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Thank you all for voting on my game. Next jam I hope to have more time. I really appreciate the feedback I got. Hopefully you try the Android version available now, too.

In the Android version I have just released, I will add levels and puzzles. This jam was about destruction and basically I didn't have much time for it (My eldest daughter had two birthday's last weekend, a house full of people, between moments I coded some, after I came up with the idea on Friday (most I wrote on Sunday :D) Thanks for your suggestions, I really appreciate them. I did increase the colliders on the boxes already, but I guess they could be a bit bigger still...I just want the tension to be there, so people shouldn't be expecting to hit 100% on the boxes :D

I have had atleast one person that wouldn't stop playing until he/she got to the platform....which worked, but with no wasn't really working :D

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  • Better instructions
  • Background/orientation
  • More levels
  • Better input.


Thank you. I will look at what to do about different input. Currently I actually meant it to be touch.... :D

Thank you for the supportive comments, when I put it in playstore I will add more :D

True, I had a paralaxing background ready, but it wasn't the same style, so I removed it...later I forgot to fix that part. Thanks for the encouraging words :D

Yeah, that was why I altered the image to show a 'tutorial' :D

The title graphics promise good stuff :)

Thanks, with all the great submissions I thought mine wouldn't be played at all :D

Doesn't go beyond startscreen

Doesn't go beyond the startscreen.

Love it!

eh...only gamepad input? Tsk.

To be honest....I like your game best :D

I really think it is awesome when someone works in a different 'engine' or from a different makes clear how many options there really are to make great games...I will download and try it out.

Put the Jam target to paper and write three things come to mind when looking at the target. Which of these three things you like best.

Use that thing to make a game and stick with that plan. Even if it fails miserably. You will go through all the motions and have a product at the end. If you don't like it, remember, it was your first time. No first time is perfect...great...or even...okay....

Friday I noticed this Jam. The previous jams I joined in was one on a different site and one GGJ this year, first time ever. 

This jam had an awesome easy pitch: Destruction. 

I took 'destruction', wrote down: Blow up, Not default, hypercasual.

(Well to be honest, I like to go hypercasual on weekend jams anyway, as they tend to prevent you from going too deep and wide from the start).

I love to take something from a different angle, so my main pitch would be 'not default'. I had guessed (and was shown right), that most would use the 'protagonist' blows the world up.

I wanted something different. The destruction would need to do something different and yet help to get to the goal. So...hypercausal, not default....pitch done... So...explosions are force and force can move the character, so I aimed at that. Simple enough...but...catches are always there....First...10N is too fast to follow and predict if a crate would be basically 9/10 you would end up bottom. Had to slow stuff down...but that shouldn't be too much. 

I think it worked out. There is still stuff that can be added, more crates types, powerups for the player-character, more types of diamonds and a 'difficulty-curve' over time (which I am implementing). The game will go to market, but for now I enjoyed this jam. 

In case anyone reads this: Thanks for showing all the great stuff I didn't think of and likely will never think of anyway, you rock!

Why no web?

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Can't play... Click play but nothing happens.

Didn't I had to already use the car in the menu..very nifty...but...nothing blows..nothing destroys...

No game playable...sure everything went okay with upload?

Simple, but very effective. Good puzzle development.

Though it is reusing an old game's technics, I think this is one of the best in the jam. then?

Fun game...very ....challenging at first...even when you get how to fire it is still not that easy....I wonder...perhaps you chould have done a rechargable dash instead of the fire...weird thing...a canonball shooting bullets... :D

I agree. Shame you can't make it... Perhaps next time we can team up.

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Eh, this is the default game from Ben and Rick's tutorial...All you did was modify some assets.

The moment I read the requirement I thought: Yeah, doable...Then I had the idea and then I started...but...for a second I was wondering, will I get the mechanics working. And I did. I have two birthday parties this weekend and still I will manage (most is done by now, after 3 hours coding and using Kenney's graphics). And I have fun playing my own little game. Hope everyone is making progress.