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Hmm, still getting thrown by the VAT being added on at checkout. 

You seem to be able to detect my location in order to charge me VAT, so I hope at some point you can use that information to display the correct price for me. VAT is supposed to be included in the advertised price rather than added on. I know it must seem strange for some as sales tax is added at the checkout in the US.

I'm still hoping you'll develop this into a full game. I'll pay you! With...

*searches pockets*! I'll pay real cashmoneypounds for more of this.

Awesome! I played this earlier this year and was definitely left wanting more (not that I felt shortchanged or anything for the price I paid).

Even if you get the PC version on Steam or whatever, please don't forget your (DRM-free) audience!

BTW, I hope you manage more comprehensive controller support, I never managed to get the original game to recognise my controller.

Yes, obviously if the same price was shown everywhere but some payments were having VAT removed it would be problematic and it would definitely affect sellers earnings.

I was suggesting dynamic price display, so a $10 game would show up as $10 for you, but since I'm in the UK where we have 20% VAT it would show up as $12 (inc. VAT) when I view the game's page. This would mean the developer gets the same amount regardless, similar to how it is now and the only real difference is that the added VAT is shown earlier in the process rather than waiting until checkout.

It might make the shopping experience a bit smoother for those of us where tax is not added on when you come to pay. I got over it but it was definitely a weird feeling!

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@firecat: If you read my post again you'll see that's exactly what I said. ;)

"I've certainly never been charged extra VAT on but it's there as part of the price."

Key word being extra. I know they charge VAT but the point is that they declare it upfront as part of the price so you don't get a shock at checkout.

I tend to avoid: Anything that requires activation on Steam and any standalone DRM that requires the game to be activated using the internet.

Basically, I'll only buy DRM-free games and games with serial keys that activate offline (so they're not dependent on a server, the key is checked locally and would work on a computer with no internet access).

Mostly I buy PC games on because I know they'll be DRM-free but I shop here for other things but take extra care to make sure what I'm buying is DRM-free or if a serial/CD key is used that it's not an online check.

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Just a bit of feedback:

I understand you're required by law to charge VAT, but VAT is generally pre-calculated and included in the price and it's kind of off putting to suddenly have it added on at the checkout (I know that's how sales tax in the US works, but for VAT that's pretty unusual).

Since you're detecting our location (by IP address I'm assuming), you could use that information to pre-adjust the prices. I've certainly never been charged extra VAT on but it's there as part of the price.

This is an admirable position and I hope you stick to it. I'm only interested in buying games *from*, anything that requires Steam is a no go for me so I hope it stays a rare occurance.

Just a bit of potential customer feedback: I will never buy any of your games if they require steam or if you upload a DRM'd build. I came to to purchase DRM-free games and I can't imagine I'm alone in that.

I absolutely loved this. Please make more!