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Translating Sticky

A topic by leafo created Jan 31, 2019 Views: 15,861 Replies: 47
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Welcome to the community translation project!

The website was originally built as an English only project, but in the past week I've built tooling and started extracting strings for translation. We're using the same system we used for the desktop app. (If you were an approved translator on that project then your account is ready to go.) The website has a lot of text so this is going to be an ongoing project (both extracting and translating). Here's how you can participate:

Quick start:

How to help with translating

  • We use web-based software called Weblate to help us manage translations. You can join it here
  •'s translations are split in a few components. Core is most important, others are nice to have
    • Core: the primary strings that make up the user interface, new translators should start here
    • Tags: tags that people use to classify their projects. many of these don't have translations and will be the same as English
    • Documents: big chunks of text, things like documentation and about pages
  • Read the translation guide before working on translations:
    • Generally, keep the markup that appears in the text, don't remove any tags or variables. Don't add any additional markup.
  • If you're trying to work on a language that isn't there yet, you'll need to request it to be added by an approved translator or admin. Ask here or in our Discord.
  • To start translating, you can click the Translate button next to your language of choice
    • For many strings, we provide context screenshots. You can see them on the right of the translation page
    • You can use the Translation Memory and Machine Translation features to help you put together a translation
    • You can leave comments on text, and vote on suggestions
    • Weblate has many features to help organize translation projects. We recommend taking some time to click around to learn how the user interface works.
  • Anyone can make a suggestion on Weblate, but only approved translators can save the translation.
    • If you'd like to be an approved translator, apply here. It can help to suggest things first so we can review your work.
    • Ideally you're fluent in the language you wish to become an approved translator for
  • If you come across English text that doesn't translate well, please tell us so we can work out a solution. Try to avoid using bad grammar. Many times we can rework the source text to be easier to translate.
    • Try to use a neutral tone when translating. 

Debugging translations

  • You can force to use a translation by appending ?locale=LANGUAGE_CODE to any page. (eg.
  • You can use ?locale=debug to show all translations keys. This can help you find where a particular string is located in Weblate

Testing translations

Since we're at an early stage with translations we aren't turning it on for anyone by default. You can, however, opt-in to languages that we already have translations for. You can find a drop-down on your account settings page

Please use the translations and look for errors. Since many languages only have partial translations, and many strings have not been pulled out for translation yet, we don't need reports of missing translations at this time. If you find a mistake you can make a suggestion or leave a comment using Weblate. (You don't need an account to leave a suggestion right now). Weblate's search tool can help you find the right string.


  • Right to left? We haven't started investigating what this involves. Ideally we'd like to get some LTR languages in a good state first, but feel free to provide translations for strings on Weblate for any RTL languages, and I can start testing things.
  • Translated project pages? The plan is to allow any text field on to provided in multiple languages. This will be a separate change from this project, but we'll focus on giving project pages this functionality first.
  • Regional pricing? This will come as a separate update, but something we want to address by giving developers the option to set prices by currency/region.
  • Will my browser start showing another language automatically? Not any time soon. Additionally, there's a language setting you can use to force the site to be in whatever language you like. I can imagine in the future we will use your browser's preferred language to automatically select a language on If we make this change, we'll make the language picker easier to access.
  • I want to see a specific page translated! Great. We are incrementally pulling out strings for translation, if a page your want is not available yet please tell us.
  • I'm a professional translator, will you hire me? Maybe, we don't know our international strategy quite yet but for priority languages we're open to hiring help for high quality and high coverage translations. You can email us through

Thanks for your help, and I look forward to a fully internationalized


Really looking forward to language-specific project page text! At the moment other languages are simply on the same page, and it’d be great to simplify this for visitors


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I'd like to help to translate to Chinese (Traditional).

But it's not on the list at the moment, can you add it please?


EDIT: Issue solved after chatted with admin on Discord, thank you!


You may consider this off topic, but since it was mentioned in the OP, just wanted to ask to please NOT add regional pricing. It's an absolutely rotten industry practice, charging people differently depending on which lines on a map some bits go to. Some may argue for regional discounts for some countries, and I guess it could be tolerable if they choose to make their work more affordable there, but there's no way to do even that properly, since there are plenty of poor countries not getting discounts, or getting lower ones than better off countries, and there are also lots of poor people even in countries considered wealthy. But more importantly, overcharging (compared to the standard price, generally considered to be the US one) any country is of course way worse, even more so when you have that standard model of EUR = USD for EU countries, including those not using the Euro, even the poorest ones.

Since you support multiple currencies and developers can set the price in the one they choose, it'd be nice for the customer to be able to pay in their currency of choice if among the supported ones, at the current exchange rate, but other than that, or if even this would for some reason imply actual regional pricing, please don't. Now with GOG even removing their "fair price package", five years after deciding to allow regional pricing after having "one world, one price" as the 2nd clear, specific pillar of their mission statement for the first 5.5 years of their existence, as far as I know it's just you and Zoom that still push back against this (even if without making a point of it)...

Would be a very good thing to support more payment methods though, including as part of a localization effort, as there are various ones that are popular in certain countries. And starting with prepaid cards, like Paysafecard (or something else if equally widely available, that's the one I know of, and use for any such purchases, so can't make any here yet...).

Hope this wasn't too much of an off-topic rant...

