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Hi, thanks for trying our game. It's a pity that we can't provide enough guides inside the game. Now we are setting up the game page so feel free to raise questions and we will be adding them to the page description.

Hi, thanks for all these in-depth reviews. 

At first, we have the "step on the grass" sound triggered somewhere in the code, but when we are trying to add the sound effect of sigils (attack tiles) triggering at the last minute, I found that the(my) corresponding code logic didn't simply allow me to switch different cases :((

Regarding the DFD part, it doesn't exactly mean "Face Down". Initially, we are using the so-called "DFD" design to emphasize "interact with the environment": 

  1. The bottom face activates the sigils (it's like the magnetic stripe on your credit card).
  2. The face that faces the enemy "rolls" into the enemy as you move to the corresponding direction and will then become the bottom face.
  3. (haven't implemented in the jam) The sigils can appear on the surface of stone walls, and the die face that touches it will trigger the effect with the face value (i.e. not the bottom face in this case).

You can see that (1) and (2) eventually utilize the bottom face, but (3) does not. We ended up calling it DFD because we only have (1) and (2) at the moment. What we can improve is to add more visual aid to preview each corresponding face after rolling.

Your feedback is very helpful, glad you enjoy playing our game!

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Really appreciate the free UX consulting session, haha. That explains why most of those isometric games in the jam map top-right movement to W. I will definitely look into more grid-based isometric games :D

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Hi, thanks for the comments. We agree that our UX is being not intuitive enough to let user know whether top left or top right is mapped onto the W key.

However, at this moment we believe that isometric is a better representation then others. Please have a read at our game page FAQ for the reason, in case you haven't read it.

You can also see a considerable amount of games in the jam also use isometric + WASD combo. What they are doing better then us is that they have an "isometric" picture of WASD printed on the UI, indicating the W direction. It helps a lot if one keep forgetting which side is W.

On the other hand, clicking on the ground may not work nicely, because it seems difficult for user to click on the exact grid as there are many things blocking the UI/Raycast. What are your suggestions on providing a user-friendly mouse control? (Like a huge transparent overlay of wasd button to click?)

Hi, thanks for the comments. You are right. We are thinking about how to improve the strategy element while preserving the randomness within the player's ability to control/maintain the number of different resources/enemies on the map.

Hi, thanks for the comments.  The reason why we stated that one can play causally is that the UX now is not so good, therefore not every average game jam enjoyer would spend time calculating the other side of the die face and foreseeing 10 steps after. Although it is a strategy game, we don't want players to get too overwhelmed with different things that could be improved.

One of the lessons we learned this time is like what you have mentioned - make easier levels or maps to let the players get familiar with the core mechanics first. Next time we would put this a higher priority.

As for the scope part, our primary goal of a game jam is not really about finishing all parts - it is about ideating good mechanics (and better within the scope). Sure we can make another Sokoban clone with a die rolling instead of the box, which will likely take us 1-2 hours to complete and polish into a 2A game level with the remaining time; But we don't do that here. Maybe objectively speaking it is too ambitious for 48 hours, but it is why we join the game jam :)

And it didn't cost money, It seemed can be used at anytime.

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I understand that as we didn't have time for UX too, haha. I believe it will be better if there are some supplement instructions in the description in case someone run into trouble.

As for the Push issue, you can reproduce it after the game starts but you may want to wait for few turns to before reproducing it to feel the power of pushing.  Just click on the Push icon and then repeatedly click on the grid map, you can see enemies fading.

Very cool and underrated strategy game here. I played quite a lot of strategy games and I can really feel your base game mechanics are quite well-considered - players can somewhat control a group of enemies to crush them into themselves while avoiding them moving to the towers. 

Generally, the UX is OK, the direction of enemy movement can be foreseen through the tab key and players can know what will be the next face value after they press WASD. The only complaint is that the "buying structure" options don't seem clear to me because there is no feedback when I select a structure to buy, initially I don't know whether I need to press/drag the icon or some other gestures. But overall it is good. I suggest you add "You need to click on the building icon/desc and then click on the valid space on the board to build." to your game's page.

A minor bug: I can literally use "Push" infinitely with no cost and push enemies into oblivion.

Advertisement: Please try our game too, we have a turn-based strategy experience as well and would like you to give some comments about it :)

Hi, thanks for the comments, glad you like it!

Hi, thanks for the comments. You are right and it is a problem. If we had extra time, we would balance the spawning types of enemies to make sure the RNG doesn't always spawn enemies/friendly animals.

Hi, thanks for the comments. I agree with you that the randomness is a bit too much for a strategy game. We noticed that and did add a feature of showing the count-down timer for each portal to give time for players to prepare. Maybe we should also show the type of the spawning creature and also balance the amount of each spawn type(friendly/hostile) over time.

Hi, thanks for the comments. Glad to be the first game you played in the jam! Hope you enjoy it!

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Hi,  thanks for the comments.  we appreciate you played and commented on our game more than once! Well done that you used the perfect way to restart our game!

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Hi,  thanks for the comments.  we appreciate you played and commented on our game more than once! Well done that you used the perfect way to restart our game!

Hi, thanks for the comments. I think you can guess why we don't have the restart button, it's pretty simple - I put the tutorial panels and the game over panel just before building the game, to meet the deadline :) (You know at that time everyone is panicking and no one knows when will be the actual deadline)

Great graphics and well-polished game.

I think the control is ok, as one plays multiple times and will eventually get familiar with the control.
I haven't played higher difficulties because I can barely pass beginner haha.

What I would suggest is that you can increase the control difficulty gradually as the game difficulty increases. For example, at the beginner level, the spacecraft will automatically keep rotating and shooting toward the boss to let the player focus on dodging the attacks instead of multi-tasking. In the next level, the player needs to press to shoot, etc.

