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I dig the idea of turning your gameplay experience to a zine :D  Everyone have their own unique story in AC:NH and this is so great.


Ya, my friends tell me their personal Animal Crossing stories and they are really side-splittingly funny. The villagers do have certain stock phrases and interactions but each person has their own personal experiences with some. I forgot to put in that  Pippy once made four villagers cry in a row, back to back!

I feel like everyone has the same shared experience playing so they can relate or they can be like, "I didn't feel like that at all and it was like this for me. I almost did a zine about food but I was like, "it seems like more of a job than a hobby the more I work on this" where Animal Crossing is more of a fun hobby.


I think besides being a hobby in itself, Animal Crossing also includes many hobbies. Decorating, planting, fishing etc. , each one of them deserves it's own zine :D

I honestly forgot there are little things in the game like that could be considered something that would be a hobby in itself. Fishing mastery and bug catching mastery and all the weird places bugs land are such a thing! Even the weird choice of scaling when you make figures, my friend and I talk about it sometimes.