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Pixel Asset Pack jam #7 announcement

A topic by dustdfg created 9 days ago Views: 132 Replies: 4
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I invite you to participate in the second "Pixel Asset Pack" jam where you can have a rest of making games and just a make an art of it :)

Cool! Finally a jam I can actually attend :D

As I understand I won't be able to do existing assets ? - I'd be up to make more assets just depends on the per say theme and I'm not entierly sure what i'm doing but somehow I manage to make them :D

Also interesting jam!

Describe it more...

Do you mean you have an unfinished pack and want to start doing stuff for that pack based on theme and release it as one pack?

Do you mean you have an already made pack and want to do an extension?

Do you mean you have something like template characters and want to make a new characters from the template?

Anyway it will depend on what you are really doing and on the assets itself because... Read it

Yeah that answer it, apologies at the time I wrote it I was really tired and having to speak 3 languages it sometimes changes my expression in a way that it makes it hard to read.