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I hate the control scheme as it is now.  It's just frustrating and I don't feel like it's helping me with any kind of typing whatsoever. 

Maybe if you had the player type out a word or something to choose a direction, it would be useful for improving typing? Like having a word for each direction that changes once you've typed it in. Or make it even more random, so you have to find the right keys instead of moving around the keyboard.

We were using 4.26

I was using a Vive and it crashed after picking up a sword and slicing a cube thing. Then it just froze and there was an error message on the desktop.

I tried playing this on a Vive and I couldn't get the hang of placing the blocks, they seemed to rotate and move in some way I didn't quite understand. I liked the simple visuals and the laser noodles for grabbing things from afar though.

Played with a Vive, worked fine after a restart. Felt very much like a "jam game". Not great, not terrible, and a somewhat fun way to spend a few minutes.

The environment and art style were very cool, but I couldn't interact with anyone (on the Vive). It kept telling me to point at them and hit some kind of button, but none of them worked. So I just took a stroll around town and it was nice.

Feels a lot like work. Music was... interesting as well... yeah.

I very much dislike this locomotion system. But the bird thing is nice and the overall atmosphere is cool.

Unfortunately for me the game crashed a few times in a row and I just couldn't bear to sit through the tutorial segment any more times. What I did get through seemed great though.

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Visuals are great, looks very nicely polished.

It was a pain to get to work on the Vive, but I manged it in the end. Probably more the Steam VR controller binding system's fault than the game's though. Gameplay was essentially like an endless runner, avoiding obstacles with your hand, simple but okay. Not too sure about the theme connection though. Also getting hit in the face with trees and things was somewhat uncomfortable.

I could see this type of thing work as almost like a somewhat interactive music experience, if the levels are designed to match specific songs. Maybe a future collaboration with a music artist would be interesting.

Neat little shmup. Cool boss design.

The special attack and the speed up boost didn't really seem to be that useful. Would have been nice to have some kind of sound or effect play when you get hit so it would be more clear. I wish the attack power ups would have changed the attack pattern, added more projectiles or changed speed/colour of the attacks.

Good effort though.

For us it was one of those things that happens only in a packaged build and not in the editor, so we just found out about it in the final minutes before the deadline and didn't have time to implement any kind of fix. Only one of us was testing packaged builds and he was running it on an Oculus, so it seemed fine right until the end.

The art looks cute and lovely, music is nice, animations are cool. 

But here's some (hopefully constructive) criticism: The locked camera makes it difficult to see where enemies are coming from. There's no indication of building health most of the time (health bar just doesn't show up), and because of that I have no idea if the healing buildings are actually doing anything. The difficulty is trivial up to the point where the enemies start instantly killing your buildings when they get close, at which point it's just a random chance to lose a building once in a while, because the turrets don't rotate fast enough to hit them if they're facing the wrong way. An option to hold down the upgrade button would be nice, I must have hit "E" several thousand times in a single playthrough. There's a bug where you can place a building onto a grassy tile, if something on it has just been destroyed. The manual shooting feels weak and pointless after the first couple of waves, the area is large enough that you can't really respond to any threats yourself and it seems to only work at very close range. And some kind of ending would have been nice (even just a fade to black and "you survived 222 waves!" or something). 

It's supposed to be very similar to the Lone Echo movement scheme. Except your hands are really long and at the end of tentacles. You can swing around a bit like Spiderman if your rope swingy bits were stiff. If that helps.

I like the fat cat, it's great. Wish the camera was zoomed out a bit more so you could see where you were jumping a little better. Gave me some Meatboy vibes at times. So overall - good job.

Ah yeah, it's a bug with some misplaced collision boxes that managed to sneak it's way in and ruin that one fight. I think it's just the one fight though, the rest should be fine.

Glad you liked it.

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The second group of bandits to the left of the castle gate gets bugged some of the time and locks the game in a state where you can't continue. It's best to avoid that battle.

Yeah, the music was a very last minute thing to add. It's not great, but I think it beats complete silence.  And I probably made the AI far too easy, because I was afraid to make it cheaty good and always block every attack. Game jam games are always mess in one way or another anyway, haha.

Glad you liked it. 

There were supposed to be two more activities to do on the map, which would effectively cut the walking distance in half. But I just didn't have the time to implement them or enough time to make the map smaller to compensate for not having them there. 

I'm afraid that Windows Vista isn't supported by the game engine. There's no changes I can make to make it work for you. You'll need to have Windows 7 or newer operating system.

Hey, sucks that you're having trouble with getting it running. If the error has a more detailed description, you could send me the description or a screenshot of the error message and what operating system you're using to and I'll try to see if I can figure out what's causing it.

Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, it being a game jam game (really hastily put together), it's not really built with any kind of expandability in mind. I do however have an open mind about potentially expanding on this concept later, once my current projects get all wrapped up.