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Okay  ^^

Good Luck!

If you can do a Linux version,I will pledge for sure ^^

Deluxe edition is showing on the DL page today ^^

Thank you Team Precatio !

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Take your time,I got plenty of games to play this month (GOG sales).

Edit:Quote a review on Steam "There is no gear, no character status menu, no item management, nothing. "...I think I'll pass then ^^

Hellenica community · Created a new topic No linux?

Game look awesome but it would be more awesome with Linux support XD

Nothing planned?

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Want to buy it now!

It's so hard waiting T_T

Look A-W-E-S-O-M-E !!!

Backed on Kickstarter  ^^

Thanks for Linux :)


I can wait for Linux,thank you ^^

Go to Kickstarter XD

*I forgot to click*

One more time,No Linux later?

I would love to be a backer for your game but I don't see Linux *cry*

Linux later ?

I ask because I saw your Kickstarter page but no Linux build...

Thanks for Linux ^^

*throw money at screen*

Linux later?

I would buy it in a heartbeat :)

I pledged on Kickstarter because I saw the Linux support ^__^

Good Luck!

Thank you ^^

I was thinking it would be less tedious to just send a new link to everyone than to send a mail at each update...

Happy Easter Eggs!

Can you mail an unlock link to the new page to your already golden users?

Some dev used that trick with some of my purchases ^^


I bought the game for 10 USD and I cannot DL the guide...Thanks for the dropbox link for the golden version but I would like a new Itchio link to get the full package I paid for /:

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Ah ah...yes,I forgot to say I was unhappy with the "Steam" only release back in January...

I'm not in a hurry to get the full game,I'm just sad to see an awesome project caught in a turmoil of bad news T_T

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Steam only for the full release?
And I was so happy to buy a DRM free VN...

Btw,my pre-order is always showing a "Standard Edition".

Team fall apart and I'm afraid our problem will  never be solved...

I wish all the best to the Dev but I lost hope...this game is cursed XD


And my Old Deluxe Pre-Order  always show as Standard Edition...Do something please.

Thanks ^^


I bookmarked the links,Thanks ^^

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Your Kickstarter is closed?

I cannot find the page...


And I don't need a refund,I own 3 machines (Mac,Linux,Windows).

I just prefer to play on Mac or Linux (better desktop environment).
And I was curious to know if the game was going to be made for non Windows users ^^

Have a nice day!

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I pre-ordered because it was not Windows only...maybe Ren'py is more easy to use than Unity and it's free.

I would be happy just with a Visual Novel running on everything ^^

A plain VN without animation but with the same plot and characters would be great!
Or you are going to refund people without Windows as main OS?

BTW,If you use  RPG Maker MV,you can make the game for Mac and Linux too :)

Oh yes...you are on GOG...I'll buy the game again here then...no GOG connect for now.

But...You'll never update the itch.io build after full release?

So no Final DRM free build on itch.io /:

I'm sad...I bought the game here,a long time ago to get a DRM free game...not a Steam key.

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Cannot wait to buy your new game!

Along the Edge was awesomely good  ^__^

Btw...I need Artbook...

*happy dance*
Thanks a lot for the Deluxe version ^__^

Okay,Thanks :)

*waiting for new demo*

Can't wait to see a Pre-Order here on itch.io ^__^

Deluxe version with Artbook would be great!


It always say Standard Pre-Order on my Linked page...

How I can contact you to send a screenshot?


If only you could add money to an existing pre-order...
I'll happily add 2 more dollars to my old purchase ^^

Btw...Happy New Year!


Purchased for $33.00 267 days ago...It was for the Deluxe version...now,It says Standard pre-order.

Fix the link,please...I paid for the Deluxe not the Standard Version /:

So...I'm not alone XD

I used the patch on the main page ^^

Seems to work...

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Pre-order + OST + Beta Test

Thank you for helping us bring Chess of Blades to life! As soon as Chess of Blades is released, you'll receive:

  • Name in credits
  • Desktop Wallpaper
  • PG13 and R18 versions of Chess of Blades
  • OST
  • Beta test the game!

I can download only the PG-13 version of the game...

May I have my other shinies,please?

And I got a mail from you too "This email should include your game key below, but please let us know if it doesn't, and we'll send you your key through other means!".

And...NO KEY,ah,ah,ah XD

But I don't care,it's the Wallpaper I would loved for Xmas :)


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No problem...my Windows 7 is always alive XD

I just mostly use my shiny new rig with Kubuntu to play these days ^^

Thanks for your quick response :)

Btw,your game is  awesomely well made!!!

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Just bought the game...where I can download the Linux version?

Edit:I see only the Windows version...

Thanks for your links.

I want to give my money to dev/artist...not to predatory distributor /:

Really disappointed with itch.io for now.

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Yes,would like to know too.

I'm here to buy DRM free games...not a key only thing  /:

Very sad to see that it's allowed here...

Wow,really great news!

Maybe you could add an option for the quiz timer (on/off)...It would help to search for inch conversion chart when you are not an "inch user" XD

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It's so cuuuute ^^

And add cheat for max money...for non English native speaker the quiz is boring.
And inch to cm...really funny to do in 10 seconds /:

Lucky me,the questions was not very hard but I HATE QUIZ!!!

Give me another way to make money T_T

Otherwise,It's an awesome time killer :)