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OnikiriView game page

An action platformer game with rewind ability
Submitted by Fhy, 1kmountains, BoreasHe — 1 minute, 22 seconds before the deadline
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Game Design#9772.6452.645

Ranked from 31 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

In what way does your game fit the theme?

Did you write most of the code yourself and made all the assets from scratch?

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Really hard platforming, but really nice art style though! I can't find a way where to use the rewind mechanic, so maybe implement it in another fun way.


I like the graphics/aesthetics in this game 


Really liked the unique art style and the movement was general smooth. Incoming enemies were a bit difficult to avoid and like rommat said, the rewind to revive issue happened to me. Overall really solid attempt - great work!


The artstyle in this game is quite impressive. I had some issues with the gameplay though:

  • Camera movement. I think that the camera hides too much from the player, like this pit ( The player doesn't know if it is safe or not and thus doesn't know the price of his failure if he won't be able to make a jump. I think this is pretty important for games with platformer elements in it;
  • Talking about jumps. Wall jumps were a bit weird. I tried to get used to it, but found myself just mashing the jump button;
  • If you die and don't use the rewind to revive yourself then you will be stuck in some kind of death loop ( I wish there was a way to restart the game after dying without restarting it.

Overall, I liked the art and the idea and the game can provide fun, good job! Keep it up!


The artstyle is great.
The gameplay could be improved, both platform and combat felt stiff and slow, and the rewind mechanic wasn't that important, I wish it'd been more useful than just going back after a fail (although it's basically how it was used in Prince of Persia: Sands of time, and it was great there!).

Keep it up!


Loved the artstyle and ui. <3 rate our game too if you like it.


Hey really liked this game ! Art style was really good and the animations too. I loved the dashing.
But I think the combate could be improved. It was way to much unforgiving. Knockback on should be a bit further or attack animation should be a bit shorter. I was losing so much health because of that. 

But still a very good game ! Best of luck in the jam ! (Rated)


That title screen though 👀


The artstyle definitely sticks out the most in this game! I think the choice of keybinds for the controls are really odd and unconventional, which definitely made it harder to get into the game. I also feel like you could integrate the story better into the gameplay as I think the premise you guys put on the game page is interesting and deserves to be expanded upon. You should also add that holding down the jump button lets you jump higher as I had to figure that out for the part where the player had to jump over the tall wall. Also not sure if there was a way to restart the game without quitting. Other than that, this is a neat game! Great job!


Thanks for your feedback! The arts were made by our great artist 1kmountains 

This is the first time our team making a platformer game. We made this game in a very tight schedule. There may be some key features for a game that are missing. 

The background story just came up after the submission. It's surprising that you are interested in it. We will integrate the story in the future.


Your art and aesthetic are really spot on. I think the movement and controls need a bit of polishing up and you'll have a really fun action game. Try zooming the camera out a bit and speeding up the action and see if that feels more intense. Please check out our game if you haven't already! Thank you.


I love the japanese inspired art style. It looks gorgeous. The animation are a little weird tho. The controls are a little clunky too. I could barely hit anything, but that may just be me being bad at it.

I love the mechanic of turning back time to redo your mistakes, it's really neat.


This game is really cool! I loved the art style and music! and it had really cool mechanics though after rewinding the game seemed to bug out and it didn't allow me to move. Other than that, nice take on the theme!


The game looks amazing, the controls needs a bit of getting used to,   but other than that the game is pretty cool. I think I managed to break it while fighting the flame in the begining, since we all got stuck i was able to rewind, but was just frozen. No idea how it happen, and I can't repeat the same bug.
Anyway keep up the good work!


I love this mechanic in platformers! The key assignment was weird though. Jump not being on the space bar confused me so much. My muscle memory made this game harder than it should be. The artstyle is cool. I hope you fix the seamless assets after the jam! I think you're  going a great way with this.


Nice game but I wouldn’t throw super difficult platforming at the player off the bat especially since that doesn’t seem to be what the game is about


I really liked the art style! The atmosphere was nice. I did struggle with jumping and I couldn't revive myself using rewind, so I ended up stuck in a loop. Overall, it is a neat concept though.  Rated!


The art style is really cool! The gameplay needs more polish though, I really struggled to do some of the jumps, and the enemies almost always damaged me even if I kept swinging at them

Submitted (1 edit)

Nice Concept, the artstyle is really nice and i liked the combat, i had some glitches here and there and i couldn't use the rewind in more things than revive myself. I think if you do a post jam version with more stuff, more uses for the rewind and some polish this could be a nice full release.


Thank you for your comment. Yeah, you are right, the rewind action can only revive the character in the current version and there should be more functions and variants of rewinding. We did want to make a balance between control skills and puzzle elements at first but unfortunately we did not have much time to do the puzzle part. 

We will consider the possibility of further developing this game if we have more time:).


Cool, good luck!


really good


really cool, check out my submission if u want : )

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