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This is amazing!!! I really love when games work outside of the game itself.

Lol thanks!

I still think your Trijam games so far have been one of the best. Trijam has been an amazing experience. I proved to myself that I can make a game if I really put myself to it.

You were very ambitious, completely deserved.

Right. What's funny is that I recommended this theme and I didn't even have a plan lol.

Did you manage to beat it?

Thanks. I made the last part really hard because of the lack of content in the game. :/

Yeah, I wanted it to be very hard to account for the lack of content. :/

Not a bug. You have to hold Enter or Caps Lock until you hear a clicking noise, then press Space.


Yeah, I got the gold pretty easily my first time just by button mashing lol. One thing though, if there was a way to skip the intro it would be very convenient.


I love this.

Stepping forward bump                           that's a wall.

Oh, right. My earbuds are broken. :(

How do I know which direction the punch comes from?

teach me your ways

That's amazing! You made so many levels in such a short time!


Cool! My theme won! :D I'll make a 100% sound-based game.

Just watched the stream! I got some good insight, I want to make this game even better.

Wow! I didn't think it was that hard. xP Thank you! I liked working on the game, learned a lot.

Really?! Thank you! I'll definitely work more on this one.

Lol you're playing my game right now but I am in school so I can't watch it!

I like the graphics! The game is basic but works well. It's actually pretty scary when a lot of zombies are coming to get you.

Hmm ok. I find it pretty hard to know what I'm supposed to eat and what kills me. The colors aren't different enough to understand that they kill you. Also, was the cover art made within the 3 hour limit, or was is made afterward? It's so good!

That's very good for three hours! The controls are responsive and the graphics are great.

It's a cool game, but as other comments have pointed out, it looks like you're just using jams as a way to advertise your game. It doesn't follow the jam's theme of 8-bit.

Reminds me of the cowboy game from Stardew Valley.

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Cool idea! I love this kind of role-reversal games.

I'll try it again then.

At the end of the level, you can see how long you took to beat it.

Thanks! :D It's just one level though.

Ship? I didn't see any ship 0_o

Wow, I have no idea what I'm doing in the game lol I got 2 points.

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The game isn't loading for me.

Edit: Nevermind, I got it.

Do browser games work on Linux?

The timer starts counting as soon as you press any key.

My average time is 20 seconds. My best time is 15 seconds.

I love the pixelated aesthetic! I wish I knew how to do that. Thankfully it doesn't make me feel dizzy.

Games without any visuals.