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Running out of Space-TimeView game page

Guide a rescue operation in proximity of a black hole in VR.
Submitted by sirmilomilo, Raio_devduo — 3 minutes, 17 seconds before the deadline
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Running out of Space-Time's page

Team Name

Gameplay Instructions
Tested on Oculus Rift S with touch controllers.

What platform is your game built for?

Windows Mixed Reality

List any content that was created before the jam.
SFX & Music from weloveindies
Gargantua black-hole based on the one by brunogbrito.
Explosion based on Explosions Builder
Humanoid mesh based on one in Polygon prototype
Humanoid anims from Mixamo
Skysphere from StarSphere

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I love the environment and art style, but unfortunately none of the controls seemed to work with SteamVR, so I couldn't figure out how to play. I was using an Index and could only move by physically moving around in real-life. The controllers didn't move me or grab anything for me.

Played using SteamVR and Index.


Sorry about that, I just tested the game on a rift S. I thought it was enough to map the index motion controlle inputs in the input settings but maybe I've used the wrong ones or missing something.


No worries! It's possible the SteamVR plugin needed to be checked on as well, but hard to say. VR can be so finicky!


Amazing   Space World!
After playing the game  , I really appreciated  that my simple life on Earth is quite safe!


Hhahaha thanks!


Very nice concept, the 3d path drawing also works surprisingly well. Wish there was a way to speed it up a bit more, since there's quite a bit of waiting around for the ship to move / fill up with people.


Thanks! The initial part is a bit slow because it's meant to be tutorial, but yes being able to speed it up after the first play would be good!