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Link received,Thanks a lot ^^

But If I want to support you because you are awesome?

I'll add some money the next week...I'm not at home and I don't like to make payment with unknown PC.

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Okay ^^

I'll wait patiently.


Edit:If I add 10 dollars to my previous purchase,I'll be able to DL ALL the next updates?

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Where is my Arena Circus Golden previously owned?

I can DL only the light version by now...

EDIT:Mail sent.


Thanks for the new Link !

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Mail sent!

Cannot wait for the Artbook ^___^

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I bought The Deluxe Pre-Order,BTW ^^

My Linked Page show that message but I got nothing.

Pre-order Campaign

Your purchase comes with something exclusive:

Deluxe Edition

Get the deluxe edition of The Tail Makes the Fox - Episode 1 at a special pre-order discount.


  • The Tail Makes the Fox - Episode 1
  • Digital artbook
  • Wallpaper and icons set
  • Game guide
Created a new topic Cannot access Deluxe Items


I bought the Deluxe Version here:  https://reineworks.itch.io/-the-tail-makes-the-fox and cannot download the Bonus content.

Can you add it on the right page,please?


Yep,that's me XD

Thanks for the Wallpaper and a billion of Thanks for Linux ^__^

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Pledged Early Birds X2 because I forgot when I pledged the first time XD
I will receive two keys?
And I have no friend to give the second one...

Edit:You support Linux...It's worth 20 dollars  ^_^

Posted in Cannot purchase

No problem ^_^

*waiting patiently*

Created a new topic Cannot purchase

I dunno if it's intended but i cannot click on "Purchase"  T_T

Pre-order on itch.io...check and bought!

Thanks :)


*happy dance*

Created a new topic Cannot click on purchase...

As the title said...T_T

It's out!
Insta-bought   ^___^

Okay XD

I'll buy the DLC when it appear!

It's really 1000 USD?


No pre-order here?
I love to keep all my games at the same place...

Have a nice day ^^


I'm in love  and  waiting to buy the full game  ^_^


Thanks ^^

I use Itchio to find my games quickly.
I never use Indiegogo or Kickstarter...
Put a pre-order thingy here and I gladly give you my money ^^

Created a new topic No Paypal,no buy

Really sorry but I don't like to use directly my CC...
Your games look awesome...sad...


So no pre-purchase...sad...cannot wait!

Cannot click on purchase...can you look at it,please?
I would love to buy your game ^^

PS:Cannot purchase with Firefox and Chrome.

Okay,thanks for your time  ^_^

Anti-virus doesn't like awesome little games...and it's worst on Windows 10 T_T

Posted in Pre-order?


Thanks for your time  :)

Created a new topic Pre-order?
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I bought the 25 dollars pre-order here...I'll be able to get the full game + OST here or i need to buy it again?

And the Beta Access is always okay for us without Kickstarter?

Btw...Good Luck ^__^


Avira and Windows 7.

I play on my Linux for now,everything is smooth  :)

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Got a Virus Alert from my Avira  "TR/Crypt.ZPACK.Gen Trojan" linked to Out_of_Sync.exe.

Cannot play the paid Cherry Bomb version,can you look at it please?

Exe is automatically put in quarantine.No problem with the free version.

Let me pre-order here,please!

*throw money at screen*

Yes,it's fixed *happy dance*

Thank you ^___^

Btw,your game is awesome!

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I bought the Full Game and cannot download it anymore...only DEMO is available /:

Can you fix it,please?

Thanks for the Steam Key but i love my game DRM free ^^

Posted in Offer problem

Thanks a lot!

Nice game btw ^_^

Created a new topic Offer problem
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I bought the game before the stickers offer and i cannot claim a pack now.

Don't need stickers but I'm bit sad...can you offer a digital wallpaper with the purchase?

Really would love a wallpaper with the full game ^_^

Any update?

Would like to pre-order the game on itchio ,please ^^

I'm in love with the artwork,the characters,the creepy noises,the...can't wait for the full version!

Need the complete game now!

And A Foretold Affair too...your games are awesome ^__^