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What version are you trying? After you unzip the game it should start after running Game.exe. I'm not seeing a missing folder error so far.

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I'm definitely going to put in some postjam polish with this info. Thanks for the constructive feedback.

Really great game. I love the intro title screen and the humor. I enjoyed the difficulty ramp up, I had to try the john wick section several times. The ending was a little bit jarring, I thought it crashed, but it does fit the theme. Awesome presentation.

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Game was developed in the same time frame of multiable jams going on at the same time.

Check out my games Conclusion Devlog *SPOILERS* . I will love to read other jammers devlogs on what they did/learned/showoff.

Devlog v1.0

just do it!

I worked at BBvideo

Took me around 3mins to beat. Once I learned you could jump again after touching even the bottom of a block. Had a nice megaman floating platform vibe.

Do it for the bubbles

Papa bless you will have a killer time

do it, you won't

I really enjoyed the gameplay. Sometimes I got shot from people off screen, that was a little annoying. Still a decent and challenging game.

I feel bad for Dean. I like the goofy walking animation and the interactive title screen.

I win! I like the concept of trial and error with the countdown timer. I spent my first day walking around the town trying to hit things with my new sword. GG

Really nice atmosphere, it makes the creepy background noises really work. I got stuck in a door for a bit. Good graphics.

I escaped! I enjoyed how fast the player moved, it made it feel very arcade like.

I really love the character design and the idea of each form having an ability. I got to the stage with the 4 levers before my brain gave up. Great concept!

I destroyed those bubbles! Great job!

Really nice work on creating a scary vibe. The sound effects were really well implemented. Great stuff!

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Pretty fun sneaky gameplay. It would help to have some sort of intro to show the controls and story.

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Fun game. I like the newgrounds version more where you try to stack your cart as much as you can before each unload. Keep up the great work, the gameplay and graphics are both smooth.

Very spooky game, felt very claustrophobic. The biggest challenge was trying to work with the inverted controls when an enemy is behind you. Great stuff!

I got 6 but I'm too spooked to try to beat that. Fun game with great atmosphere . The pin point accuracy mechanic was a real challenge especially upside down.

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Thanks for the great feedback. I like the suggestion of changing the moment away from a click and hold. Be sure to check back later for future updates :)

anykey should restart the game, I forgot to put some text to remind the player that :0

The music is a real banger. Fun take on pong.

Really fun defense game

I was braining storming on having the player spend points to influence the NPCs directions for a few seconds. This will allow for more timing based gameplay but I ran out of jamtime to get that in, but I will update the game after voting. 

I had a really enjoyable 2 mins. I love the layout of the front page, it really inspired me to spice up my own. Very fun demo!

oh yeah oh yeah!

Fun little game, I killed 6 spooky monsters before I died. Great music!

Very neat concept. After awhile my guy was stuck with two hearts and was slaying everything I threw at him. Very fun!

You are a true wizard of the motion tween. Keep up the good work!

I'm using Godot and the more I use it the more I'm a fan.

Great tile set, very versatile.

What an experience.

All the lootcrates! All the Schmeckles!