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From the Zines and Zinesters Discord server, here's a new zine making jam! Don't know what a zine is? Well, traditionally, a zine is a self-published booklet, generally made and distributed by one person or small group of people. Zines have their own underground subculture devoted to making, buying, trading, and collecting them. Most zines are made with photocopiers or home printers and stapled or sewed together by hand. Some people make zines without the use of any computers. Zines are about DIY, about community, about writing whatever you want without worrying about having to go through gatekeepers. Anyone can make a traditional zine as long as they have access to paper and writing implements!

This jam's theme is hobbies! You can write perzines (zines of personal writing) about taking part in your hobbies, make a photo or art or comic zine of you doing your hobby, write zines of DIY instructions for your hobbies, write an informational zine about a hobby or something you're interested in, or even write about someone else's hobbies. You may work with a team  or by yourself.

If you want to join the Zines and Zinesters Discord server, here's an invite:


  • None! (Well... it has to be suitable for Itch. And no hate speech or jam spam!)
  • You can submit something you started previously!
  • You can submit something unfinished!
  • You can submit a small zine!
  • You can submit a super long zine!
  • You can submit a paid zine or a free one or a pay what you want zine!
  • You can submit a placeholder page!
  • You can submit a page with a link to where your physical zine can be bought!
  • If you are open to physical or digital zine trades, consider listing your contact info on the project page!
  • Have fun!

If you want something to build off of, here's some resources about making traditional zines:

Hope everyone has a good time!

Olivia Montoya and Alannah Journeay


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A zine about zines and how to make them!
a zine about why we should pay for free games.
In this issue: Spaceman Jones meets Dylan on the moon.
An Affinity and InDesign template for creating a 4-page Fold-Over Zine
"F*ck it, let's have more cryptids!" — Disco Elysium fanart zine
Run in browser
a how-to zine! learn how to make glitch art~
Make a Free Stand for you neighborhood to encourage sharing and reduce food waste and insecurity
A zine about zoning out and thinking about the nature of the universe.
A zine about the time I held a wedding for my dolls
A hobby zine introducing an instrument
This issue - creativity and working with constraints, featuring images from my 30 year old public-access TV show.
A CC zine of original poetry and prose, released once every 4 months.
Nostalgic Zine about Phone Hacking from the Glory Days of Ma Bell
A how-to zine about cross stitching
A mini-zine about cairns and why you shouldn't make them.
a tiny zine about how cool mushrooms are
a zine on cats and houseplants
- A perzine about videogames, and my relationships to them throughout my life
A zine about my hobbies kawaii journaling and stationary collecting. Full color pages.
They tried to kill us. They failed. Let's eat.
Incorporate novelty and meaning into life in lockdown
reflective zine filled with sparkling wonders
A perzine about my hobby, table top game developing.
a juggling journey
A Creative Challenge-Making Game and Zine