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Thank you! Nice video!

Thank you! Great playthrough!

Great video, sir, thank you! Love your sense of humor! Congrats on winning the second date right away.

Great playthrough! Thank you! Wish your channel a lot of subscribers!

Great video! Congrats on the good ending! Btw, you can change the sensitivity in the pause menu. There is a bug with it in the jam version and we can't fix it until the jam is over.

Thank you! Nice video!

Nice video! Congrats on reaching the good ending!

Ha-ha-ha. No.

Thank you!

Thank you! Nice video!

Thank you! Very funny video!

Wonderful playthrough! I really like your sense of humor! Wish your channel a lot of subscribers!

Just search for in your downloads (type this word in the search field in the upper right corner of the windows file explorer). It should be there.

Thank you! Great video!

Thank you! I laughed a lot watching your video. You, sir, are a smart and funny person, and you understand games! Your channel is hilarious and I wish you a lot of subscribers.

Great video, thank you!

Thanks a lot! We're planning on developing it further after the jam.

Thank you! We're planning on adding stuff after the jam is over.

Thank you!

Ha-ha. Thanks!

Thanks! The initial idea was exactly about chopsticks, and we expanded It a bit. So yeah, we have ideas on how to develop the game after the jam.

Somehow my Windows 10 doesn't let me run the exe-file. "Windows cannot access the specified device path or file" and I've tried every trick with running from the administrator and so on. Did you actually test it on other PCs? Or is it just my problem? I have no issues with other games here, only with yours. 

¡Gracias! El lenguaje de las citas incómodas es internacional.

Bugs spotted:

- When you click "left" on the level chooser, and the level is the first one, it shows an empty spot.

- You can press "Escape" on the Game finished screen and start the level again with a doubled music track. 

These visuals are insane! I love the style and the mad palette you used.

The game itself is quite simple and appealing, but at some point, it started to show a lot of errors in the development console, from null reference exception to the "scene number 6 can't be loaded". And after that something went wrong with the camera. It's understandable in the Jam stress though.

Hopefully, you'll get a chance to fix these bugs, as I want to finish the game.

A lot of cool ideas are here. I love that your toppings are your lifes and therefore you can understand the strength of the enemies by their look. Also, the wiggling of the toppings when the character jumps is very satisfying.

The game looks and feels nice. I enjoyed playing it until the frustrating not-spawning bug kicked in. Hopefully, you'll get a chance to fix it.

What a cute little game! At first, it was a bit unclear what to do, but once I figured it out, it became very funny and interesting.

I love the models and overall art style. Nicely done!

Can you please add some hints for further players to the description?

I managed to eat about 70 fish!

The game is great, the visuals are just astonishing! It's a bit hard to distinguish what fish could be eaten, but overall the game feels nice and smooth.

When your fish is eaten it looks a bit like it is stuck, it would be great if you add some feedback or death animation.

PS Love the casual shark!

Nice! Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you! We're already discussing options for expanding the gameplay. But first, we'll patch all bugs. 

Thank you! In the next patch we'll add options menu where you can change mouse sensitivity and other control settings.

Thank you for feedback! Actually you need to eat 20 carrots before you die to become a goat. It's easy if you run fast.

That's a very solid entry for a first game. I solved all the puzzles and they vere fun and challenging. Great game!

Interesting concept and very challenging game. I like the visuals. If you add some moving enemies it becomes even more cool.

That's a great concept, but for me it's a little bit too hardcore even on easy level. The hot spot where you should place the mouse cursor is too small and the pacing of the platform is too fast. I think it would be cool to have some kind of difficulty progression. Also maybe you can add a keyboard control. But overall it's a cool game and I can see it as a mobile hit.

I like the game, but it has some problems. All texts in the bottom of the screen go offscreen on the 1920x1200 resolution. Also texts are fading away too soon, I can barely read them. Other than that it's great mistery game and an interesting take on the theme. Hope you fix all the bugs after the jam is over.

Wow! Is it the new mechanic? It's simple, unique and addictive. Can totally see this as a mobile game where you can spend a lot of time. I enjoyed playing it. Congratulations!

Great writing and visuals! I enjoyed playing the game, it's polished and fun to play. I like the puzzles.