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Fun demo. But I think that this should work:

I like the graphics on this. The half-transparent main character is really cute. The item mechanic is also a clever spin on the theme. Good job!

This is a very cool idea! I’d never come up with that! I loved it. The atmosphere was also really creepy and great.

This was cute. Good decisions to make, nice art and cool music. It would benefit from more content, but which jam game doesn’t? 😉

Very stylish effects on the screen. I love the main menu! The game itself is also fun. Great variety of enemies and good use of the theme.

Sacrificing weapon speed and damage is really painful. Maybe it would be more fun to start out with auto-fire and spread shot and sacrifice those instead. That makes it similar to the double-jump where you feel like that was a bonus you had before and now you are “normal”. And not going from “normal” to “bad”.

It was unclear to me how to approve or deny the food. Apart from that I thought it was a clever interpretation of the theme.

Neat little game. Others have already referenced the debug that takes away a bit of the fun. But I also get that the game might’ve been a bit too difficult to get without it. A proper explanation of the mechanics would help.

Other than that it’s great!

I’m morally conflicted on your use of AI for this project. I understand that it’s a quick and easy way to get polished art into your game (and it looks great!). And I also think it’s important to clarify the use of AI like you’re doing. But in all contexts other than a jam I’d be much more against it. Thanks for showing me how AI can be used and thank you also for acknowledging its use (at least on this submission page)

Hey, this is pretty neat! No individual piece is outstanding, but everything is good; Art, sound, game play, polish. I was especially pleasantly surprised by the outro/credits. Nice job!

Excellent game. The first time I played it, we hacked it for two players (one player having control of two characters that don’t crush on each other to not make it weird to flirt with yourself). The second time we actually had three people.

I did not realize it at the time, but in our 2p-hack we deprived ourselves of the vital aspect of the complete crush triangle. Still doable though if you’re missing a player.

Playing as intended yields a wonderful experience lasting about 2-3h. Like with all romance games it requires the players to trust each other and have a willingness to be open and vulnerable. But we had a lot of fun and very cute and heart warming moments. Since it doesn’t have much in the sense of hard rules, it also requires players to be comfortable improvising and owning their actions and words (no way to blame “the rules” for their character’s flirting) It worked great for us and is totally worth the low price.

Heads up: Page 11 (or 10 in the plain version) has text hidden behind the image. The last line “and profane and goes on a rampage” is not readable.

Is good 👍🏻

Played this today. Was fun and super easy and quick to get into. We also had a few laughs reading through the rules.

Page 4 mentions damage though, without anything else referencing health or damage. I guess it’s a leftover from Tunnel Goons, but it’s a bit confusing without context.

Needs a clickable button to exit the options menu

I think this is the intended solution:

That was a neat idea. After I figured out that you set the start time and not the duration of the actions it became much clearer what to do.

We’re glad you enjoyed it :)

I had to read it three times until I got how time works, but then it was a lot of fun!

This was very nice and fun :)

Thanks for the feedback and nice that you found the writing entertaining enough :)

We’re glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you very much for your feedback. We’re glad you enjoyed it ❤

The music/sound is an absolutely valid point. With just two people (one of which had 0 prior game making experience) we’re glad we got something playable out.

Very polished and fun! The art is charming, the music and SFX are dope, and the game play works well. There’s also a decent amount of levels and even a scoring system which motivated me to get all 3 wrenches in all levels. My only point of critique is, that if you look at it as a puzzle game it doesn’t really fit the theme super well. As others have pointed out it’s quite similar to Mario vs. Donkey Kong, Lemmings, Spirits or maybe even The Incredible Machine. But that doesn’t take anything away from the excellent quality of the game itself. Great job!

The turtles look super cute! It’s sad that they explode when you touch them, but I read in a comment of yours that they are supposed to explode into little hearts. So that’s a bit of a consolation.

Incredible art, excellent music, fantastic concept. Overall, an awesome game!

The sound for when a turret is shooting is just top notch!

Very cute pixel art and animation! Game play is fun for a few rounds as well!

Cute pixel art, nice handful of mechanics and levels. Overall: Good job!

I can only echo what others have said: Neat little idea, but the optimal strategy to just keep holding LMB and wait for enemies to shoot makes it boring.

Visually quite appealing; The particles are cool. I would’ve liked to explore the game play more in more levels.

Super interesting prototype. I was disappointed that there is only one level. I’d be interested in a more fleshed out version of this (More levels, more weapons, magic attacks, etc.)

The minimap and the walking animation are two pretty neat features.

Very cute graphics, robust game play. Overall pretty neat.

The Level Design of Level 2 felt really clever when you have to go back the way you came. In total it was quite a nice experience to play :)

I personally got really frustrated by this, but it’s definitely polished and I can see how it would appeal to the same people that also enjoy Flappy Bird, QWOP and the like

Thank you for your kind words! As an alligator you probably were predisposed to enjoy the fishiness ;)

Thank you for the feedback. We’re glad you enjoyed it!

Oh, thanks for playing and the feedback! A bit embarrassing that there were(/are) still some bugs in there 🙈

We would have preferred that as well, but our time was more limited than expected 🙈

Okay, the problem was with Firefox (or my extensions). I was finally able to play it in Chrome