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These changes are a lifetime improvement and an ease of use for each user playing it. However, there seems to be no music and audio for the UI.

- If possible in HTML make the Quit button go back to the main menu, from where. 

Keep up the good work!


An absolute Banger, keep it up!

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As the game has improved a lot in its segnificant design, I truely would address the Menu slightly as far as the back button is conserned. In UI design there is sort of an expectation to locate the button in a place it was previously as for example indicate to the images below it might reduce the ease of access for some users or potentially expand the irritation towards it. The settings panel on the other hand is masterfully crafted and I truely like the font that it is resembled in. 

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Tweaking the gameplay and reducing the spawn rates of the bubbles was an amazing addition to the game as it has made it viable to read the indicators of the next rocket colour and avoids the need to spam the rockets to approach victory. Though I would like to express the requirement to indicate sounds that seem to be absent in the following Version 0.4A, when loading up the game and to the game the first sound heard is when the rocket is being launched this may seem odd to the user in specifically suggesting that the game or they might be having audio issssues. Bubble spawing is finely tuned like a fiddle in an orchastra, which improves the replayability quite a lot. 

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An absolute Banger! 

The improvements to the pause menu are fantastic; I love the changes. However, the gameplay tab in the options panel is currently empty, and the controls page back button goes directly to the main menu instead of going back one page. Despite these areas listed, the ehancement improve segnificantly!

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The game is graphically stunning with an interesting premise that's engaging to play. However, it's hard to visualize the next color of the rocket due to noisy action above, and overlapping particles interfere with fast gameplay and visual appeal. Overall, the immersive graphics and unique idea make it a captivating experience., Interested in seeing more of this type of content awesome work!

Yeah no way I can top these :D damn nice work

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If there are any changed required or questions please reffer to the Licence agreement page to contact, or leave feedback under the comment section. 


Take a look into this manual, I think the issue you are facing is actually because your Spritesheet is selected as " Single ", but it should be " multiple" . Clikc on the sprite -> Find inspector usually top right -> see Sprite Mode -> Select multiple   Introduction to Sprite Animations - Unity Learn

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oh, apologies It never has showed up before on any of the assets so I always added them randomly if I remembered to do so. Thanks for the notice didn't even realize I guess it was fixed at some point.  I have now just removed all of them, for that reason on them never appearing on the page is one of the reasons I made the license page in the first place.

Yeah that answer it, apologies at the time I wrote it I was really tired and having to speak 3 languages it sometimes changes my expression in a way that it makes it hard to read.

There should be a reminder about the jam ending on e-mail if I remember correctly. Sometimes people make games or assets in jams and life hits them or they just are not happy what they have made and thanks to that they have not submitted. I do know that developers are simple if there is an insentive to get something they are more likely to join and submit, maybe even if its just 5 dollars or recoqnition on social media or anything alike that, a good name for the jam.

You can also if I'm not wrong directly press on the user and message them through email (At least you could a year ago not sure now).  

I have as well joined multiple jams made and focused on games, but just didnt like it so I ended up not submitting because I just felt bad submitting it, I think its fine. 3 Developers are already a huge sum I have seen a lot with nothing.

As I understand I won't be able to do existing assets ? - I'd be up to make more assets just depends on the per say theme and I'm not entierly sure what i'm doing but somehow I manage to make them :D

Also interesting jam!

Link ->

The following asset is my first attempt at making pixel art user interface icons that can be used within rpg games or pixel art thriven games, menus, gameplay and more.


Damn its been 2 years since I told myself to do the kofi site 😅I should get at it, it be interesting to showcase how I make these assets from start to finish and all the faliures I go through before it comes out.

This is really for the moderator to respond, but as far as I know of there really aren't any sponsorship content your best bet is to try doing that type of thing through patreon access and linking itchio account with it.

As far as bundles go such as co-op bundles your best course of action is to join the itchio discord channel and look for " Join a bundle " and ask there for people to add you to the bundle, or you can always take a look at  " games jams "  where occasionally a few users host a game jam where you submit your game or assets and they will make that into a bundle format.

I think the best thing to have is References. The better they are the easier it is to make it and of course practise and patience.

I'd recommend JDSherbet, he does amazing work and has effective communication and doesn't leave you hanging.

Cool, thank you very much I always wondered about them :D  Awesome samples btw!

Awesome asset I'm still unsure how you got sample audio to be displayed in such a way, and suggestions ?

Thank you :) 

The following asset pack and let your dreams no longer be dream and instead fullfill the possibility:

Decided to make some minimal design icons for the UI, excellent for making rpg games / top down or even basing off for a settings menu!


No worries brother, did enjoy it though.

When do we need to approve ? 

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Love the game, but it does seem that the AI shoots through walls a lot. I haven't seen anyone and I reach to that point I lose half my hp. ( Did kill the ones on the right :D 

I really love the game, brings me back to my childhood :D nice work!

Makes me want to try a similar project myself I find it quite fun to play.

- Though In certain corners you can get stuck inside the pixel, other than that noice!

The browser game doesnt lock the mouse in the centre, so I cannot fully turn around. And seems that the Audio is bugging out, though interesting conceppt

Reddit has let me know that they wanted a UI for the Switch as well, which I have now added as its own asset (Free )

Can you approve the bundle ?

Reddit, Email, Twitter and a few other places let me know that a few elements were missing and they would like a template to use, which have now been added!

Feel free to let me know if any changes are required or updates to the asset!

Thanks for the reply appriciate it! Will try to take a look :)

Would it be possible for the inclusion of assets, or any suggestions where I could find it if you happen to be hosting one for it <3 . Thank you in advance. Sadly don't have finished games as of the current moment.

Would be interesting to see it split into categories " Spring Sale of Top Down Games " or " Spring Sale of Sidescrollers " etc, though with this some awesome creators might feel left off as well as with assets and such alike.,@gamesupply brings out interesting points

I see, thank you for the reply, an asset one would be awesome :) I keep looking for them quite often to join, but usually miss out by a little bit. And trying to make " Coop- bundles " has been interesting, I would really like to make them, but all of the assets have to be added during the creation, I wish there was a way to make a pending co op bundle where I have about a week or certain time I can accept users to add more content, or even that we have more control what we can exactly do with it.  It feels a bit limited I do understand why that is but not sure how to address it with a few of my colleques. Other than having my own collections where 1 user sells all of other users content on someone elses page as we have an option to change elements and add more in.  

Though I wish you the best of luck with games, there are quite a lot of awesome ones!

- Maybe it would be interesting to take a look at certain Monthly or yearly submissions that are hot and have a lot of views, and then add it the second half as less reqocnised games

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Any content type is accepted, but we are primarily looking for Games.

Does it mean I can still upload assets to it?