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Hello, thanks for your comment. You are right about the tutorials. Unfortunately, the jam has its time limit :(.

Hello, thanks for your comment. We initially planned to add more atmospheric effects to make it feel more chaotic and also in your initial idea, some elements can swap tiles or do other cool and chaotic stuff. But unfortunately, we didn't have time to put these skills and effects into the release version.

Hello, we really appreciate that you provide such an in-depth review and also sharing your own levels. Glad you enjoy the game so much! I would like to give responses to your comments:

 As you said, the written tutorial is kinda counterintuitive at the moment. We implement the codex page and control guidelines around 30mins before the deadline so I guess it is better than nothing lol. Also, tbh we quickly rushed the tutorial levels in order to "remedy" the missing proper tutorial.

As for the rock and other UX stuff, you are also right. Like the tick sign, it is originally a placeholder and supposedly it is an eye icon you can find in the infographic, we just don't have enough time to change it.

And regarding level1, you are right too. It was a careless mistake lol. 

We would fix bugs and add other utilities and levels after the voting period if we have time ;).

A nice game. I tried to finish the game but unfortunately encountered some kind of problem that stopped me from progressing. (Fyr: the train didn't move right after I departed the second station)

I have some critiques:

  1. The pace - The time given for the player to check tickets at the space station is a bit long. AFAIK, the player may want to take about 13-17 people per station to avoid overflowing the train. And normally I took less than 1 second to identify whether the ticket is fake. But because afk-ing is not allowed per rules, I need to slow down the speed of checking people's tickets. Which is kinda against the "Chaos".
  2. Waiting time between playable levels - The "Arrive" counter is not so accurate so sometimes I don't know whether the game is bugged or I just need to wait until further instructions.
  3. Interactions while traveling - Throwing illegal people out is not enough imo.

To conclude, the concept of the game is good because players are supposed to multitask. Therefore It would be better to increase the pace.

Thanks for your comment. The initial levels are supposed to be tutorials but we don't have extra time to present them in a better way. This is our first puzzle game attempt so we would like you to give other constructive suggestions to help us to improve next time :)

Thanks for your comment. Hail our artist @1kmountains. Actually, the level designer is proven very time-worthy and helpful during our level design and prototyping (The puzzle may not be fun because this is our first puzzle game tho). We have a great experience in this jam.

Thanks for your comment. Glad you enjoy it.

Hello, thanks for your comment. You are definitely right about the tutorials. In fact, these tutorial pages are built 30 mins before the deadline since we have more important stuff to fix at that time lol. We are sorry about not giving enough guidance to players :(.

Hello, thanks for your comment. You can also click on the ground by mouse to move/teleport into that grid.

Hello, Thank you for your support. Hope you enjoy the jam too.

I "personally" disagree the idea of being rush in 48hrs like what we all did in the jam. But I think it is a good platform for us to brainstorm a new game idea so I would join these jams like twice or thrice per year.

Our team participated in many jams before and yes indeed, we can rarely finish a game each time. Well, yes you could say we should focus on a smaller scope in the jam. My other teammates may feel sad about the failure of finishing the game on time. But to me, no.

Anyways, hope we can finish the game in next jam :)

Thank you for your comment. We are planning to release a working version next week so please come back if you are interested in the complete gameplay.

Thank you for your interest. We are currently working on the release version. Please come back after a week!

Thank you for your interest. We are currently working on the release version. Please come back after a week!

Thank you for commenting. And yes, we are working on a release version and, hopefully it can be done after one week.

Nice action game. I played two times, normal(defeating each enemy) and speedrun(rush boss).

There are a few potential improvement points base on the current development state I would like to suggest/ask:

  • Player
    • Jumping seems not necessary in this game? Or am I missing something?
      • You can consider adding some flying enemies and the player will need to jump attack to bring them down
    • What is the condition of recovering HP? Defeating enemies?
  • Ally knights
    • They walk too slow, they are hard to follow the player.
    • Not sure if they have their own HP bar?
  • Skeletons
    • Recovery time after being hit is too long, players can 1v1 them with no damage taken.
      • Like other action games, you can consider adding random invulnerable frames to them after being hit by few times.
    • The first attack attempt of the skeleton is a bit weird. Players will definitely being hit if they just walk toward the skeleton (I think most of the new players will do this lol). I have to lure its first attack every time.
    • They are just targeting the player if the player is within a certain area. This makes the player can just run around and let the ally do the damage.
  • Boss
    • IMO this boss is underpowered
    • Players can just sneak to its back and keep stabbing its butt until they win the game.
      • You can consider adding a tail attack to repel characters behind its back.
    • Since the boss will not turn around, the fire attack takes no effect to intimidate the players.
      • You can consider abling the boss to turn around and/or move around.
    • The trample attack does not deal any damage but only stunning the player.
      • You can consider making it deal damage to characters.

Overall, keep up the good work!

This game blows my mind and I actually stuck at most of the levels but I finally managed to clear the game lol.

The levels are well-designed and fun. It requires the player of both puzzle-solving skills and controlling skills which is very challenging.

I would suggest adding unique functionalities to the body parts (like the foot can help jump higher) to make them less useless lol.

I don't know if these are known bugs: (To avoid spoiler, I will just draw it out)

  • A machine part may fall very quickly and penetrate the ground (causing it to disappear) when another machine part under it moves away.

  • A chunk of machine parts just can't pass through some narrow space. Resetting the level may solve the issue.

Overall, very well done! Hope there will be a release version in the future!

Very well-designed combo puzzle card game. As a card game enthusiast, I really enjoyed playing it! This game is so underrated and deserves more attention! A small improvement I would like to suggest is to mention how the enemy will behave, or what cards are in the enemy's hand. (Like: Does the enemy have a bear?)

I think you should keep developing this game and release it with more animals (as well as levels). I would love to see it in the future!


Nice game. I cleared(?) the game by around 50 months and I also think the game is kind of too easy like other people have mentioned. I never use water since I find it is hard to know whether I successfully used the water on the plant. Maybe a level indicator UI on top of the plant?

Also please take a look at our game too!

Пиздец нахуй блять! Make me laugh a lot!
Fun game, nice pixel art, and I managed to get about 100 marks with luck.

I am wondering is there any way to predict where will the meteor come from, or how can I prevent it? It will be nice to add some strategy elements to your game!

Btw, please also check out our game as it somewhat shares some common elements with your game.

To be honest many people need to go to work or school. Therefore this jam is somewhat expected to work on a game for 2-3 days on the weekend.

Thank you for your comment. Yeah, you are right, the rewind action can only revive the character in the current version and there should be more functions and variants of rewinding. We did want to make a balance between control skills and puzzle elements at first but unfortunately we did not have much time to do the puzzle part. 

We will consider the possibility of further developing this game if we have more time:).

Thank you for your comment. Artworks in the game are drawn by our talented artist 1kmountains. :)

At first we planned to add some puzzle and thematic elements, like a energy field that will cause rewind effect on several objects within the field instead of the whole world state. But unfortunately we don't have much free time in the daytime and the rewind system was difficult to stabilize that we spent a lot of time on it :(

Anyway, we appreciate your suggestion. :)