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Hungry GrandmasView game page

The result of the 2-day "StaySaveGameJam". A little game about bringing elderly people food from the supermarket.
Submitted by Qu0d0 — 2 hours, 15 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Player Engagement Power#133.8003.800
Best Mood Mojo#373.4403.440
Overall Creative Craze#603.4803.480
Relevant to the StaySave! Jam Theme#643.5203.520
Innovative Impact#712.9602.960

Ranked from 25 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I'm amazed at how much of a town you managed to build up in a 48h jam! And it looks fantastic with the unlit graphics too. 😍 The music is really good and frantic like it should be for the hectic gameplay.

Bit tricky to control the car, but I felt like I got better at it after a while! Unfortunately wasn't able to make all the grandmas happy without depleting the car's health bar, but I'm very glad the game allowed me to keep playing anyway, so that eventually I could get to all 10 grandmas after all. 💜💜

Definitely interested to see what you could do with this post-jam with a bit more polish. I really like it!


Super funny! would definitely play more levels , I made 13 grandmas happy!


Huh Great game but the car slippery than driving a car from gta


Enjoyable and fun-to-play Game! nice work!
environment probs could be better if had rigidbody for crashing.


That "honk honk" when you pick up a package just puts a smile on my face :)


Definitely fun to play! I had a great time playing it :)
Controls are great for drifting corners but could be a little more direct for normal driving. Overall very good!


It's super funny! We played it with our team until we made all the grandmas happy, and we found the entire gameplay really engaging. Amazing the work you did in just 2 days of gamejam! The level design is also very well thought. 

Here are some things we noticed:

- There are some textures/objects that disappear depending the angle. For example, grey rocks that we cannot distingish from the floor. 

- It's difficult to control the car when you have to change the direction 180º ; maybe adding some drift-mechanic  to change suddenly the direction and more dynamic? 

We've pleased to see more of this if you wanna develop it more after the jam!

Have a nice day!


Really fun to play around with, I'd like to see it more developed after the jam


The driving feels great! Really nice 'simpsons hit'n'run vibe. Only managed 8 grandmas but I had fun just jumping from roof to roof.  A few cosmetic additions like a visual effect on collision would be nice but over all very impressive for such a short jam. Well done!


Core Mechanic works fine maybe a Countdown would great for excitement like crazy taxi and some wooden ramps colliders a bit big I crashed while passing by the ramp,and can be more enjoyable if we take the boxes from different places like different markets I had a lot of fun while playing nice work


Could literally pass as a full-fledged game with some additional polish and additions. Very nicely done.  The physics and camera felt kind of wonky at times, but those are just minor complaints over an otherwise very impressive submission.


I did not manage to make all the grandmas happy! Crashed at 9 but it is fun and I feel some "Crazy Taxi"  vibes. The controls were a bit slippery but the art and sound adds a lot!  Nice game! :)


Gameplay is really good, and it works good with map that you designed, but you could improve hitboxes and gravity in this game, it seems like your car is floating. and also car should take damage only when crashes at certain velocity,

Also i found a bug, i just jumped on a ramp and my car was stuck in the air, but when i started driving it started falling, here is screenshot when this bug happend 


Really satisfying to go off the ramps and jump off the roofs! 


driving in the game is a lot of fun. the game looks good.