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Cool concept with the broken train and overall a very solid entry, but I'm not a fan of some of the mechanics, like why would I connect dots when repairing a train?, the screw one was more thematic but also frustrating for me, I felt like it only depended on luck, not my actions

Very original, I really liked the minimalistic visuals

Cool concept with the disguises

That's a tough game, I couldn't get much far. I couldn't figure out what flipping my ship does or whether there is anything I can shoot at

This is super cool! The effects of when the dog gets unleashed add so much to the feel. Great great job guys!

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Really good storytelling by mood. I would like to see this game more expanded, it should still be minimalistic, but now I feel like it's bit empty

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Very cool! Though, a bit too easy as for my taste, even when not really looking on what's ahead I was more often hitting fuel tanks and repair wrenches than meteors.

Watching Mark Brown play it was priceless, thank you!

Nice concept, a bit similar to mine regarding theme interpretation

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"...tell the CHEF the appearance of the costumer so the chef can search in the cook book which food they want.tell the CHEF the appearance of the costumer so the chef can search in the cook book which food they want"

Well, that would be an interesting cook book IRL

Well, Robbie was very unwilling to go in the direction I bounced him, most of the time it either went through the box or just turned in some other direction. Despite that I like the concept

The music and aesthetics fit well in the game. The gameplay isn't very interesting, but will do

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The camera was moving way too fast, but overall pretty cool puzzle game, seems like Portal was an inspiration

Nice story, would be more interesting if you added some graphics. Is it a reference to SS13?

A nice preview of an interesting mechanic, hope you will develop it more.

At first I too wanted to make an out of control platformer, your execution is really good

Cool mechanic, supporting the theme, nice

When you're the only one buying budget gear

Actually, it could be funny if everyone walked behind their car, would be more chaotic

Great entry! The mechanics and aesthetics work together really well

Certainly it does, but our second friend, order, feels rejected

Nice concept, has a potential of being a complex head-scratching puzzle adventure game. But we need to talk about player feedback (or watch a video of GMTK) as there is none in this game. And when players don't get response to their actions they don't know what's good and bad in your game and it makes the game feel lifeless.

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It reminds me of Tumbleseed, but here I have much less control :)

For feedback: there are so many obstacles straight away that they absorb all my attention and I totally ignore the diamonds, so the game becomes more of a get as far as you can rather than collect as many points as you can. So you might add some milestones for distance to establish progression in this sense.

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I like the consequences of the theme:

"out of control" -> "constant shooting" -> "enlarging enemies" -> "easier to get hit"

You take no hostages! Putting me on a wheelchair on ice is the least control I could get, good job

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That's a great presentation of the power of pico8 math, because this is basically a math formula made cool. Which is awesome

We see here a solidarity of two neighbours. In hard times they must strive to equip themselves in all goods they need. One of which is... toilet paper.

It is so hard to get, that people would kill for it. Thats why one must take great caution not to show up with some on streets. So what should our two neighbours do? They only have one roll left and it is not safe to cross the street. Well, I'll tell you something, they've got a plan.

This game, made in 48 hours from scratch participated in Stay Safe! Jam

Pogo is an arcade game in which you collect coins and avoid getting hit while jumping on a pogo stick.

The game is participating in Ludum Dare 46

Very well designed puzzle game, had to think a bit with the boxes :)

I hope that after the jam you will further develop the snowball throwing mechanic

Great game! I would like to freely move around the street, maybe you'll add it in an update?

It's great that you developed three very distinct characters with unique abilities, which work together really well.

And the end of level sound is just amazing!

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For a potatogamething 5/5 :D

It is very hard to move with the ninjas (my best score was only 4), but nevertheless you made a really cool mechanic, good job!

The colors and overall aesthetics are amazing and it is fun to move the ribbon around!

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Great mechanic for a story-telling game, it doesn't take you out of the story, good job!

Great mechanic for a co-op game! It really forces you to think about the path you take.

Snake jets are so much fun :D

Nice twist on a clicker game, viruses might be a little too quick though :)

Amazing story and aesthetics! Great message to all of us.

Great fast paced shooter, really liked the floaty controls it has, they add to the mood and the voice acting is amazing! I once spawned in a wall, but who cares

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What a great mechanic! Such an innovative concept, good job guys!

Cool graphics! Do viruses not chase me if I don't jump or how does it work?