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Nice was hoping for a download version! Thank you.

A Short Hike community · Created a new topic Soundtrack?

Is there a way to make the soundtrack purchasable on itch instead of just bandcamp?

Ok cool. Thanks for the quick response. :)

Ok I'm confused with the files you have listed. On the main game product page it shows:

Both for Windows.

But on this page it shows: Play in browser

What is the most recent downloadable Windows version?

Oh sweet. Thanks!

Full voice overs!?

Can you add the soundtrack to itch for purchase?

What is the difference between the 31 MB file and the 34 MB file?


What is the difference between and

I see you winking there. lol So that means the game only plays in widescreen?

Just got the game. Pretty cool so far but I'm currently playing on a 4:3 monitor at the moment. Is there a way to change the screen size?

Will have to get this. Totally reminds me of Monkey Island!

What happened to Super Weekend Mode on itch?

So for $9.99 you get the OST with the game? That's what it seems.

I had been interested in trying Shadowgate for the first time. At the sametime though I was also curious what other similar games there were out there, and when I did a google search, I came across Infested.

Played it yesterday and really enjoyed it! I must say you totally nailed it! I really hope to see another game from you soon.