Admin (1 edit) (+2)

Thanks for the feedback. Adding support for showing a purchase flow in a local currency is a high priority for us. That is tied very closely to regional pricing though, we bucket currencies and regions together when we talk about the regional pricing project. In any case, the pricing configuration will be up to the creators, so we won't be forcing any pricing scheme on anyone for the foreseeable future. (unless we learn that some kind of automatic currency exchange for showing localized prices helps conversion a lot, then we'll probably automate that)


If you won't force flat pricing anymore, they'll go with the rotten "industry standard" as they do everywhere else... :(


Wow very cool, this will allow multi-language checkout!

Hey there :)

I would like to become an approved translator for German. I'm a native speaker so I know most of the needed terms. There are a whole bunch of suggestions for the translations that need to be approved ^^

I made some translation suggestions for German already so you can see some of my work :)


Can you tell me your username on weblate, thanks!


It should also be Padramyr.


Can you add Slovenian language?



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Please, I'd like to be an Approved Translator for Brazilian Portuguese. I have a decent experience with translations like this, and I want to see the pt-BR done as soon as possible. My username in weblate is janosbiroleite.


How do I vote on suggestions? The Brazillian Portuguese translations have many suggestions but I can't vote on any of them.

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It seems French is available. I assume this is for the website itself? (Currently learning French.)

Erp, I mean as in someone who has skills in French should take the job.


The app and a much of the website is already available in French!


Hello Sir, i will begin working on arabic

so please if you can please give my proofreading status on the project

i am professional translator and i really want to have full arabic support for this app and store


Is it possible to make the interface language to be switched automatically depending on language set in browser? This way the website will get localized even for non-registered users. Currently, when non-registered user purchases something the interface is displayed in English...


This is something we’d like to have at some point, but the coverage of our translations isn’t there yet, so we don’t want to give buyers the impressive we can support them in their native language fully.



Just looked at the available languages and percentages

Noticed a small bug about arabic

Keep up the good work :)

Excuse me, but I applied to be an approved translator but changed my discord name afterwards, should I apply again?


If you already have an account on weblate that’s ready to go then you don’t have to worry about applying again

Okay! Thank you for replying. 


hi to get

I'd like to help to translate to Kurdish (Sorani) .

please can you add it to list ?

sorry, I did not explain well. I think you are talking about software translator between 2 human languages. it is impossible for google translator, for example from italian to english, if you don't know the two languages and repeat some corrections.

I don't want to be annoying but, ¿ WHY ARE YOU NOT THE SPANISH?

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Hello, I'm currently helping to translate the project into Indonesian. I have completely translated and made some improvements to the Indonesian Core, Tags, and Documents components. But now I've had a couple of issues: 

  1. In the Desktop App component, you can only make translations if your suggestions have at least 2 votes. This is kind of tricky since I'm actually the only translator working on the Indonesian project right now and having votes from other translators on any suggestion would mean that the project would take a very long time to finish. Is there any solution or anything I can do to speed up the translation process? 
  2. Also, is there any reason that the Indonesian language code uses the obsolete (in) code instead of the standard (id) code? It's not that I'm entirely opposed to the decision, but it seems that if you use (in) as the code for Indonesian, it won't appear in the list of the drop-down language menu, both on the account settings of the website and the app.

I'm having a blast translating and currently reached 88% in translation progress, if we can finally complete it, it would be great!


Any news on regional pricing? 

  • Regional pricing? This will come as a separate update, but something we want to address by giving developers the option to set prices by currency/region.

This should be top priority, many users just go to Steam and buy there as regional price is lower.


i can improve the italian language

Could add Portuguese Brazil when I click will not add again?

bro i will test italian and let ya know

is there a way to be both English and Spanish?


jogos no Android

Which game

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  • Join the translations channel on our discord (optional) ...
  • Go to Weblate, create an account.
  • Read the Markup guide, in short: don't alter any markup, preserve all variables and tags.
  • Provide translations by clicking the Translate button for a language.


Hey, I’m trying to register with GitHub but I keep getting “Authentication Failed”.

I searched and apparently this comes from 2FA being enabled on GitHub, some suggest to add the 2FA code at the end of the password, but it doesn’t help.

Anybody managed to register with GitHub? Otherwise I’ll just make a standard registration.

Btw I wanted to register because I spotted 2 issues in French:

  1. a translation mistake when adding a collection, but realized that 2 people already suggested a fix:

But I thought, maybe if I register I’ll be able to vote those changes up at least, so maybe it’s worth it even then? How does the string amendment process work?

  1. a layout issue on the game edit page

“Plus” overlaps “View page” (which is not translated but that’s not the issue)

This one is trickier, it’s a layout thing which I don’t think can be entirely fixed by changing the strings. Is it the right place to report such issues, or should we open a different thread as this thread has already many requests to be acknowledged as translator?

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I'd like to help in translating to Bengali(Bangladesh). Could you please add it to the list? Thanks in advance

I don't see pig Latin listed anywhere here!

okeyhay okaypay!, histay siay unkjay!!!

m'Iay ngryaay!!!!!!!

Feedback = Отзыв/Фидбэк, at russian


pls add Albanian thank you!!!

I'd like to help with translating to Afrikaans.

But it's not on the list at the moment, can you add it please?

Can you make “El Silla 2 Versus Mode”?