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Noice ! :D

To an adventure!

Awesome, we all lacked cold asset packs it is cool! I wonder if some Ice block could be added too ?

I love the amount of updates and care for the costumers with these assets, keep it up!

Please legally bind on what Licence agreement Title you are using. If its " No license under the following terms " It has to be stated with the page or the txt message you have provided within the asset, and then you are entitled to specify a page for further information. 

No worries slowly but surely, didn't like seeing that 0% before so decided to boost it into 45 :D Just so we can be better at one thing compared to Fins :D they always have so much more translated and support and etc, rarely see Estonian anywhere.

No worries bro!

There ya go Brother, I wish you the best, and I hope you continue making games!

Ancient dungeon is a good way to start making a game that is set within a dungeon. 

<Ancient Dungeon by VerzatileDev (>

Heya, interesting content may I fix your Thumbnail?

Heya I for some reason spent around 4 hours translating to estonian, hope it helps anyone. Damn I'm tired now.

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But wait, it can be longer! You made me excited seeing the red bell on top I though I was ranking cash again ahahha.

A good motivation to make awesome game projects yourself ! :D

Awesome page awesome game awesome everything.

Love it!

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Awesome work on the picture man, If you may Change the colour of the Background from blue to something a bit either white, or black with a faded white background it would make you stand out. It is all good brother, keep up the good work!

Could you share pictures of the per say game, and some information about it, there is no way I can trust a random .zip file that has no material to reference to. Though I hope the best for you!

Best game of the year! Under-rated!

There are a few appearance pixels that may affect the look of things, it is currently being fixed! 

A few trees will be added and some removed also giving more variety to use different branches as well as trunks to be made more available!

Multiple shadow selections!

27/01/23 work started.

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Heya, my apologies for the 7 month delay, I have now fixed the spaceships, added flares and 3 sets to define blue flare, orange and then stopped flare. Hope you enjoy it!

I like the trees, something I really haven't seen anywhere else.

Open the gate a little!

Moth 😊

Love you as well!

Thank you for the Stars as many or as few, they are appreciated kind sir!

Hope you enjoyed them, shall your game be legendary!.


The adventure Shall begin! Hussshaaaa!

I love the bee!

Thank you !

I generally had a sheer force of will to be quite honest, pressure of failure, life in shambles as well as it took me about a week to finish and come up with these things. I might make some type of tutorial on my new Ko-fi site, if possible, that would be awesome. The two biggest motivators in life are 1. Pressure 2. A potential to get maybe a bit of money to go about your day.  I hope that helps explain it how I managed to make some nice trees, though the styles are not 100 % one sided I still think they turned out quite great.!  Thanks for the comment and have an amazing rest of the day.!

I do love those trees

I love the artwork of the asset pack, though I feel claustrophobic with the page. Other than that your asset is really clean looking awesome job !