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Excellent game. The first time I played it, we hacked it for two players (one player having control of two characters that don’t crush on each other to not make it weird to flirt with yourself). The second time we actually had three people.

I did not realize it at the time, but in our 2p-hack we deprived ourselves of the vital aspect of the complete crush triangle. Still doable though if you’re missing a player.

Playing as intended yields a wonderful experience lasting about 2-3h. Like with all romance games it requires the players to trust each other and have a willingness to be open and vulnerable. But we had a lot of fun and very cute and heart warming moments. Since it doesn’t have much in the sense of hard rules, it also requires players to be comfortable improvising and owning their actions and words (no way to blame “the rules” for their character’s flirting) It worked great for us and is totally worth the low price.