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Pretty fun drive. The road was making me a bit sick towards the end. A very abrupt ending. I loved the music and announcer sound effects.

First impressions of the game is great. I've made it to the Warehouse and I'm enjoying my time so far. The music and custom movies really draw me into the world. Great job on all the custom art!

I really enjoyed the presentation and the great use of plugins. I still need to spend more time finishing it, but I'm loving it so far. Great job!

Nice! I'm seeing a lot of cool games to check out and I will be sure to check out these ones first. 

Here's my entry:

Heads up devs I just found out about this really good timing humblebundle up for grabs.

I love the artstyle you picked, nice retro gameboy vibes. 

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I like the name "Song of the Bereaved" it has a more unique ring to it than the other name that has a few projects already named that by doing a quick google search.

Really fun

I enjoyed the wacky aiming system with the shotgun and the eerier level design.

Very interesting game. Very "buggy" in a good way.

Fun little blaster game. I killed over 100 enemies before I decided to just hill the patient. Great job!

Hard maze, I could not get very far in it. Very catchy music loop though.

Fun to see some procedural level generation. Great job on the peaceful gameplay.

Fun simple mouse clicker game. I got to score 4K before I stopped playing. I liked the increased time power up but I felt like I got way too many and could play forever. Awesome job!

Really fun game. The challenge level seemed like a perfect race against the clock.

The screaming hurt sound was pretty funny

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Did anyone put any hidden Easter Eggs in their games? If so I would like to play around and try to find them. My submission might have something hidden in it ;) ;).
Link to my game.

I like the ending.

I like the vibe of the game. I was really ready to jump and attack the first ant, but then we just had a quick chat instead.

Your game was pretty trippy I liked the bright color scheme.

What a trippy game. The DDR element was a bit jarring a fun twist.

Nice and simple gameplay. I really liked the multistomp levels. Really good UI and color scheme.

Fun presentation. I enjoyed the choice of ambient sounds and flashing background visuals.

Fun little prototype. I enjoyed seeing all my dead bodies from past attempts pile up.

Great choice in background music. I enjoyed the game over splash screen and fly death effect.

I tried to play by myself by launching multiable games but I got stuck on the intro when the robot talks and walks off screen. I enjoyed the music and UI design so far.

I managed to score 17 before being eaten. Fun art style and sound effects.

That's good feedback, I realized it was poorly optimized a day before the jam ends. I hope to add a graphics settings and better garbage collection in the future.

Nice! I will have to check out some of the highlights.

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The jam helper NPC was a nice addition, I would of given up sooner without it.

I also really like the intro

I managed to wedge myself in front of the blue car for a free ride lol

Nice smooth intuitive gameplay

What version are you trying? After you unzip the game it should start after running Game.exe. I'm not seeing a missing folder error so far.

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I'm definitely going to put in some postjam polish with this info. Thanks for the constructive feedback.

Really great game. I love the intro title screen and the humor. I enjoyed the difficulty ramp up, I had to try the john wick section several times. The ending was a little bit jarring, I thought it crashed, but it does fit the theme. Awesome presentation.

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Game was developed in the same time frame of multiable jams going on at the same time.

Check out my games Conclusion Devlog *SPOILERS* . I will love to read other jammers devlogs on what they did/learned/showoff.

Devlog v1.0

just do it!