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Is it appropriate to sell just a Steam Key with no download?

A topic by LorenLemcke created Dec 04, 2017 Views: 293 Replies: 8
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Is it appropriate use of this site to only sell a product that is only a Steam Key? By this I mean, there would be no download for the game provided. I ask this because my game does not run outside the Steam environment. 

Thank you!

Admin (Edited 1 time)

We prefer people to sell files with their game, but we do allow some people to sell only Steam keys since for some game's it's not possible to make a standalone build. If you'd like to do that please send a message to support@itch.io and we can enable it on the project page you need it for. You should have the page for the game already created, but it doesn't need to be published.

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I found some games only provide the download of a text/PDF file about "how to activate the key on Steam", and give only Steam key when you purchase. (so, no DRM-free copy of the game)

(v Reference Image, The 'Buy Now" button is image ONLY!)

No DRM-free copy for you!
No DRM-free copy for you!

(^ Reference Image, The "Buy Now" button is image ONLY!)


So I want to ask admins: is that allowed here?


discuss this issue with me in the post ;)


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Yes,would like to know too.

I'm here to buy DRM free games...not a key only thing  /:

Very sad to see that it's allowed here...

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check my post, you will know more about the problem.


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That is the problem I discussed before, itch.io allows this thing happen for its own profit  these day. leafo

I suggest everyone who likes to stay in itch.io buy the game through individual developers directly not these careless distributor. 


And to LorenLemcke

I don't believe there is no way to have standalone version of the game, Steam don't insist DRM into every game on Steam. There are many instances for DRM-free games on Steam. And since your game is not MMO, there is no problem with server.

I would like to quote the developer of The Norwood Suite's reply: "Under what circumstance would getting a steam Key through itch be preferable to getting the game through Steam directly?"






Thanks for your links.

I want to give my money to dev/artist...not to predatory distributor /:

Really disappointed with itch.io for now.

Thanks for reply, we nee more people to be informed and stick together to let itch.io know the issue is important.