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'Definitely not a super hot rip-off' -William Sexpeare
Submitted by makra — 1 hour, 37 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#2613.6403.640

Ranked from 25 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

In what way does your game fit the theme?
Time 'REWINDS' itself when you travel faster than light. Experience it yourself ;)

Did you write most of the code yourself and made all the assets from scratch?
I did write most of the code and most of the assets are made from scratch by us.

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Superhot but in reverse. I love how the mechanics were turned around and flipped on their head here. Very well done. And looks absolutely neat. LOVED the audio!


Cool. I see what you did there, as I move everything slows down - not sure about rewinding because their movement is simply slower. Maybe if the items want back to an original state and lingered there I would get that feeling of "rewnding". It is strange to me that I cannot stand still on a platform because when time resumes I don't move with the platform and I fall and die. I feel like I should be able to stay on the playerform and not die. :)

You need to complete the game in Order to get the "REWIND" easter egg. About the platforms we kept no friction to make the game a bit difficult.


Yeah definitely try it out if you can ;) Also, a lot of people have had issues with platform, maybe I'll add friction in the next update


Great music and graphics. Nice job!


Really great game. I love the intro title screen and the humor. I enjoyed the difficulty ramp up, I had to try the john wick section several times. The ending was a little bit jarring, I thought it crashed, but it does fit the theme. Awesome presentation.


Great Game, but I think that starting the menu could've been a bit shorter

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This game totally blew me away dude! I mean the graphics and aesthetics are pretty darn crazy, the time mechanic is so smooth and satisfying (Better than SuperHot I’d say). The concept is very unique too and killing the bots was extremely satisfying. A 5/5 for me. Sadly, I couldn’t rate it because I wasn’t able to finish my game on time :( Also I agree with the comments that this should be worked upon more and made into a commercial title, with a little marketing, this game will do wonders :)

Submitted (1 edit)

This game is extremely stylish!  The atmosphere and the story is very immersive, and the mechanic of moving to slow/rewind time is excellent.  However I feel like there is a lot of missed potential.  I feel like the game would work best in open, platforming sections, but in the game there are a lot of sections where you are in a small room with 50 bullets hurling at you if you stop, which isn't bad on its own but the only way to grab weapons is by either frantically clicking until somehow you grab something or by some miracle stopping to pick it up and not dying.  I think either the weapons should be removed or the player should just have one by default.  Also dying to just one hit is very unforgiving, I feel like there should be a health bar or another system all together.  As ironic as this sounds, I feel like the player movement should be slowed down if you're going for this "high octane action" feeling, as I feel like the current speed is too fast and gets in the way a lot of the time.  All that aside, I agree with some comments here that you should work on this more and maybe make it a commercial product.


Definitely not a rip off for sure, I loved it, it was like having the powers of quicksilver. I had a lot of fun playing it, finished it twice . one thing that bothers me is how enemy ai can look at me with light speed😂😂, I go behind them and they will instantly turn around though i am still moving

Man, this has to be one of the best games I’ve tried in the Jam so far.  This should be in the top 100! Also, please make this a commercial title. Would totally love to buy it! :D


Nice idea. The intro before the main menu is pretty stylish. But the game is  difficult, to be honest. And one of the things that makes it difficult is the ability to grab weapons. Not the ability itself, of course, but the fact, that you are contantly moving and it is hard to grab any weapon midair (and impossible when it is on the ground). And if you stop then you are most likely dead. It makes the game almost unforgiving - you have to aim precisely at a weapon. Maybe increasing the trigger zone for grabbing weapons would do the trick.

The concept is very cool and it has some good humour, but it lacks some fluidity (is this the right word? I hope you get what I mean) which Superhot has (the game is all about planning and the 'time moves when you move' part also works as an instrument of planning). Mostly, this is because you are struggling to grab a weapon, while enemies are already shooting at you, making it a bit chaotic.

Nice take on the theme, visuals and sfx are good, well done!


Very cool game!! Loved all the references in the story , the design is very good and the death sfx was hilarious xd. I also liked a lot how the rewinding is explained  through the concept of time travelling according to the GTR. Very nice game!


Very cool! And very hardcore, just like Superhot, you continue to die in that one level with the knife, where enemies shoot through walls. Pity there is no pause, you even can't switch the application. Overall the game is great and it gives me the same emotions I got when I was playing Superhot first time. And also the presentation is great. Hope you'll continue on working on it.


Wow, really good concept with really good visuals, I loved the shaders and post processing effects, the story is really nice and I laughed a few times while playing, but also the game is quite really difficult, specially during platforming sections because its hard to make the platforms be in the right spot when you go there, and also the fact that bullets can go through walls on the John Wick part made it really difficult to survive even in the end. That said the game is really fun, like a rewind version of Super Hot, and the story line was quite interesting and funny. Good job!


I like the effort you put into the intro, it's engaging. I love the funny ded sfx too!
However I found myself abusing the slow time mechanic to just pass by the first line of enemies until I reached the basement full of baddies, in which I didn't become John Wick 😂


I died on the moving platforms and had to redo the entire tutorial and story section. Not being able to stand on the platforms is a little bit of a problem.

Part of what made SUPERHOT so good was that you could take your time, and precise mouse movements weren't necessary to play the game. In this game, you have to constantly be moving, which means trying to pick up a gun midair is almost impossible.

Also, I can't pick up any guns even if they're on the ground...

I gave up after the first enemy encounter.

This game has a cool concept, but it was too difficult and the penalty for death was too much for me to want to continue.


Really appreciate your opinion! I'd like to say that the purpose of this game is completely different  from superhot, it's more about thinking about your moves while constantly performing it at the same time adding to it's difficulty. Also, the platforms weren't given friction purposely otherwise it'd have been a lot easier and it wouldn't be about timing your moves right!  :D Also, I checked out your game, really loved it!


Yes I love the Superhot vibe from this game! the shooting phase are pretty cool. There's a downside for the bullet passing through walls and the platform phase are not my favorite thing though. Congrats !


Interesting start...however when you get to the moving platforms, it would make sense if you stayed on them. Now you simply have to just find the right spot to get on and run across...This makes it just a tad less fun. But in all...good start.


the platforms weren't given friction purposely otherwise it'd have been a lot easier and it wouldn't be about timing your moves, right?  :D


Wow this was super slick!  I really like lighting and lowpoly art, plus the slowdown/stop time effect is really cool.  This idea is clever, you should keep working on it!  Great job submitting to the jam, and I hope you learned a lot of new things!  If you have time, please check out my entry :D


This game is super cool  (If you know what I mean ;) )


Bwhahahahah! This one got me


cool game though I like it

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