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Can we get the full version on itch or GOG? I don't want to give Valve any money.

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Got a reply from the dev on Twitter. The game is up to date here (which was my question). I also pointed out your question to them but I didn't ask about Steam keys as I don't use it.

If the game is already out, why is there only a button to download the demo here? Where's the buy button?

Add my vote for making it free again, $5000 is a bit steep for me. ;)

Good answer! Well I'll follow you here and wait and see.

Demo seems promising, will you be releasing the full version here as well? I don't use Steam.

There are myriad GameBoy emulators on google play, you should be able to play this in any of them.

No sound? Or is the browser based emulator just acting up?

Hey, the game's out! Why is there only a demo here?

Just a heads up, it doesn't seem possible to download the game through the client. Not sure why that is.

I guess I'll just see where it's available when the mood strikes me. 

I'm planning to play it with my dad, we actually played through the majority of the series over zoom during lockdown (me screen sharing and him watching and solving puzzles collaboratively).

This will be an interesting evolution of that dynamic (no screen sharing obviously, since the whole point is to not see what the other can see).

Will this be coming to GOG too? I have majority of my premium RL games there, but I will buy it here if that's the only DRM-free option. 

I'm a straight man and I'm genuinely not sure why the first story would make you cringe. It seems really strange to frame your discomfort as something that is automatically a given due to you being straight. 

You allude to "your personal beliefs". While I don't want to go putting words in your mouth, whatever your personal beliefs are they aren't anything specifically to do with being straight.

You only see the train in cutscenes, you don't need to do anything to get past the opening in the train but let the cutscene play. If the cutscene isn't progressing then the problem is not that the controls don't work but that the game is soft locking during a cutscene.

I'm sorry I don't have a constructive suggestion, but hopefully this information will help in working out a solution with the devs.

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Just to let you know, the AGS config program (winsetup.exe) doesn't seem to work. The error message given is "Error: unable to launch 'Decolonator2300.exe'. Make sure that file is in the same directory as this setup program."

Renaming IndigiStar.exe seems to work, so I guess this game had a name change during its life? Anyway, the config program is working for me now, but others might not put 2 and 2 together and think to change the name of the game.

Are you sure? Usually Paypal lets you use a credit/debit card directly without making an account if you want.

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I too would be interested. I don't buy things on Steam and didn't even know there was a sequel until I read the above comment.

I can't seem to finish side quest number 1. I have all three items but I can't seem to interview Garcia.

The bug mentioned in the prior comment is still occurring. When clicking install in the itch client the "Install" drop down menu is empty, there are no option to choose from.

This is great, although I wish there was still an option for mouse-only (i.e. click to walk). I like to sit back and use my leg as a mouse mat. 😁

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Oh I see... I wanted to replay the original versions. :( 

I think it would have been better to leave it there for "archival purposes" and just mention First Steps on the Trilogy page. I hate it when a remake comes out and developers try and erase all traces of the original version. Is there somewhere else I can download the trilogy?

Hi, did you remove Forgotten Hill Trilogy from itch for some reason? It doesn't show up in a search, and the link to it on your developer profile gives a 404 error.

POTENTIAL SPOILERS for anyone else reading this, obviously not an issue for the dev ;)

Once I got past that bug, the story and puzzles were great. The only annoying bits were the ones where a door had unlocked itself with no indication. The ones that held me up for a while were Cell 7 and the Kitchen Storage Room since they were both in places that I had explored thoroughly and which didn't have any 'unused' hotspots. The magically appearing blood nearly got me too, but I happened to wander that way again before being stuck too long so it didn't feel frustrating.

Having already played the Death of Erin Myers, I'm looking forward to whatever else you release in future.

Hey, I just got around to playing this and I really enjoyed it!

I discovered a pretty bad bug near the beginning though which prevents you from being able to save the game. I managed to replicate the bug a couple of times and it's pretty easy to avoid once you know what you're looking for.

If you go into the control room before getting the backup power online and click on the second computer (the security cam one) you don't get a close up but you can't open the menu any more. It's possible to walk around the place and not be able to open the menu at all. Thankfully, clicking that computer at that point in the game isn't at all necessary so it's easy to avoid once you've pinned down the cause. I'd guess that the game is disabling the menu because it's acting as if you've gone into a closeup on the computer when you haven't.

No steam key for me thanks, I actually prefer!

Ah sorry, I miss it too. I saw the writing on the wall and backed up all my games though. The one that really took me by surprise was IndieGameStand.

That's great news! I'm already following you so I suppose itch will tell me when I can buy them.

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Ah cool. I was just curious because the only changelog on the page mentioned mac and linux specific stuff.

I've seen that there's a Panmorphia 2 on your website, is that coming to PC one day? I'd love to play it.

Any changes in the Windows version that was just uploaded?

What I really meant was "I still have the copy I got from Desura" but I worded it lazily.


Ah, I just played this and I really enjoyed the atmosphere! I just wish we could find out more about this world someday.

When I try and download a larger game with a download manager, I get an HTTP error 403 when the game is mostly downloaded. Retrying doesn't work as that link is now dead. It doesn't do this with smaller games, presumably because they download before the link goes dead. I've tried various ways to get a fresh link to give to the download manager so it can resume but none have worked. 

Does anyone have any ideas?

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Hope you bring the full version to itch when it's finished!

Why did you remove the demo from itch?

Argh, I only just saw this and I'm very sad to hear it. I adored WitchWay and would love to play more. I hope you come back to it one day.

Ok, thanks! If I download something I end up really hating then I guess that will be enough motivation to write to support.

Not to hijack your thread, but I have a related question:

Is there a way to re-hide projects which have been unhidden? In case I check something out, it gets automatically added but I decide it's not for me?