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Build beautiful container cities in the middle of ocean.
Submitted by Perfoon (@jaanusjaggo) — 4 minutes, 52 seconds before the deadline
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Gameplay Instructions
The game requires a keyboard and mouse.

Hold the middle mouse to rotate the camera.
Left-click to place buildings. Q and E to rotate them.
Backspace skips the day.

Start from Cairo city, it has a built-in tutorial that explains all the features.

Building Blocks:
1. Containers - main building blocks of any city. Use Q and E to rotate. One container accommodates 4 people.
2. Solar Panel - containers alone are inhabitable. Attach solar panels to provide a cosy living space.
3. Cables - are versatile tools, they can connect multiple containers and share energy between them. They can also be secured to the platform providing more stability to tall structures. Press LMB and drag to place. You can cancel it by pressing RMB.
4. Buoys - initially the foundation is stable enough to support many containers. But it becomes unstable once the mass gets too high. Add Buoys to lift more weight and avoid dipping.

Have fun!

What platform is your game built for?


List any content that was created before the jam.
1. All the music and sound effects - from various Marketplace packs.
2. Solar panel and paint textures - CC0 Textures.
3. Water and Sky materials - UE4 built-in plugin contents.

Link to Gameplay Footage

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I also recorded a video where I show and explain how the game was made.
I hope it can be useful for someone: 


Thank you all! It's a great honour!

Also try out my other game: BLASTRONAUT


This reminds me of Airborne Kingdom, but on the water.  Clever idea, and it looks great!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Amazing. Really enjoyed it. 


Cool! This is so well done and have potential to develop further. Hope you will !


Awesome Jenga reimage!


Cool concept! I really dig that the Ui sounds are there and sound great! Has a neat vibe, if only the timer didn't bring the amount of stress it does! :D


Very unique premise, that has been masterfully brought to life


It's really hard. Good job


Pretty smooth. I really feel the inspiration from MiniMetro, and the simple use of physics is enough to make it funny and challenging.


I saw the status updates on reddit, and absolutely love how it came out!

The UI reminds me of mini motorways/mini metro! I love it.


Jesus Christ how is this game so addictive I've just accidently spent 30 mins playing this without realising, great game, love the mini motorways vibes


it is a nice game, fun to play