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Great stuff!

You can! The timing is pretty tight, but it does forgive one mistake after the “run” cue. One advice to make it easier is to press the restart button (menu button on the left controller) if you miss a jump. Also try to jump forward and not up. You can also check out the full playthrough if you feel completely stuck:

It is actually even possible to sequence break this level and complete it without pressing the space button, but it requires to make a really tough jump.

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Don’t have a VR headset? We’ve recorded a full playthrough!

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Don’t have a VR headset? We have recorded a full playthrough!

Thank you! Yeah, surprisingly, this kind of physical locomotion tends to work fine for people prone to motion sickness.

Regarding the buttons - our locomotion implementation does not work with physical interactions for now, so we faked it with overlaps and a heuristic to determine how far the button should be pressed. We also tried to mimic the force curve of a real mechanical keyboard with haptics, but I wish we had more control over them.

Loved your buttons too!

Nice and unusual shooting style! Loved the responsive effects. You feel really powerful until you get completely overwhelmed. The arena looks cool too!

Thank you so much!

It was a huge struggle to develop the initial idea into something passable. Really glad you liked the experience! These types of games are very difficult to judge when you make them yourself, as you can’t look at them like a first-time player.

You really feel like a spaceship technician scavenging for spare parts. Movement feels nice once you figure out how the collisions work (don’t let your hand to drown inside a mesh and grab onto a surface instead). Welding is satisfying.


Just be careful when entering the base - I fell out of the base one time and the gravity didn’t turn off.

Played with Quest 2 via Oculus Link. Couldn’t get thrusters to work with Vive wands.

This game gets you headbanging like crazy, and its not about the music

For me the locomotion worked best when I was smoothly leaning left and right bending my knees slightly, as if I were skiing. I think this locomotion has potential, but might be inducing motion sickness for some.

Played on Vive Pro through SteamVR.

Very good-looking and polished game! Looks calming, but is super stressful. Overall a great experience!

Played with Oculus Link; couldn’t get Vive grab to work.

Thank you for playing! Glad to confirm it working on Index. We love more intense styles of locomotion, especially since VR has become so good in the recent years, and people are growing some mighty VR legs.

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Imagine being stuck on a spaceship with a dark tentacle creature that phases through walls and kills you instantly. Poor humans didn’t stand a chance.

Or, if you play as intended, you can get a proper spook yourself. Get two games for the price of one!

The control scheme would be familiar to Echo players. Played with Oculus Link, couldn’t get it working with Vive Pro.

The Portal in VR we all needed. Love the no button controls, you can’t mess up the input bindings if none are needed :) Nothing ruins the immersion too.

Also loved the anxiety when you juggle the ball while trying to look for the cubes to collect.

Effects are beautiful, 10/10 would get barfed on by a transdimensional portal again.

Congrats on making it through the jam and achieving something thought to be not achievable!

With my height I was able to cheese through the levels without using the momentum :P Played with Vive Pro through SteamVR.

Love the cheerful artstyle! Was fun once we figured out the rules.

Worked fine with Oculus Link, but Vive controller triggers didn’t work for us (missing input binding?).

Looks great! Loved the bricks and the floor tiles. Voice acting and effects are fun too, getting Magicka vibes :D The brick-based menu is also a cool idea!

Would be nice to be able to skip the cutscenes on consecutive playthroughs. Also holding the grip buttons for a long time is not as convenient on Vive as it is on Oculus, but it might be just me.

Great job! Had fun slashing through the hordes of slimes.

Played with Vive Pro through SteamVR.

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Art is amazing! Loved the black dissolving effect when peeking around the corners.

Got a bit stuck on the story after getting the keys and some other items (they don’t seem to show up in the inventory).

We couldn’t get the teleport controls to work on Vive controllers, but the free movement works fine (you can walk around if you touch both touchpads at the same time).

Enjoyed exploring the environment, it’s really pretty. Got stuck in the basement near the docks, spooky :D

Thanks! Very glad to hear that, especially since we are 2 coders

We have played this game, really loved the graphics! Would love to see an even slower difficulty level than easy to have more time to look around and enjoy the view.

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Interesting! This was not supposed to happen. Do you run it on Quest 1 standalone? It seems to stop the controller tracking when I pause the game on Quest 2, so it doesn’t launch me, but we don’t have a Quest 1 right now to test it there. Is it specific to any particular place in a level?

Anyway, working on making the game focus-aware to prevent the overlay launching bug on all platforms is definitely on our TODO list since it may be really uncomfortable.