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I'm playing the Windows download version. Where is the save file located? I can't seem to find it.

I'm confused. Is it a demo or the full game? Under "More Information" it says "Released."


Game is on sale on Steam. Can you put the itch version on sale too?

Would you be able to make a download version for this game?

I love your games! Tailspin is my fav.

Does the physical play at 60HZ on Sega Genesis? Will it also work on Analogue Mega Sg?


Just saw this got released on GOG! Nice.

When is the full version coming out?

I knew Dread Templar looked familiar.

Why the name change?

If you bought it in the bundle, you don't get the Steam key.

Can I still download the demo?

You too. Will be buying Meawja day 1.

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I'll actually go ahead and get that Steam key.

Still looking forward to the itch version being updated though.

Update: Just saw your new game on Steam. Looks great! Can't wait to play that!

Will do. Oh and I just made a donate to you. :D

I don't quite see why that would have anything to do with doing a physical.

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Just started playing this. It's SO AWESOME!

I'm uh... in the process of making a custom physical CD copy of it (for my personal use but would totally send you one as a thank you gift!).

Just started working on the cover art and manual. :D

PC version possible? Don't have a MAC.

I agree and add controller support.

Where is update version

In development? So it's still being worked on?

It works! Thank you!


I'd prefer if you could just update the itch version. Shouldn't matter if there are no significant changes. It's still an update and should apply to this version too.

Once again the Steam version is updated and the itch version is out of date. Please fix this.

So what is the status of the updated version?

I purchased it for $4.99 way back before the price was updated and i do not have access to the modern edition...

Have you thought about doing a physical version for Switch?

Is the artbook going to be released on GOG?

NV just found out you can and it plays so much better with a gamepad!

Love all your work! I backed Vomitoreum on Kickstarter (second to highest tier. Love that physical poster) and can't wait for the full game!

Can you use a gamepad or just keyboard?

Seen the full game was released on Steam. When it the itch version coming?

If I wanted to make a physical copy of Bobl, will the Broke Studios unrom pcb work just fine, and will it still function on the Retrousb AVS?

Could you please make a downloadable version?

Oh this looks great. Reminds me of Kero Blaster.

Why is the price more on Steam?

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Will Oxenfree 2 be released on itch as well? Also what about Afterparty?