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So looks like there is English?

i just like being able to actually have a game on my computer, and not just tied to the internet.

Would you be able to make a downloadable version?

Sweet! Can't wait to dive in.

Is chapter 3 going to be released on itch?

This is currently on sale on the eShop and Steam. Can you put the itch version on sale?

I see the artbook is on itch. What about the soundtrack?

oh nice. Thank you.


Where are the other 3 fishhead games?

Are you going to release Shrine 2 on itch?


The game is on sale on Steam until the 24th. We could get a sale for the itch version too?


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I posted this question on the full game page but am posting here too.

Is the itch version fully up to date like the Steam version?

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Is the itch version fully up to date like the Steam version?

Jet Buster community · Created a new topic In development?

Why does this say In development when it has been out for a while...?

Awesome! Thank you.

Can you make a downloadable version?

Any update on that?

Just backed this on Kickstarter.

Pikuniku community · Created a new topic In development?

Game has been out. Why does it still say "In development" under More Information.

sweet thanks!

Can't wait to play this. It looks great.

No prob. Just purchased. :)

What happened to the soundtrack? It's listed as being in a bundle with the game but isn't available.

Wait so is just a free update to the original game on itch or is it coming as a separate game?

Will the full game be on itch too? Or GOG?

Can you make the soundtrack avilable on itch too?

I own the drm free vrsion on Humble Bundle. Can you update it? It's been out of date since 2015.

Woud you add the soundtrack and artbook on itch?

Hi I had a question about your other game 1917 The Alien Invasion. The product page says "In Development," but it seems to be fully released on Steam. I'm confused on this.

Is this Early Access? It's shows it on the Steam page.

Ah ya know I remember I actually asked this kind of question before with a previous version of the game. lol Sorry for seeming impatient. I should trust you guys. You've done well with this game.

Why is it unavailable? What happened?

Moor community · Created a new topic Windows 7?

Noticed that the Steam page says Min is Windows 10. Is it really not playable on 7?

I thought this had been released? I noticed it still says "In development."

When is 4.1.3 going to be available on itch and also GOG? It's out on Steam.

Is this up to date to match the Steam version? And I thought this came with a Steam key? What happened?

Sweet! Thank you for this.