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Harold's Harrowing HeroicsView game page

Slime slashing, heroic dashing, and harrowing.. Hair gel!?
Submitted by Plus2Studios, WrGraban, Ram, Chandlergray, Mythos Interactive (@GalPAfik) — 13 minutes, 35 seconds before the deadline
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Harold's Harrowing Heroics's page

Team Name
Plus 2 Studios

Gameplay Instructions
Use the grip button to pick up items with either your left or right hand to hold items
Pick up gems and put them into your right gauntlet to increase different attributes (Speed, Weapon Length, Health)
Hold a sword and swing it at the slimes to chop them down to size!
Beware, slimes when split will continue to grow
Use the left thumbstick to move, and the right thumbstick to turn
In the main menu, interact with the bricks to determine your settings
Snap-Turn or Free-Turn
Head-Based Locomotion or Hand-Based
Music / SFX settings
Specify snap-turn angle or free turn speed

For best experience please ensure both your headset and two controllers are powered on prior to playing the game and that the game window on your desktop machine is select (active) so that sound can be heard.

What platform is your game built for?

Windows Mixed Reality

List any content that was created before the jam.
The four background music tracks and the text fonts were all pre-made.

Link to Gameplay Footage

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Submitted (2 edits) (+3)

Cool little game, love the visuals and voice over. Not sure if this was a bug with my headset or not but my in-game hands had a weird offset. They weren't aligned to the position of my controllers. I was using a Quest 2. 


Thanks for trying our game out and leaving some feedback, we really appreciate it. The Quest 2 does seem to have an offset problem, we weren't able to figure out a fix in time but were working on the problem. I'm glad you were still able to enjoy the game though.


Unfortunately for me the game crashed a few times in a row and I just couldn't bear to sit through the tutorial segment any more times. What I did get through seemed great though.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Sorry for the problem,  those issues should be fixed in our next release. Thanks for giving us feedback though


If you don't mind, what system were you using? Do you remember when/how it crashed?


I was using a Vive and it crashed after picking up a sword and slicing a cube thing. Then it just froze and there was an error message on the desktop.


thanks for letting us know. We'll take a look at it before releasing any new updates. 

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Yea I encountered the same issue, the first time I did the tutorial it didn't happen then the 2nd time I slashed the slime then walk around the pillar to the right and then the game crashed with a fatal error. I used a Quest 2 with link play. 


Thank you for letting us know exactly what you did when it crashed! We'll have that fixed before we do our alpha release.


Amazing interactive world!!
It was fun to cut cubes with high speed and receive similar response by a human  voice


We're glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the feedback :)


Loved how ambitious and polished the game was, could see it being an actual commercial product down the line. Didn't have any issues with movement/controls with Rift S


Fantastic! I'm glad to hear it worked well for you and thank you for playing the game :) we're excited to add more features/levels to the game and might release it as an early access product at some point down the line. 


Looks great! Loved the bricks and the floor tiles. Voice acting and effects are fun too, getting Magicka vibes :D The brick-based menu is also a cool idea!

Would be nice to be able to skip the cutscenes on consecutive playthroughs. Also holding the grip buttons for a long time is not as convenient on Vive as it is on Oculus, but it might be just me.

Great job! Had fun slashing through the hordes of slimes.

Played with Vive Pro through SteamVR.


Hey, thanks for playing! We appreciate that you took your time to leave a constructive review as well. Skipping the cutscenes was actually part of the finished build, but we kind of messed up and uploaded an unfinished one last minute. Interesting to hear about the grip on Vive. I only used the Quest 2 to test on my machine. Hmm... we'll definitely look into better grip options for weapons if we do a full release :) Thanks for the suggestion!