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any plans to release this to Macs? i'd love to play, but sadly don't have the OS for it.

oh, ok! thanks for the answer lmao

Dead Horizon community · Created a new topic huh?

big fan of this game, was browsing the western tag on for new content, and... why is the price suddenly $5,000? i got the game a couple months ago, so the price obviously doesn't worry me, but... what happened here?

wow, i love this! hope it gets finished one day <3

sweet, good to know!

any chance of getting a mac version of this? i'd really love to play

will this ever be available for macs?

will this be available for mac at any point?

will this be available for mac any time in the future?

i'm autistic, and i use vocal stims. i sing, hum, whistle, any sort of sounds that calm me down. thank you for creating a lovely game that let me use something people perceive as an annoyance, as a tool for progression and creation.