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No steam key for me thanks, I actually prefer!

Ah sorry, I miss it too. I saw the writing on the wall and backed up all my games though. The one that really took me by surprise was IndieGameStand.

That's great news! I'm already following you so I suppose itch will tell me when I can buy them.

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Ah cool. I was just curious because the only changelog on the page mentioned mac and linux specific stuff.

I've seen that there's a Panmorphia 2 on your website, is that coming to PC one day? I'd love to play it.

Any changes in the Windows version that was just uploaded?

What I really meant was "I still have the copy I got from Desura" but I worded it lazily.


Ah, I just played this and I really enjoyed the atmosphere! I just wish we could find out more about this world someday.

When I try and download a larger game with a download manager, I get an HTTP error 403 when the game is mostly downloaded. Retrying doesn't work as that link is now dead. It doesn't do this with smaller games, presumably because they download before the link goes dead. I've tried various ways to get a fresh link to give to the download manager so it can resume but none have worked. 

Does anyone have any ideas?

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Hope you bring the full version to itch when it's finished!

Why did you remove the demo from itch?

Just a possible explanation, but I notice you've used a comma where you've written "5,00" in your post. Perhaps you did that when you were filling the price in? It's a bit of a leap, but am I correct in thinking English isn't your first language?

The reason I ask is because I know a lot of languages use a comma as a decimal point. In English we use a full stop to write the decimal point and commas are used as the separator every thousand in large numbers (i.e. $5,000,000 is five million dollars). 

But that separator has no actual mathematical meaning and is probably ignored by computers, so writing $5,00 is the same as writing $500 rather than $5.00. 

Argh, I only just saw this and I'm very sad to hear it. I adored WitchWay and would love to play more. I hope you come back to it one day.

Ok, thanks! If I download something I end up really hating then I guess that will be enough motivation to write to support.

Not to hijack your thread, but I have a related question:

Is there a way to re-hide projects which have been unhidden? In case I check something out, it gets automatically added but I decide it's not for me?

Just do it the way Dungeons of Dredmor handled DLC. Update the game to look for the DLC folder and activate the DLC if the folder contains the right files. Then sell the DLC as a zip that you extract into the DLC folder.

Just played this and really enjoyed it! I hope the next Short Story comes soon.

It's really great that you brought Reversion here! I still have Chapter 1 on Desura, but I'm downloading it here to show interest so you hopefully release the later chapters that I never got a chance to buy.

Really glad to hear that, thanks. I look forward to it!

I see it's already on Steam, but I won't buy it there. Seems strange to release a demo here and not the full game, especially since previous parts of the series are here.

That's odd, because I started playing it last night and in the game itself it claims to be version 1.1...


Sorry to bug you again, but I've just discovered that the "Itch Client Version" is still 1.1 rather than 1.3. Any chance you could update it? 



This strikes me as a strange layout choice and quite a waste of screen space.

We've got two lists, both of which can only display the first 7 items fullscreen at 1080p and then a load of wasted space below them. It would make more sense to me if the lists automatically tiled themselves for the available space, displaying on more than one row if needed.

The actual lists you get when you click "view all" are much more useful and better designed, it's just that initial landing page which has a lot of wasted potential.

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Really? So the way works is that you can't upload updates if you also have the game on Steam and/or GOG? If you say so.

Also I get that you like Steam. To some people all of those features are irrelevant. Also it's a bit disingenuous to imply that you need Steam to get mods. The only time you need Steam to get mods is if the mod maker refuses to upload it anywhere else... hmm, that sounds familiar.

Kind of missing the point.  People buy on the stores they prefer, why should they have to make another account just because the dev can't be bothered to upload the update here as well?  Moving the goalposts like that is not cool.

A better question is: Why aren't the developers updating it here? Whether or not they still sell it here, they owe it to their customers.

That did the trick, thanks!

I'd love a GOG release, but isn't a dealbreaker for me as long as you keep the DRM-free files up to date alongside the Steam version.

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No luck I'm afraid, still "This title is hosted on an incompatible third-party website.".

EDIT: Ok, this is kind of odd. Checking it out through the website, the "Itch client version" is still hosted on google drive and says it was uploaded around 2 years ago. The version entitled "Neofeud version 1.3" which was hosted on google drive before now says it was updated 2 days ago and is no longer hosted on google drive. Weirdly though, that version doesn't show up in the client, like maybe there's a flag set to stop it from appearing as an option on the client?

Is it possible that you got mixed up and the old non-working version 1.3 got renamed to "itch client version" and the new fixed one got named "version 1.3"? Given that one was modified 2 days ago and the other one was 2 years ago it seems like that's what might have happened. Assuming there are flags that say whether it's visible in the itch client or not, you probably just have to swap the flags.

Did you get a chance to look at it yet? I suspect it's a pretty easy fix, the problem seems to be the fact that the latest version is hosted on Google drive and Google likes to put a page inbetween the link and the actual download. If you hosted using the same method as the previous versions it should fix the problem.

I didn't know it was even here before! When I searched a while ago all I could find was Steam. 

Can I ask what you did to change the aspect ratio? Did you have to re-render each screen?



I noticed the itch client is complaining that the server isn't compatible with it, so I tried downloading from the site and I think I've figured out why  1.1 works and 1.3 doesn't. It seems you've hosted 1.3 on Google Drive and when I click the link it doesn't start a download, but rather takes me to a Google Drive page with a download button. 1.1 downloads directly and I think this is the reason it works fine. If you can rehost 1.3 in the way you've hosted 1.1 I think it should probably work.

Just an update, the alternate download worked! I'm just curious if it really is a couple of versions behind or not.


Do you mean "Neofeud Version 1.1 (alternate download)"? I disregarded that at first because it seems like 1.3 is the latest version of the game and the alternate download was just an optional old version. Oh and yes, I am using Windows.

I'll give the alternate download a try and report back. Does this mean it's not actually an old version?

Cheers for the help.

Any chance you'll fix the incompatibility with the itch client? 

Hmm, still getting thrown by the VAT being added on at checkout. 

You seem to be able to detect my location in order to charge me VAT, so I hope at some point you can use that information to display the correct price for me. VAT is supposed to be included in the advertised price rather than added on. I know it must seem strange for some as sales tax is added at the checkout in the US.

I'm still hoping you'll develop this into a full game. I'll pay you! With...

*searches pockets*! I'll pay real cashmoneypounds for more of this.

Awesome! I played this earlier this year and was definitely left wanting more (not that I felt shortchanged or anything for the price I paid).

Even if you get the PC version on Steam or whatever, please don't forget your (DRM-free) audience!

BTW, I hope you manage more comprehensive controller support, I never managed to get the original game to recognise my controller.

Yes, obviously if the same price was shown everywhere but some payments were having VAT removed it would be problematic and it would definitely affect sellers earnings.

I was suggesting dynamic price display, so a $10 game would show up as $10 for you, but since I'm in the UK where we have 20% VAT it would show up as $12 (inc. VAT) when I view the game's page. This would mean the developer gets the same amount regardless, similar to how it is now and the only real difference is that the added VAT is shown earlier in the process rather than waiting until checkout.

It might make the shopping experience a bit smoother for those of us where tax is not added on when you come to pay. I got over it but it was definitely a weird feeling!