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Honestly, a simple PDF would be perfect.

Is there any place to read these interviews online? The visuals are too eyestrain inducing for me to handle.

Thank you <3

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My sister showed it to me - I was hesitant at first because I was worried it'd be too frustrating for me, but it's just right for me on Easy.

I'm a pixel artist and I enjoy grotesquery so it was a good fit for me. Just wish I bought it here instead of on GOG *sigh*

From what I understand has a better cut than Steam, so I'd rather buy the game here ^^;

I feel kinda bad for asking, but... Does this game ever go on sale here? I've only seen it discounted on Steam.

It really do be like that sometime

What does the "Extras" button do? It leads me to a defunct part of your webpage and I'm curious.

It's interesting, but way too short to really form an opinion. The atmosphere was intriguing, though.

Oh my... I regret waiting and buying it on a discount, but hope it is better to buy here on itch then on Steam (better revenue share), and ask my partner to buy awesome soundtrack too.

So many outfits.. so many stunning landscapes and backgrounds.
So many things hits home even if I am not from Hong Kong of 80ties, but I am glad it was not too much heavy for me (like... uh.. The Chinese Botanist's Daughters movie) and.. gives me strength.

Great to get to know about some real people and places of Hong Kong, and.. food not just been food. 
I hope to see another insane work of yours.

Thank you Oracle & Bone, greetings from Ontario.~

I'm having to migrate programs and these are just the tools I was missing from GIMP, thanks!

But... You know it's been closed and done for over a month now?

Oh I didn't realize you were on! Love your work, man.

I'm kinda throttled by the lack of credits at the beginning, how do I make those again? I'm having a hard time 'winning' a test and not earning any.

It didn't even occur to me to use the spacebar, I was just painstakingly using Enter, ha. 

Does equipment just disappear when it's out of durability?

I can't believe I've missed them. It feels like I've went to every corner of the landing bay except those people. 

I think I'm dumb, what do I do at the beginning? I went to the landing bay, I found the meeting room, but there didn't seem to be a way to open the door to get in.

Having the same problem on Win7. Shame, it looked interesting.

The graphics are gorgeous and it's what drew me in to give it a try. I like all the options available as well.

I'm not too sure about the durability mechanic - Like yes, you seem to get equipment very often, but it just seemed like more of a nuisance/busy work mechanic that doesn't add much in a game like this. 

The combat was alright so far, I love the enemy designs - Very cute. 

Input with a keyboard and mouse was a little odd... Maybe add an option to use "E" for confirming/using if WASD is used?

Can confirm I've had that happen too. The game softlocked when trying to use a repair kit.

What the actual fuck

Sorry if this is a weird question, but I got the game in the RJ bundle, and I was wondering - if I wanted the mature version, should I purchase it separately, or is there a patch? (I haven't downloaded it yet, trying to sort it all first)

I actually grabbed it alongside the soundtrack the last time it was free, and I'm glad because the music is great.

Some feedback: 

  • I wish there was an option to adjust text skipping. I read fast, but sometimes it would skip a little unexpectedly so I had to pay close attention to the screen during dialogues. 
  • Walking around the fjords was a little jarring with how quickly you traverse seemingly huge distances and the perspective. While I'm glad I didn't have to spend 5 minutes trawling through a scenic countryside, it felt a little odd. I feel like some distances could be shorter or a few screens skipped.
  • Other users didn't like how easy the puzzles were, but I think they felt just right - I don't like moon logic in adventure games. My only complaint here is the final confrontation - It took me a while to notice that the two dialogue options changed how high you'd end up. If I had to think of a suggestion there, it would help if you had more time to do something as you're hanging.

Other than that, I have to restate how much I enjoyed it! I was really sure that we'd Ruth's mother on the ship somewhere or at least have her mentioned. I also hope that the blue space Hindu picked up the spare dilithium salt crystal on their way back ;)

It's a tabletop, so knock yourself out. 

Beautiful art!

That doesn't really help me sort through things, but good job regardless.

Would it be possible to add sorting within the bundle downloads? I don't know what new games were added since I checked, and I'd like to be able to make sense of it: Have it sort by date added, alphabetical and by rating would be very helpful.

I recently learned that there IS a tabletop presence here and I feel less bed about my stuff!

I didn't notice a Shadowrun section, but where would I post my Roll20 tokens? I originally made them for our own game but that fell apart a few years ago so now I'd be happy if anyone got any use out of these. I'm also making more for that explicit purpose.

Just popping to say that looks gorgeous.

Are they going to release as a separate game, or will they be part of an update to the (paid) game?