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I think it is also important to note that when you say 'heavily entangled', it almost seems to state that it isn't just artwork. Of course the game jam is about showing you can code. It isn't hosted by GameDevTV for no reason. They want to see what you picked up from their courses, I guess...but I might be wrong.

Nice idea.

I already placed an idea on the Discord channel: Try a card flip game, where you have to catch the real gold items within the time available. Simple enough I think. I think you have better chance to find a team if you join the Discord server though.

There are several ways to go about.

1. make a link to the assets you need in the project, so people can get them themselves.

2. if the assets are simple enough, take a try at Blender or drawing them yourself.

That Super StarDust vibe is big in this one. Wish I could make this :D. Though the rewind option didn't really do a whole lot, the implementation was cool.

Controls were rock solid, great job. The bullet trails, the animations, very good. I don't really think the rewind in the story came through. Also, after lives 0, you can still continue and when dropping into the 3rd level, you get shot in the back. You have to land on the guy to not die. Same at 4th..but then he is in a hole...and when shot die backwards? (and can jump while dead :D) 

Well worked out, except for the initial scripted 'tutorial'. They take too long :D. Puzzles are fun, graphics okay. Way things are animated etc, very nice.

Though a very funny game, I didn't really see the 'rewind' in this. The camera usage and the scripted activity was fun though and something else than all the platformers.

Really a charm. However: No pause and escape menu (and that for a game that starts off so polished). Also...I didn't really see the 'rewind' (but then again, I didn't get through many levels :D). Controls were fine.

Though the rings don't always work, it is really cool especially the little additions to the game.

No pause or exit menu? Fun game, only annoying to be punched down. Nice trail effects. Also an interesting perspective of camera.

Takes a moment to get the hang of. The color change did come at illtimed moments some times :D

It says 'aws' for movement, should be awd of course, no biggy. The sound (because of the high pitch) should be set low at start :D An interesting idea with the stages of life. I first read over the Q, so I was wondering why I died at the plant all the time :D...but it wasn't the Oh and accidentally rewinding too far at the wrong place...also a bad thing.. Nice implementation.

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The 'hypercasual' implementation is really fun. Graphics are cool. I must say that the jump felt a bit 'unnatural'. The implementation of the rewind was solid. Oh and the colliders on the gray areas might be a bit off...I dropped on a green next to a gray, but still restarted.

Oh, by the way, the 'E to interact' is on the list, but I wanted the dialogs to show up as 'jRPG' style, so not by choice, but by event :D Alas, I will see if I can make it optional.

So I need to improve the clarity :D It is an important part of the story. If even one person (you in this case but perhaps others that didn't even bother to tell me) can't find it, it fails as a part :D

Thanks. I do agree with you (even if I didn't that wouldn't change your experience :D ). Others have given some of the same feedback. After the voting is done, I will update those items (all goes to list)! Thanks for the feedback!

Solid game, fun and beauty packed in one.

Though the 'explosion' doesn't work on every level, the way the lock with the puzzles is cool. The fact that you took the most simple ideas of 'rewind' and extrapolated it to this is just soo cool.

Strong potential. But space is too crammed...also depending on mouse speed too much. 

I saw the images and thought: NOOOO not another of those move and rewind games...but....this is FUN! You the vintage look in a more distinct way. Well done!

Simple, fun for a moment, but I feel that there could have been a bit more into the build up of the tension.

Hi Ninja Monkey, THANKS for the review. You are right. Next update will improve the text and controller (first time blendtree etc).

Nice implementation. Though not original, the animations and graphics are really cool!

The moral doesn't work in the game. If I am to not text and drive, then when I don't respond, I should not have a game over, I should have a: You figured it out dude. Now the game forces you to do the wrong thing and if not, you are punished over it.... For the rest...awesome game though.

I think it was okay, the way you 'reinvented''rewind'...

Pretty solid implementation, but might help if the start was a bit less chaotic. :D The huge monster was fun though.

I didnt'really notice the 'rewind' situation. There was a rewind button, but does it rewind returned tapes? Or something else? For the rest. Nice graphics, funny tune, fun to see what tapes what customers are getting next :D

The fact that it is first person: Very cool. The fact that it has swords: Very cool. It has free form fight/defend: Cool. It has minimalistic Pretty much no second stop the the deflecting is fun, but the puzzles aren't..The game could have been more.

Yup, for some reason the narrativeUI object gets loaded in the wrong sequence. There are two versions, one with white text and one with black....guess which gets called first (and I put it in singleton.. :( )

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Correct.....I should have removed those are the first to mention! There are actually other keys too....luckily you can do escape and continue from the start of the level :D

When I have time to play it again, I will make some notes on the specific things that ....made me lose interest....Be sure, I have played plenty of games today, so perhaps I am just 'play tired'....So on the second playthrough it might seem better :D

It looks pretty solid, plays well. It is clearly representing the theme, but I feel it is a bit limited. Graphic wise it is alright and the sound suits the game's flow. Nice.

Greatly done. Nice tutorial, nice difficulty curve. Really like the reloading animation. Overall solid and fun (which is the most important part). Even a bit frustrating at moments :D

Well implemented mechanics, with AWESOME graphics....however the music pitch is too high. For the rest sounds are good, solid development curve for player. is actually between the road and the campfire...I will see what might be the reason that it isn't visible.

Though really outstanding graphics, the camera movement is connected to the center of the cube, causing it to jitter alot. Next time use a follow script with an offset and delay/lerp. There are basically no puzzles. THe first way of solving is the way for all the fun gets out quickly. It has potential, but likely that would have been for a bit longer Jam.

Hi Danial, thank you for the precise and honest review. A quick reply:
1. The scenes ARE loaded asynchronous, but I am afraid the music file was too big.

2. I created a Narrative UI object with black text, but for some reason the white one mostly loads first (causing the second to die :( )
3. Yes, the movement isn't on par. This because I created my own blendtree and movement script. It was a trade off, but as you say, it can (and will) be improved.

After the jam rating ends, I will update the game with all the remarks below (and some I got through other channels). I am very grateful for the constructive feedback.

I think you have a point that the invisible walls could have been done better (like with the hedges or fences. I will do that in the update. The issue with 'not knowing what to do', yeah you are stupid...NO OF COURSE NOT.  It means that I didn't make some of the required points clear enough. Thanks for pointing that out. I have tried to improve it, but that doesn't mean it is good. I will look into it. 

The breaking by the way, might be regarding to your pc. Have you tried the download?

Thank you for your review and giving me pointers!

(Hint: After the campfire (in the winter scene), you walk to the skeleton and the story evolves further.)

Though it has little innovation, I must say the fact that I could safe myself by my nose(!) was exhiliarating. For 48 hour game, pretty good.