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That was a neat idea. After I figured out that you set the start time and not the duration of the actions it became much clearer what to do.

We’re glad you enjoyed it :)

I had to read it three times until I got how time works, but then it was a lot of fun!

This was very nice and fun :)

Thanks for the feedback and nice that you found the writing entertaining enough :)

We’re glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you very much for your feedback. We’re glad you enjoyed it ❤

The music/sound is an absolutely valid point. With just two people (one of which had 0 prior game making experience) we’re glad we got something playable out.

Very polished and fun! The art is charming, the music and SFX are dope, and the game play works well. There’s also a decent amount of levels and even a scoring system which motivated me to get all 3 wrenches in all levels. My only point of critique is, that if you look at it as a puzzle game it doesn’t really fit the theme super well. As others have pointed out it’s quite similar to Mario vs. Donkey Kong, Lemmings, Spirits or maybe even The Incredible Machine. But that doesn’t take anything away from the excellent quality of the game itself. Great job!

The turtles look super cute! It’s sad that they explode when you touch them, but I read in a comment of yours that they are supposed to explode into little hearts. So that’s a bit of a consolation.

Incredible art, excellent music, fantastic concept. Overall, an awesome game!

The sound for when a turret is shooting is just top notch!

Very cute pixel art and animation! Game play is fun for a few rounds as well!

Cute pixel art, nice handful of mechanics and levels. Overall: Good job!

I can only echo what others have said: Neat little idea, but the optimal strategy to just keep holding LMB and wait for enemies to shoot makes it boring.

Visually quite appealing; The particles are cool. I would’ve liked to explore the game play more in more levels.

Super interesting prototype. I was disappointed that there is only one level. I’d be interested in a more fleshed out version of this (More levels, more weapons, magic attacks, etc.)

The minimap and the walking animation are two pretty neat features.

Very cute graphics, robust game play. Overall pretty neat.

The Level Design of Level 2 felt really clever when you have to go back the way you came. In total it was quite a nice experience to play :)

Interesting concept. I was sad when it ended just when I was really interested in where it was going.

I personally got really frustrated by this, but it’s definitely polished and I can see how it would appeal to the same people that also enjoy Flappy Bird, QWOP and the like

Thank you for your kind words! As an alligator you probably were predisposed to enjoy the fishiness ;)

Thank you for the feedback. We’re glad you enjoyed it!

Oh, thanks for playing and the feedback! A bit embarrassing that there were(/are) still some bugs in there 🙈

We would have preferred that as well, but our time was more limited than expected 🙈

Okay, the problem was with Firefox (or my extensions). I was finally able to play it in Chrome

The main character looks cool and the cards look whimsical and fun when they are bouncing around on the floor. Nice flair.

Super interesting concept and I can definitely see it working well on mobile. The web version was a bit too fast paced for me...

Cool individual art style you got going there!

A bit confusing that we're in "Hell's Office" and still send people to heaven or hell...

Holy Hell! The atmosphere in this game is incredible. Excellent Work!

I did that. And I could move one down [next turn], one left (pick up the card) [next turn]. And then I couldn't move any more...

This is a cute story with very pretty art. Great job on that!

When I saw the Major Acana Tarot cards I got really excited, since we also used those in our game! (Although yours look much better than ours 😅)

That soundtrack is haunting! Also great use of the color aberration on the edge of the screen!

Super interesting concept, fun game play and great art!

I really like the art. The game is simple and functional, but I would maybe re-order the levels, since new players are likely to be overwhelmed by being surrounded with enemies on the very first screen...

Cute art and nice fighting system! Good job!

The particle effects are great. I also really like the shooting mechanic and how you still make it interesting even though the player has auto-aim and auto-shoot.

I was however unable to finish it, because it got frustrating to always have to go back to the beginning after losing 3 lives...

The little cards flying around in the background of the main menu are a nice touch.

Cute art and nice music. Gameplay is a bit simple, but works well.

I find it always interesting how such simple concepts can be so addictive. Good job :)

Here's some fan art:

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