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I loved this VN! I REALLY enjoyed hanging out with Mad Hatter. I loved her art, expressions, and her lines.  The music that played when we danced together at the end touched my heart. I stared at the cutscene with mixed emotions.

 As much as I wanted a happy ending with Mad Hatter, I feel like the ending to her route was more fitting.

I just wish that I could have seen her falling with me.

Now that I finally finished playing the game, I feel a little empty inside.

Belfur, Duntan, Rodna, I will never forget how you three worked as a team intill the end...

Great random name generator by the way!

Yay! Finally another game from nami! I'm happy.

Sees the description, "Karlson is thirsty"

Me: Someones gonna die.

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Hello. I can translate your game into Japanese. But I've been busy these days and I might be slow with the process, is it okay?

Edit (I also have VERY few experiences with translating, one being for itself.)

Okay! Thank you for replying. 

Excuse me, but I applied to be an approved translator but changed my discord name afterwards, should I apply again?

(Sees the game)                                                                                                           This seems like a very cute game!                                                                    (Looks at the warnings)                                                                                               Yup. It's gonna be a cute game.

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I friend told me he would give me 10 bucks if I beat hyper mode in my first try. He let me do normal mode once for practice. (Remember, He let me only do it once.) Then, I saw the "Bring me to the end" gun. Thinking it would be a shortcut to the end, I picked it and the close range high damage gun... I died at the second boss.

Also, awesome game! I love bullet hells.

Thank you very much.

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The graphics are so beautiful. I really liked how the whole screen shakes when you reset the game.                                                                           Is there a reason why only the alpha can hold the dead prey? It would be helpful if the other foxes could hold it while the alpha hunts for more.                    

Very fun game! I found myself lost in if for hours as I struggled to defeat all the monsters on the first floor XD

This game is awsome!