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Heya, thank you very much for the feedback. 

1) That's true, some visual feedback would have been nice to have. I actually messed around with animations for awhile (there were some problems blending the roaring animation with walking) so I never got around to implementing it.

2) That's intended :)

3) The way humans dragged crates was also done quite hackily, initially the crate location didn't change at all when the humans picked em up so it looked like they used telekinesis or something. My solution was to just shift the crates location during run-time, though a better solution would have been maybe to add a specific empty gameobject in-front of the humans, so that the crate could attach themselves to it.

Thanks for getting back with the explanations!

1) Yeah, I can imagine that. Awesome roaring animation btw, and I really liked the raptor talking in the beginning! =D

2) Oops, my bad!

3) Yup, I would go for an empty gameobject as well.

In any case, you did an amazing programming and putting-all-pieces-together job! With all those challenges you've managed to get a complete and quite polished game in the end. I know how hard it gets :)