim :D

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Basit bir fikir güzel bir görsellik ve mizahla sunulunca çok tatlı bir oyun olmuş . Ayrıca seslendirmeler  de oyuna çok şey katmış. Daha fazla kağıt damgalamak bir süre sonra sıkıcı olabilirdi, o yüzden oyunun yerinde bitmesi de iyi oldu.

Söyleyecek fazla şey yok. Pixel artist arkadaşlar zaten çok iyi iş çıkarmış. Üzerine bir de başarılı ses tasarımı, ilgi çekici diyaloglar ve güzel bir hikaye eklenince muazzam bir atmosfer çıkmış ortaya. Oyun sadece bu jamde değil dünya çapında herhangi bir jamde yer alsa başarı kazanacağı açık . Ekibinizden çıkacak bir sonraki işini sabırsızlıkla bekliyorum :D

Oyunun ana mekaniği çok hoşuma gitti , bana Hotline Miami'nin taktikselliğini hatırlattı :D Oyunun anlatısı ve müziği de temaya iyi katkı sağlamış. Oyun bittiğinde daha fazlasını görmeyi istedim. Tek eksik bulduğumu söyleyebileceğim nokta oyunun jam konusuyla olan bağlantısının biraz ikinci planda kalması, Ronin'in üzerindeki lanet biraz daha vurgulanabilirdi belki görsel efektlerle vs.  Özet olarak çok güzel bir oyun olmuş, elinize sağlık!

Stage grafikleri ve animasyonlar çok hoş, oynanış da sade ama eğlenceliydi :D

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Sanat tasarımı ve atmosfer çok güzel, ana mekanik de sarıyor. Lütfen daha çok level :D

Everything is so smooth in this, from animations to music. A great example of what could be achieved under pico-8's limitations.

I was impressed by the sincerity and honesty in this magazine. It was very nice to find common points in myself with the persona in the magazine.  I think getting any kind of feedback for the work you do by literally anyone strengthens the bonds between you and your newly adopted hobby. (even if it's a family member etc.) Or being inside a community w/ people having the same hobby, at least this is what I think it can be helpful for me and what I try to achieve. Besides that the zine look really neat, I really liked the colors and illustrations used in this zine. I'm looking forward to seeing new zines you'll make if you are planning to.

I think besides being a hobby in itself, Animal Crossing also includes many hobbies. Decorating, planting, fishing etc. , each one of them deserves it's own zine :D

Learning to stitch was on to do list for a while, maybe this zine could be my starting point. The zine was easy to read and follow despite it's punk aesthetics :p

I really enjoyed the zine and will definitely try making he matchbox book :D

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This kinda encouraged me into buying a kalimba, ill definitely re-read this when I get one (to play never gonna give you up :D)

Foxalon is a bad ass looking creature :d Why don't you extend the collection?

This is really cute and heartwarming! The only downside is that It was really exhasuting and distacting to download all pages and view them one by one, please reformat this into a pdf or a single image

It had been a long time since I read a game magazine. I had fun reading this one, not too short and not too long , just the perfect length for a small game zine

I should also admit that they are really cool

I dig the idea of turning your gameplay experience to a zine :D  Everyone have their own unique story in AC:NH and this is so great.


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The amount of detail you were able to fit in a Nokia 3310 screen really amazed me. The  thing that this game accomplishes best is creating a town which feels so lively with NPC with unique dialogues and art. I enjoyed this aspect  so much I wanted to experience the town in full color/high resolution. Can't wait to see more of your work!

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Heavy  chocolate didn't make sense until I heard the sound effect :D A five stars experience

Hey! Thanks for the comment, actually I'm a huge fan of Rhythm Heaven.  After the voting time is over I'm planning to make many adjustments : things to enhance the gameplay experience , some bug fixes, music and visual updates. Please come and play again when I manage to do all the changes!