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Great submission! The mechanics clearly exemplify the theme of the jam and the interactions feel smooth and punchy.

Great presentation and EXCELLENT music. 

The D6 in the revolver was *chef's kiss*

I love the combination of so many dice-theme mechanics!

That makes more sense. I think the game has potential but just isn't quite finished.

I was trying to imitate classic Doom shooter for the aiming so I can see how that would be a turn-off for modern gamers :D

Unreal users unite! I was going for a classic Doom/Serious Sam feel, so thanks! 

Good point! I'll make sure to fix its bounding box for the post-jam release. Thanks for playing.

I tried pressing all of the keys on my keyboard but none of them worked.

Hey, I saw the tutorial image but it's a bit small for my eyes, sorry. Is there a bigger version of it?

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How can I get this to work? The initial screen is all I see.

Edit: The game worked today. I'm not sure what the difference was but I got to play a bit. Interesting concept but really confusing. There seems to be an inner working to each interaction and I guess the point is to try to learn how each opponent behaves, but that isn't made clear anywhere and feel more unfair than challenging. Personally, I wouldn't brag about finishing in "way less than 48 hours", but that's just me.

This is just fantastic! The style, the mechanics, and the music all tie together beautifully! Well done.

I clicked the Credits button before heading over to the game's page and was thinking "wow, they're really building up to this credits page, huh?". lol. Interesting concept and fun atmosphere. My only problem is I can't quite figure out how to play. More instructions would be great. 

Here are my thoughts in real time as I go through the game:

It's not obvious that you can't move until a certain point. I thought the game was broken. Very minor issue but might be worth mentioning in your description.

The throwing mechanic is solid but feels sluggish because the button triggers the animation, not the attack. I would recommend throwing out the dice immediately when the key is pressed.

graphics and atmosphere are amazing!

This is super fun so far. I would play a full game like this if it had this humor and charm.

"That one's gonna leave a mark!"

Lot's of empty rooms :( I want more dice!

Ok... That's enough dice now. I'm invincible!

Overall, fantastic game! Keep developing it and I'll be your first customer :D

The music and jokes really pull this together for me. The mechanics are smooth and the dice feel controllable and wild in just the right ways! You should add a few more instructions to the game's description: do you need to roll higher than your opponent to advance?

Overall, very well done for a 48 hour project!

Thank you for the praise! It's nice to hear that you can relate to the themes I tried to implement in the game :) I don't personally have experience in the medical field but I have a few close friends who do and I tried to present the struggles they face from my perspective. I have much respect for anyone who works in the medical space. I would be honored to have you share my work with anyone you think it would benefit! You are also welcome to use anything you find in my games to make your own games and learn from on one condition: you have to link your game here when it's ready so I can play it!

Fantastic game! The music, sfx, and particles really make it shine and the mechanics are straightforward and never frustrate the player. The auto-rotate was genius! Please keep making games in this style.

Congrats on the win! Well deserved!

thanks for letting us know. We'll take a look at it before releasing any new updates. 

If you don't mind, what system were you using? Do you remember when/how it crashed?

Fantastic! I'm glad to hear it worked well for you and thank you for playing the game :) we're excited to add more features/levels to the game and might release it as an early access product at some point down the line. 

Hey, thanks for playing! We appreciate that you took your time to leave a constructive review as well. Skipping the cutscenes was actually part of the finished build, but we kind of messed up and uploaded an unfinished one last minute. Interesting to hear about the grip on Vive. I only used the Quest 2 to test on my machine. Hmm... we'll definitely look into better grip options for weapons if we do a full release :) Thanks for the suggestion!

A secret ending? Not that I'm aware of :) Where did you hear that?

Thank you so much! It means a lot that you took the time to play it :)

Thank you!

Thank you for the review!

Thanks for pointing that out! Do you mind letting me know if you used keyboard/mouse or a controller? Were you not able to move from the start, or did it stop working during gameplay?

Otherwise, thanks for playing the game! I'm glad the feeling of anxiety came across as planned.

Fair enough!

This is really cute and simple! I can't believe you made this in less than a weekend! Fantastic work.

This game is VERY pretty. I'm just not sure how to play effectively. Sometimes drawing a line draws people closer and sometimes and pushes them away, and yet it doesn't seem to have any effect on infected characters. A clearer tutorial might help!

This is a very simple, fun game! I wish the camera was a tiny bit easier to control, but this is plenty entertaining as is. The music is really repetitive and I opted to turn it off.

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This is such a unique and cute concept! I love your art style and the animations as you move the books around are spectacular. Some background music would have really set the whole thing together and made it shine. This is a great start to a commercial release! Please keep working on it.

PS. the EXIT button crashes unity for me. It certainly exits the game!

Geez... that's one way to think about it. lol :)

This is, seriously, the best game in the jam (out of the ones I've played yet). Your sound design and art aesthetic are impeccable and the handling on your player character is *chef's kiss*. This is legitimately a FUN game and it fits the theme so well! Bravo!

Cool, simple game. You made good use of the art assets and implemented a good base for a standard platformer. Sound effects would go a LONG way to improving the feel of the game. More levels would, of course, be great, but since this is a game jam entry, the amount you managed to complete is impressive!

The aesthetic is cool and your sound design is on point, but I have a few notes:

- I can't figure out the very first puzzle. I'm not sure if I missed something on the game's page, but there are no clues as to what the answer should be.

- The introduction text is very hard to read. consider using a different font for instructional text in the future.

- How does this game follow the theme? (Not a criticism. Since I couldn't progress through the story, I'm just wondering.)

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Thanks. Now I won't sleep for a week. Seriously though, amazing work! After some though, though, I'm not sure what this has to do with the theme. Mind enlightening me?

Cool Idea! I like your art style and sound design a lot. Your game fits the theme perfectly and really captures the essence of taking care of a soft, helpless, baby plant. The difficulty could have scaled up a bit slower for my taste, but you did a great job otherwise!

I encountered a few control bugs when switching between keyboard and controller. I backed out to the menu a few times and that seemed to solve the issue. While your game is clearly fantastically made, with polish oozing out of every pore, I'm not really sure what this has to do with the theme...

Otherwise: great art, great animations, great aesthetic, awesome sound design. Good work all around!