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Thanks for the feedback! Im planning to address most of the feedback in a 1.1 update once the jam is over :)

Loved how ambitious and polished the game was, could see it being an actual commercial product down the line. Didn't have any issues with movement/controls with Rift S

Very nice concept, the 3d path drawing also works surprisingly well. Wish there was a way to speed it up a bit more, since there's quite a bit of waiting around for the ship to move / fill up with people.

I dig the general aesthetics, but gameplay wise I found it rather difficult to aim and shoot the bow ( was playing with Rift S )

Thanks for the comment! Our artists/sound engineers worked tirelessly to get the game looking & sounding so good :)

Pfft amateur, you are supposed to get to at least wave 1000!

Thanks for playing!

Much appreciated! The gameplay could use some extra balancing, which is something I definitely want to address once the jam is over

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah I have heard that comparison before as well!

I think this comment was meant for your game instead :P 


Had difficulties with the control scheme, to the point where I never really got hang of the movement. Nevertheless a cool concept, felt refreshing to play as the hunter and not the hunted for once.

Very unique premise, that has been masterfully brought to life

Very ambitious goal to create a narrative based game during a 48 hour gamejam, your team managed to pull through though and did a pretty good job. Curious to see what you will be able to come up with now that you are not restricted by the unforgiving nature of a gamejam timelimit.

Also, the text scrolling was kind of distracting, it's a cool effect but the way the text scales felt weird. Maybe try having it be fixed size instead ? (Might be a weird complaint, but just felt like pointing it out :) )

Thank you for the feedback :) The ghosts restore a small portion of your light meter.

Fun gameplay mechanics, plenty of levels, goes well with the overall theme. Can't really see any faults.

Plus points for the colecovision esque graphics, really pleasing to the eye.

Could literally pass as a full-fledged game with some additional polish and additions. Very nicely done.  The physics and camera felt kind of wonky at times, but those are just minor complaints over an otherwise very impressive submission.

The action parts could be a game on their own already, but you went out of your way and incorporated narrative and resource management to it. All while working solo on it (?), all in all very nicely done. 

The only negative points really would be the lack of audio and some annoyances (unskippable hand wash after every shift) etc.

Neat to see a game with storytelling in a game jam. The whole experience in general felt very cozy and warm. Nicely done :)

Could potentially be a really good game with some extra balancing. The concept is great, but it felt like it could have been more fast-paced. Faster movement speed, less time on the timer, more thieves etc.

Loved the art style as well.

Fun shoot-em up. Loved the very clear progression whenever you leveled up. Weapons felt great and the enemies felt satisfying to destroy. Really the only downside I see is the game not being too relevant to the theme, but that's not a big deal.

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Fun little game. The gameplay style is quite unique but (at least for me) it took some time to get used to. Plus points for the consistent retro art style (would have been cool to have some chiptune music and sounds as well to accompany it)

Hey thanks for the feedback. I agree the gameplay was a bit simplistic, I feel like we were too focused on keeping things simple to avoid feature creep (there were quite a few things that ended up on the cutting board).

Heya, thank you very much for the feedback. 

1) That's true, some visual feedback would have been nice to have. I actually messed around with animations for awhile (there were some problems blending the roaring animation with walking) so I never got around to implementing it.

2) That's intended :)

3) The way humans dragged crates was also done quite hackily, initially the crate location didn't change at all when the humans picked em up so it looked like they used telekinesis or something. My solution was to just shift the crates location during run-time, though a better solution would have been maybe to add a specific empty gameobject in-front of the humans, so that the crate could attach themselves to it.