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just for fun

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Thanks for  the support


Thank you

your game is amazing I have checked it out I too entered in Epic Megajam my game name is Just for Fun

it gives me Mario vides and so good arcade feeling and the pixel art is damn good

The pixel art is damn good so settle nicely  with background

Thank you for trying it out and I will make part 2

I misunderstood  frogs meaning the idea of making the game like jumping, water, underground, and timing as theme in  that way 

I was confused and  I am working on a fps game and soon will release it out so

I had used brushify asset for landscape

thank you for your reply

there is a .exe file in the pack it open that file and it will start

Hi there thank you for your review. This project is under development, I am working on it for the open-world experience. Can you please share your PC configuration so that I can try to optimize the gameplay experience for that specific config

thank you

the was buggy at some place but the best part is you submitted your game and been ready for reviews  In my mind it awesome and best thing is you keep going for future

nice one I personal like the transformation  and the music is awesome

it awesome game 

Thank you and I will rate you game too thank you so much

I will change it and thank you for your suggestion

It is pretty good and more you play more you like

yes I had ,helping each other as a community

I rated your game too

Please someone rate my game  also link

unreal engine 4 epic store free assets of the month but  it nice though

It was fun to play  in level 3 player started to glitch out of platform other than that it was good

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It hard to solve puzzle and best past was when  he climbs on curtain it was fun though

cool game though I like it

thank you

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No My friend did not  I confirmed from him but  your game look similar  too 

Please rate my game it will help me a lot

I think it should be sci-fi then it would be like every thing is out of  world

It awesome game keep it up and keep going

It awesome 

Thank you  for support it fuels me to develop games really thank you

share your best moment in games or during  development

I am working on the performance issue and more detailed map .Four demons was developed for winter jam and the closing day came so I had to package it  but sure it will get better and more update to come  .

sorry for inconvenience

Four Demons community · Created a new topic Bugs

Having any bug please tell and thank you for your support

Thank you all for reaching till here this game was developed for  winter jam and i hope you liked it.