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Not to the web demo currently, it is a bit old. However, the newer demo in Steam has a progression-saving system.

It is still an Early Access release. Unfortunately, I can not give away keys at this point,  because it would discourage others from buying the game. Sorry!

We are a very small team working hard on this game, so every review is appreciated.

Yes, it is possible. However, I don't own a mac myself, so I would appreciate it if some people who do could join my Discord and help me to test it later:

Co-op multiplayer is planned. There is already a version in the current Steam demo; however, it has some bugs (I'm working on them).

I understand your concern, and it is possible that at some point we will, but not initially. Managing one store is already a lot of work, and the full version is also tightly integrated with Steam services; there is multiplayer and Steam workshop support that I would have to disable. Additionally, I'm not sure if your computer will handle the full version because it is a bit more demanding (CPU wise) than the current Itch version. After all, the world generation is much more advanced. To test it out, you can download the Steam demo in VM, copy the files to a physical computer and it should still open and let you try.

Yes, that is a bug, that is currently in the Steam version too. You can pick up the previous jetpack and then the next one again to get unstuck, but I know that it is not perfect.

That is a nice surprise, thanks!

Hi, thank you for the kind words. If you want to stay in touch and sometimes have a chat then you should join my small Discord group:

Yep, these things are coming, you can try the new demo on Steam which already has some of these things.

In the web demo, the player can sometimes get stuck. I've managed to fix it in the new Steam demo, you should try that too.

Your game concept is really cool as well. I think it could be turned into a completely original game. Terraforming in the third person would be cool, but so far Blastronaut doesn't allow to alter the environment other than destroying it. Maybe I will add something in that regard in a future update ;)

Thanks! You should also try the new demo on Steam.

The BLASTRONAUT game is currently in development and it has not been released in Steam Early Access yet (but it is the plan). The current Web demo that you can see in was released more than a year ago, and I think it only has 3 or 4 weapons, I don't really remember how many exactly. At the current moment, there is also a Steam Festival going on, which I have made a new Demo with multiplayer, crafting, enemies and other stuff. It also has more weapons. I recommend trying this new demo if you are interested.

A lot, I have made a weapon creation system that even allows the players to create their own and share them in the Steam workshop. You can try the current Steam Festival Demo and there are several new guns available.

Thank you! I'm also quite happy about how it turned out. Can cross this system out of my task list and move on to polishing other things :)

I'm currently focused on Steam. Because I'm using Steam multiplayer services, the Itch.IO version would be limited. However, the new Demo version (that includes multiplayer) is coming to Steam Next Festival and it is starting Today.

Thank you for the feedback.
I think the points you are suggesting are still quite relevant and I have yet to solve some of them.

PixelOver community » Request · Created a new topic Particle Systems
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Add an option to create particle systems. They should be configurable like Godot own 2D CPU Particles. And they should operate on high-quality images where only the output is pixelated. This would allow using semi-transparent particle textures that blend together and will result in a pixelated output that has a meatball appearance.

I think it would be beneficial to create a custom particle system, instead of using a Godot built-in one. First of all, you should make all randomness deterministic based on a seed value. And secondly, it allows you to add more useful features down the road, even if it initially has less.

There is a technical limit for the current world, and it is smaller than Minecraft for example. But I suggest postponing this challenge until the full game is released because it will be a much cooler challenge then.

I also recorded a video where I show and explain how the game was made.
I hope it can be useful for someone: 

Thank you all! It's a great honour!

Also try out my other game: BLASTRONAUT

Well, that is polished to the max! Great job!
Add a few more levels and you can put a price tag on it!

Thank you for the feedback!

Enemies have been a widely requested feature that I think I need to add. But I agree that resource management and exploration should be the core of this game.

The health (lives) is intended to be another upgrade path that helps you to survive a little longer when using more dangerous weapons.

Really cool concept and good looking graphics.  The game is a bit too difficult because it is quite challenging to control the car and build the new roads at the same time. You could let the AI drive in the first levels!

The technical implementation of this game is really impressive. It is also extremely satisfying to jump into the balls and bounce out again!

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Definitely, the best looking game here!

Nice game, I got to day 10, but then I ran out of space!

Neat little maze game. Art assets would look even better if you add a lot of static spotlights (with different colours) and bake the lighting.

It has a great atmosphere and a strong message.

Yeah, that is ok.
I would appreciate it very much if you can mention the Blastronaut game as well. Thank you!

Yep, I completely agree.
That is why I already have the enemies and hazardous biomes in the works.
A rivalling company is a really good idea as well, but I'm not sure how to implement it yet. I definitely don't want the player to feel like they are owning the company, quite the opposite. But what I like about the rivalling idea is that the players could choose their own company and then organize into discord chats and start working towards the common goal :)

Thank you for the feedback.

I also want to release it sooner rather than later.
However, I also need to make sure that the game is in a very polished state during the early-access launch otherwise it might fail and never recover. So, unfortunately, I can't announce the date yet.

I assume it is the web version that is not loading for you. Can you tell me which browser are you using?
I'm not sure if I'm able to fix the web build, but I hope the Windows version will work.

This is true. I didn't think that people would play so long to get the better resources from the depths. The faster falling speeds can break the game a bit and I will add a speed limit in the future, but for now, I think it is a cool discovery once you have played through the rest of the game, even though it is still a bug.

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It is a bit early. But I want to start with closed alphas/betas soon.

Yes. Implementing persistence is a difficult task. Although I have made an initial solution, I want to rewrite it before the game release. Naively saving all the destroyed blocks and their coordinates to the JSON file does not scale well.

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Sorry, the saving feature is not done yet.

Yes, but maybe a bit later, because I don't have a mac to test it on.

Your comment makes me too. Thank you!