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A topic by monsterbutch created Jan 23, 2019 Views: 762 Replies: 7
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big fan of this game, was browsing the western tag on for new content, and... why is the price suddenly $5,000? i got the game a couple months ago, so the price obviously doesn't worry me, but... what happened here?


It's still free over on gamejolt and steam. Mostly I made it cost 5k for their reverse sale. I think it's funny a free game also costs 5k.

oh, ok! thanks for the answer lmao

It is still 5k, do you plan on changing it back to free? Recently created an itch acct, and was redownloading old games- was so very confused at first!

Yeah, just lost my previously installed games due to an issue when updating the itch client, and since this was previously free I didn't have it attached to my account to redownload. Oh well.



Good question! I wasn't planning to put it back to free as I thought the 5k price tag was funny and it is free elsewhere. However, if people really want to play it off I will. Let me know!


I sure do cause it looks great and I like to support itc