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thx! At long last I found the sickest  music that's in Annihilation movie

Amazing lighting!

that's so cool  !

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I am pretty new in the rust and rust game engines. So far  I could not find, or noticed any  rust game engine demo  that hot reloads the code.
Does the engine supports hot reloading method to loading scripts?

Glad that you enjoy it!
The mission  is just travel around  for now. I am planning to  add specific quests  later.

Nice camera movement effect!

Cool background depth effect and nice gameplay.  


Using quest 2,   the controller somehow worked at the beginning , but then I could not use it as before... Mysterious case, I think 😊

Indeed it requires an app like "sidequest".
Yet I just published the game on sidequest store here the link
you can easily load with one click

Appealing  smooth edge style art!

Nice visual art!

Incredible Animation, and lighting. !!!

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Glad you liked locomotion system somehow ! It should take some time to adapt to "Jogging Move". 

  But I didn't implemented grid  teleportation as an option.  

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Nice concept! Although I could not finish the game because of locomotion system  as you mentioned,  but nice grabbable bombs, and buttons

Excellent idea! Indeed in VR its hard to click several 3d UI buttons with controller. But setting keyboard buttons as  3d vr buttons makes the system  much  more  realistic interactions.

Awesome  gameplay, 3d art and sounds. Love the  atmosphere of the game.  But game process saving system is crucial for this game genre ..

Excellent interactions features,  grabbable ,UI ,pockets !!!

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Incredible art! Lightings, Audio,
Appealing quests to finish.
By the way, What software was  used to add audio effect to vocals?

Great,  you did this all in UE. Nice UI. 

Nice game, I love the idea about having  journey with different people 

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Hey!  I am a developer!  I I am trying to create some story telling game!

 Please If you interested , join to the project! 
join to my discord :

Congrats!  Nice gameplay and visuals!

Maze'Em community · Created a new topic Amazing game!

It's great to play such a visually appealing game with  calm  quiz tasks.

Amazing interactive world!!
It was fun to cut cubes with high speed and receive similar response by a human  voice

Amazing   Space World!
After playing the game  , I really appreciated  that my simple life on Earth is quite safe!

Amazing circuit board world!
I like physics stuffs! Physical accurate like response like  hovering  over those logic gates, clicking  wires  have enjoyable physical interactions.

Nice world!
Environment and character animations are incredible !

Nice gameplay mechanics!
Amazing place to chill out enjoy VR life!

Nice story and gameplay!

It's great to know that mix of several items like sounds, mechanics and voiceover made another dimension of interactive engagement !


Amazing! love the story!


made custom physics :
sphere collision detection 

source code:

MyelinsheathXD/customPhysics: custom sphere collision detection (

Amazing game!
Levels are crazy cool!
It feels cool, when there are new type of world mechanics ! 

amazing, it would be great, if there were some 3axis joint rotations

Lighting is incredible!
Hope y enjoy

Cool sound effects!

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Powerful, crazy cool strategy,  yet I managed to get only 2 books in the 1st level, after then game start to harder. 👍