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Kannushi Link

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There is no regional pricing on yet, all the price are the same on any place of the earth (and other places in the galaxy).

It might happen in the future, but it's up to developer's decision about using it or not.


I want to buy a bundle, but I already bought (and own now) a paid game in the bundle before. What will happen to that game if I buy the bundle?


  • You don't get that game again, but you pay less?
  • You don't get that game, but you pay the same?
  • You get a spare redeem link of that game, so you can give the link to someone else that want it?
  • Your library will get stuck with the same game twice?
  • other answer?


In my case, I want to buy Midwinter bundle, and I already Wheels of Aurelia for ~48 days.

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I'd like to help to translate to Chinese (Traditional).

But it's not on the list at the moment, can you add it please?


EDIT: Issue solved after chatted with admin on Discord, thank you!

If you have black screen when entering the menu, or unable to save the game, this fix might help you. (which is working for me on Windows 7)

Control Panel -> Flash Player -> Advanced (Tab) -> Trusted Location Settings... (Button)
Add the folder that contains this game to the list.

and you should have no black screen or frozen/no save problems.

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I found some games only provide the download of a text/PDF file about "how to activate the key on Steam", and give only Steam key when you purchase. (so, no DRM-free copy of the game)

(v Reference Image, The 'Buy Now" button is image ONLY!)

No DRM-free copy for you!
No DRM-free copy for you!

(^ Reference Image, The "Buy Now" button is image ONLY!)


So I want to ask admins: is that allowed here?

I have a question: does OST contain a Steam key if you pay more than $0.5, too? :)