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Is this being worked on at all? I so badly want a full game! I had even backed the previous Kickstarter that sadly failed.

Itch version seems to be out of date. Missing the recent update that Steam got.

I'm not blind... I purposely replied. Pardon me for trying to make you aware of the issue.

This version is way outdated and missing a bunch of patches that Steam got.

Are you going to update this game here? It and also the GOG version even are missing a bunch of patches that Steam got...

You have to jump and shoot an egg down at your feet mid jump. It will launch you higher up.

You will actually need to use this ability more than once through the game.

Can you release Turkey Please on itch?

Stuck how? Game glitch or you just don't know what to do?

More like Yoshi's Island actually.

Alwa's Legacy would be more like a 16-Bit Edition.

I thought this was out already. Why does the product page still say "In Development" ?

I thought the full game was coming to itch. What happened? Are you also going to address the issues people have been talking about on the Steam forums?

I just saw that RedArtGames is doing a physical of this so I hope it's going to include fixes to the game.

Is there going to be a steam version?

What is the difference between the NES Rom and the Digital 2021 UNROM?

Woah wait a minute.. So I bought the game on here for the sale price... now that it's back to the original price, I no longer have access to the soundtrack to download...

Just a little curious why the itch version comes with the soundtrack but the Steam version is an extra $4


Hope there will be a physical through Broke Studio like with La Abby Des Morts.

Oh... I'm dumb and that didn't even cross my mind. lol Ok I'll copy and paste there what I typed here.

Thanks again.

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A bit more about Sega Saturn that I actually forgot. Because of the 6 button layout of a Saturn controller, apparently the C button get's mapped to R which as I mentioned doesn't work regardless.

YES! It works.

Now I do have 2 issues that I just recently stumbled upon. First though I want to mention that the Mednafen Wonderswan and Sega Saturn cores work.

Now the first issue is that I was trying to play some games that use L/R (not L2/R2) and found R doesn't work at all. L will work but not R and L2/R2 work but those act as turbo buttons and I'm not trying to do that. It seems to be a problem in the script and how you have the controls setup. Not the cores because I used the same exact cores with Ludo and I didn't have the same issue. Tested out with Astal for Sega Saturn (which works great btw aside from the issue because you can change the control setup) and Klonoa 2 for GBA.

Second issue is with PS1. I haven't tested any game other than Ape Escape but it doesn't recognize that the controller is plugged into port 1. That game uses both analog sticks. Now I dunno if this is just an issue with the port recognition (which btw this might be a third issue because trying to assign different control types to a certin port in the config.ini doesn't seem to work at all), or if it's the same kind of issue that I'm having with the R button.

Would love if you can look into this and fix it. I really love what you have here and these are just a few problems that are keeping it from being perfect for me. 

Thank you!

Do you still monitor this page? Trying to get a response cause I need help.

Awesome to hear

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Hey would you also be interested in releasing this game on Zoom Platform?

It's a DRM Free store like GOG and that has old and new PC games. They have a discord as well as email address you can contact them.

This would fit perfect on there especially since it has local multiplayer.

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IWell I actually meant sending me a key through email or even twitter messaging.

Have a question. I'm subscribed to your Patreon but that was way after this game came out.

If I buy it now, can I get a Steam key too?

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Where is the Mull Again patch that the Steam version got? Or was that only an issue with the Steam version?

What about the physical version then? 

Dunno if you guys even read the comments at all but I just noticed something and this probably happened after you updated the game. 

In the past when I played my save file said "Stargrove Scramble" but I just re-downloaded the game and started over and now the save file says "Tailspin." It looks exactly the same as the Tailspin save though it's still saved in the ngjam folder that Stargrove saves in. Should probably fix that.

For the NES version?

Shows this was updated 3 days. What was changed?

Just played this. Very cool. Please revisit it and add some new stuff or do a remastered version!

So I see it's still in development. Any idea when the full completed version will be  out?

Can you look into this issue? I tried playing an SNES game with mesen-s and it works. NES games with mesen don't seem to work at all.

Character looks like Billy Blaze from Commander Keen.

Do a physical release with incube8 like you did for GENESIS.

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Tried that... it's still not working.

Update: FCEUMM works... but not MESEN which I would prefer.

you see the photo?

You gonna put this on sale again? There is currently a Lunar New Year sale going on.