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Okay...Good Luck looking into itch page problem ^^

Yes...I can DL the Demo but I really would like to use my purchase page.

This problem is going to be bad at the full release if the link for the full version doesn't work.

Btw,do you think to sell the full version on GOG?

I would be pleased to buy the game again DRM free on GOG :)

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Beta Link is always grayed...I paid for the beta like 3 years ago...really tired right now /:

Would be nice to finally be able to DL the thing on my purchase page T_T

I didn't get a new key or new link send to my address linked to my payment to fix the old problem.

Thank you for purchasing Alcyone: The Last City by Joshua Meadows.

You purchased the game on 2017-06-06 11:58:17 for $14.99 + $3.00 VAT with the email *****. This page has a unique URL for your purchase. You can always access the latest files from this page. You should have also received an email with a link to this page. If you ever lose the URL for this page you can request it to be emailed to you from the support page.

This purchase is linked to the account Violette.

This game has files that aren't released yet. Come back to this page when the developer has released the files in order to download them.

Pre-Order (Releasing in 2021)   
Version 11  7 hours ago

Version 10  8 hours ago

Beta Access (Early 2019)   
Version 11  8 hours ago

Thanks a lot :)


Can you upload the mini story for Linux,please?

It's missing T_T


Everything is fine,thank you :)

One Ending for Linux is missing T_T

I need this game!

It's awesomely fabulous ^__^

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I pre-purchased the game one year ago.

Cannot wait to get the link for the full game,one day or another ^^

Take care!

Edit:Going to play the Demo again :)

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Okay ^^

Edit:It's all good...Thanks :)

I pledged for the Game+Artbook on Kickstarter and got no key...

Thank You ^__^


If you don't put VAT,I cannot pay via Paypal...

Do something for non US buyer,please :)

I really would like to buy this amazing game ^^

Very nice ^^

Eagerly waiting for the release day.


And thank you for the Steam Key ^^

Okay ^^

Thank you :)

I'll be able to buy the full game on or only Steam?

I don't like Steam...they can remove 18+ games for no reason.

I prefer or Jast or Mangagamer for my Adult games.

Thank you too :)

Mail sent.

Just forgot to add which platform...Windows,please ^^

But I'm really really sad to not be able to just DL the future builds here...

No problem ^^

Wish you a successful campaign!

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If you bought the Alpha version access ,you need to buy the Beta or the Beta is granted to previous customer?

I'm confused...

I'm thinking to pledge on Kickstarter but a little bonus for your "first followers" would be nice ^^

A code for a stupid item in-game...

Okay ^^

I loved the Demo and I was not sure how to get the full game...

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I purchased the game a long time ago,your page saying to pay 5 USD to get the full game on release and now only the Demo is going to be available.

I'll need to pay again to get the full game?

I'm confused...

Good Luck!

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Bought the game here and cannot download It anymore...


Edit:And I cannot claim a Steam Key.

Yes,me and my failed attempt T_T

And I cannot cancel the refund...I can do nothing...sorry for the trouble...

Maybe It's fine...Paypal is just a bit slow with refund.

As for the game...IT'S GREAT!!!

It's all good now.

I was able to buy the game...the invoice said

But I'm always waiting for a refund for the first try...the invoice is for Shawn White.

Do you see something on your side?

Thanks ^^

I think I understand...most games I buy from are not EU.

I need to pay VAT with Paypal and this one don't ask me to pay VAT.

Maybe you need to add some setting for people outside US ...


I bought the game with Paypal and I got an automatic refund I didn't ask for.

Refund pending right now...

What's wrong?

Oh...It's a toggle thing.


Thanks ^^

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No Steam key for backerkit buyer?

I mean... buy the game here is less costly.

I'm not sure what game I get with my key from backerkit...the censored one or the uncensored?

Already a great game!

Cannot wait for the full version ^^

Happy Halloween!!!

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Cloudnovel put some games on but DEMO only.

You need to use their site to play the complete game and It ask to disable sucks!

It's authorized to use only like an advertising platform?

I'm always sad to buy a game  in Beta  here only to get the full game on Steam.

I want to play my games on!


Many thanks for that (already) enjoyable game ^^

It's perfect!

Thanks a lot ^__^

Thanks :)

Btw,It was nice to read the "secrets" behind the doors of the Dollhouse ^^

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Got the paid version and I get an infinite loop after doll creation.

I create a doll (sleepy doll,naming) then I come back to doll creation with the goat.

If I redo the doll,the doll talk (one speech only) then I come back to the goat to redo the doll,I redo the doll see the problem?

Tested with the cheerful doll,It's the same problem.

Can get past the creation...When the doll is made,I always come back to the creation with goat...forever...

Cannot "chat" with my Doll T_T


Thank you :)

Would be nice to be able to preorder the game here with Paypal.

And a deluxe version with Game + Artbook would be awesome ^^