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No problem. Thank you too.

What happened to the download? It's gone.

You going to release the full game on itch?

Is this actually finished or still being developed?

Interesting choice of words lol

Missing the latest update that the Steam version got.

Skator Gator 3D community · Created a new topic Updated?

Is the itch version updated to match the Steam version? It actually even still says In Development.

Isn't it a full game?

Rest In Peace Rani Baker :(

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Just played it. I really loved it! Sure there are things that I hope will be ironed out but as a demo it was pretty polished. One issue I ran into was on level 2 when activating the first save point. I didn't yet have enough coins to save the checkpoint but he offered me $100 coins I think (forgot exactly what he said) for one of my lives or hearts (forgot that too lol). Anyway after that when it played the saving animation and music, the dog cowboy was still there but the frog went completely invisible. I was still controling him but I couldn't see him. He re-appeard after I got hit by an enemy.

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Will check the demo later but wow this looks fun!

Just found out about this from Twitter (X). Will check it out!

Will the full version of the ROM be available for purchase/download?

Can you release the full version on itch?

Is 5here a digital manual included?

oh snap. You're awesome. Thanks.

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This looks so RAD! Pretty clever how you incorporate the bubble gum into the gameplay. Can't wait to play.

How many levels can we expect?

How is this coming along?


Full version on itch?

What happened to making first person games? Honestly those were much better than these 2d games you have been making.

Oh cool. Thanks!

Nanosaur community · Created a new topic Extreme?
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Is this the regular Nanosaur or Nanosaur Extreme? The thumbnail picture shows Nanosaur Extreme but the actual product page just shows Nanosaur.

Bugdom community · Created a new topic Bugdom 2?

Will you release Bugdom 2?

Just ordered the physical from LRG. I was watching some gameplay though from a few months prior to the latest C.1 update. Enemies just disappeared when killed with no real feedback. Looked really jarring and weird. Was this something that was addressed and improved in the last update?

Please release the full game on itch.

So was this game ever updated past 1.1 like you were saying?

See there was an update 9 hours ago. What was it for? The game? It never got the latest update from Steam.

Saw you also released the second game on itch.

Is the full version of the ROM going to be available on itch?

I bought theLRG physical but haven't received it in the mail yet. Was wondering though does the physical copy have an actual manual or is it just the comic that comes with the digital ROM?

Also is the version of the game on the physical cart the same version as the digital? Would suck if it was outdated with unfixed bugs.

You can just make a manual exception for the game in the antivirus program.

Wait this is just a demo?

The full game is already available but only on Steam, GOG, and I believe consoles. Itch only has the demo.

Any update on this?

Unfortunately Team Bugulon never seems to ever reply to comments or questions. I've tried.

Can you release the full game and soundtrack on itch?

Keep it up. Looking good so far.

Download version too?

OMG I just read that Broke Studio is doing the physical. Awesome