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Amin Montazeri

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Needs checkpoints!! :))

Forever?! :))
I think destroying the ship is a better solution. (Generally any action that player know there's no way to escape)

How to escape from those goddamn black holes?! 😅 There's no way other than restart!

Port it to mobile! you will make lots of money :))

I think the cat needs some attack mechanics to push objects away more faster! :)) Nice work 

Wow! that's awesome Saeed! 👌🏻
Wonder how I didn't find your profile before :))
Let's continue talking in Discord: Amin Montazeri#1781

Hi Bashar, Is this your first jam?
Do you have any link to see your previous works?

Still looking for a cool team :))
Drop your itch profile here!

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Hi guys,
I'm Amin, a level designer who works in game industry. This is my 8th jam if I can find a team! :))
Here's my Artstation page:

⭕️I wanna join to an experienced team that cares about level design topic + have submitted some jams before! (numbers no matter)

Sending itch profile is very welcome! :)
Here's mine:
Discord: Amin Montazeri#1781

I broke the chain but after that the "You Lose" text showed me!

Oh, that was really sick! can't say anything about it!
Should we lose at the end? I mean is this intentionally؟

Oh, I miss C&C Red alert! thank you for creating this style of art :)) Nice work 👍🏼

I think it needs more elements to give gameplay more variety. nice work!

We can't go to the third level! SO SAD! :(

I liked the art assets! keep working on it 👍🏼

ummm, I can't say anything about this game but it definitely needs more works to do to become an enjoyable game. Keep it up!

Thanks for the feedback Neo 🌸,
You can use free softwares like Team Viewer or AnyDesk for playing with your online friend.

So please make a friend and play with him\her then  :))

Thanks Ruby! I will.

Hi guys,
I'm Amin, a 3D level designer who has some multiplayer FPS maps design experience!
Here's my Artstation page:

DM me if you are interested in teaming up with me! 😉

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My skills: 3D level designer, Unity, Unreal


Looking for: experienced team that cares about level design!
Timezone: GMT+3.5
DM me if you are interested 

Hi Diebanez,
Ok, I'll let you know.
Your team gonna make 3D game for this jam or 2D? 

Hi guys,
I'm Amin, a 3D level designer, would like to join a team that cares about level design stuff!

Here's my Artstation:

If you are interested, please send your itch page here or in discord.
Thanks in advance.

What a cool BG music as well as cool gameplay! Nice work!

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Nice work! I enjoyed this game but could has more challenges!

Everything is 5 STAR! Great and fun-to-play concept!
I just pushing back enemies!😅

He doesn't listen at all!😅
Great concept, Nice work!

More lifes... Please!🥺🥺🥺

Oh, really?! amazing!👌
All of the visuals and even block out textures are very similar to UE4 games!🤔

UE4 and its 3D beautiful games! nice work!

One of the top 20 games that Mark Brawn will definitely choose! Great work!👌🏻