You can add multiple dice in a "God" level to increase the difficulty along with an activatable player skill with 1s iFrame and 10s cooldown, to avoid hitting by inevitable laser attacks.

I defeated the two animals who look weaker but did not manage to defeat the humanoid swordman because it is healing 1-6 each turn which makes me difficult to overpower them with 2/6 damage (with the knife). I then restarted the game to see other enemies as well, I think the difference between 1 die and 2 dice (used by the weapon) is quite huge. I understand the time issue so I am not really complaining about the balancing, haha.

I appreciate your design decision to not make the damage dealt directly related to the dice faces, which makes it much more balanced. I think a temporary shield instead of healing may work.

You can also generate weapons with different random bonuses and trigger conditions to enhance replayability.

The rng has a great influence on the game, making the player has lesser control (or nearly no) over the strategy. Maybe generating an "atypical" die (e.g. die with 3 faces of 1 and 3 faces of 6) would reinforce the strategy elements.

I saw your comment below, I agree that a typical measurement of a successful game jam project is to finish it, but I also believe one of the intentions of these jams is to ideate a good game idea. Don't be ashamed that you didn't finish all parts of the game - you now have a good mechanism thus you can always continue to work on it yourself and release a better version later.

Great art btw. Please try our game :)

The isometric view was the best angle I can think of, without any other visual aid. If you took a look at the FAQ you could understand why: You can calculate the value of the other side in isometric view.

I am not saying you are wrong. I completely understand your situation. I hope you on the other hand understand that visual aids and UX improvements are the lower priority in Game Jams. We should have added it if we have extra time!

Anyways, thanks for your suggestion, we will look into other similar games to find better ways to represent this. Have a nice day :)

Gameover haha

It has the potential to become a great puzzle game (e.g. has a limited step restriction and more effects)

Overall a nice minigame and I love the sound effects.  I think maybe you can add some ways to let the player get a certain level of control of the die face generation. 

I have a random thought: the player can press a key to roll the die after the die is cast into the air. So as long as the die is in the air, the player can keep rolling it (Up to x times).

Hi, thanks for your comment. I understand your point of the game is not very fast pace. Originally, we want to ensure the animation is fully played before entering the next state(e.g. player's turn -> enemy's turn, vice versa) therefore the input is disabled during the animations.

Hi, thanks for the comment. Initially, we are experimenting with QWAS as it may make more sense than WASD, but we decided to change it back to WASD because QWAS is a bit awkward to press on. Do you have other suggestions?

Yeah, schoolwork sucks... Anyways, if you are a beginner, I really suggest you to do non-physics game to learn fundermentals. For instance you can try to code Sokoban only with code logic and UI updates.

Why I say this is because many beginners are always watching tutorials and doing platformers in Unity. IMO, this is not good for practicing the actual code skill. You will need to study OOP and other coding stuff. They are fundermentals. When you are going to make games with larger scale (e.g. customized weapon, enemy variety), you need to deal with coding patterns.

Hi, thanks for playing. Actually, we worked on the game for about 3 full days (and not finished obviously) because the majority of us has to work full time. Do you have difficulties finishing your game in 7 days? What are they?

Hi, thanks for playing.

The game is supposed to be ended after the player beats the horseman. Tbh the game end scene has not been implemented in the game atm.

Hi, thanks for your feedback. Regarding your comments:

  1. You are right that our reloading system is indeed buggy. It seems that you need to release your mouse's left button once the reload is triggered. Otherwise, the reload will take longer than normal.
  2. The ammo is unlimited because we don't have melee attacks atm therefore just to ensure you will not run out of ammo and can't do anything.
  3. Our guns were quite unbalanced since we don't have enough time to test each gun. The best weapons atm are fully modded Pistol, Assault Rifles, and LMGs.

Rated! Thanks for playing ours!

"Human is not real."

Rated! Thanks for playing ours!

I agree with others that the platformer control is quite awkward. Also the Undertale part I was moving my heart to the corner to minimize the damage because it is quite impossible for me to dodge the obstacles (the damage was higher if I try to dodge). You may want to adjust the colliders to make them less punishing.

Also a bug: My heart is invisible (only visible for 1s when I take damage) lol, it's like in hardcore mode

Overall quite nice, it would be better to not just implement existing games' mechanics but try to fuse them together to form new levels.

Rated! Thanks for playing ours!

Good start. Liked the style of sketches that fit the theme as well. And it was funny that I saw the character's head sprite floating like cotton lol.

Rated! Thanks for playing ours!

Other commenters stated some points, and I have one suggestion as well:

The torch could be auto-charging instead of picking up batteries: I went to the portal in Level 2 and went back with 0 battery. I know I was kinda noob but it seems that nothing I can do to pass the "fake" trap back to the checkpoint.

Overall good job, it is rare to see a game with a tutorial in game jam lol.

Rated! Thanks for playing ours!

I like the implementation of the theme and the hints given to identify the "real" and "not real" block. It would be nice to have more mechanics (like, enemy?) besides platformer moves. Overall I enjoyed playing it.

Hi, thanks for playing. The "Firethrower" is the Easter egg from one of our previous games lol. We didn't have much time to adjust the details so we are sorry for that.

Hello, thanks for your comment. You are right about the tutorials. Unfortunately, the jam has its time limit :(.

Hello, thanks for your comment. We initially planned to add more atmospheric effects to make it feel more chaotic and also in your initial idea, some elements can swap tiles or do other cool and chaotic stuff. But unfortunately, we didn't have time to put these skills and effects into the release version.