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Sadly no rom. Yeah.

It's about the same cut. Don't worry about it! I would provide a key over here if you needed one, but it's really not a big difference! Reviews on steam probably do more for my bottom line just because the world is run by bots these days.

i'll take a look!

What's the Panic Playdate?

I am!

I don't know! Never tried.

Working on it!

We'll see!

The demo is free!

The full game is out, for 8 bucks.

It's available here!

Ahahaha, it's possible to beat the game even then! but there are some... odd ways of doing it. And it's probalby not perfect, and yeah, a more robust save system is needed.

Awww thanks! Sadly the game hit a small bump and is currently on hiatus, but hoping to get back to it after my other game Yolk Hero releases! Thank you so much for checking in.

Awww, that's so sweet of you.

Hrm, let me ask my dev, I think there might be a way to force it to run windowed?

This is the greatest thing i've ever seen. I'm going to post it in the discord!

Hahaha, i don't know what happened either, but i'll put it on the bug list, any more info you can give would be useful!

Awww, thanks for playing it enough to see the stuff like that!

Haha! That's very funny. I honestly have NO idea what happened there. that's a new one on me and I've been playing this game and having people test it for like, six months. That's wild. Funnier than anything I could have written. Like, that sounds so perfectly timed. The funny thing, is she WILL do things LIKE that sometimes, especially in the full game. She's not supposed to be bugged doing it!


If your game starts glitching out or going spoopy I'd probably just dump the computer.

(your actual guess sounds about right, I assume it was a flag loading issue. Somehow the flag for the mission loaded and the opening sequence flag got tangled up in a way that will take a little bit of code chucking to probably figure out. Figuring it out will probably be good, because it's odd enough and obviously breaks the game, that it could be a sign of a bigger issue.)

Haha, when did this happen? That sounds like a line that's supposed to be from the Rat Champ! Sounds like it bugged, do you know when this popped up?

It is cool.

You're awesome.

You're the cool cool girl!

Thank you so much!

Haha, no I don't have any more info. I was just grabbing everything I could at the time. I probably know less about it than you do.

I hope you feel that way if you get a hold of the demo, but if you do play it, even if you don't, give me feedback.  I'd like the game to be good!

Thank you so much, the demo is going to be out next month so when that comes out uh... give it one of those play tries or whatever.

Aww! Thanks! The demo will be out next month.

Hahaha! I KNOW THE GAME YOU MEAN! Oh wow. Whew.

I watched a friend play it. If it's the one I remember I got it off some forum.

Thank you. Sadly trying to find another job, so dev has stalled for the moment while I try and not end up homeless. Sorry about that! I'll get back to it as soon as i can.

That makes sense. XD

I've always wanted to do something like that. I pitched stuff like that around when the wii was new. The idea of a one player game that used two controllers. Everyone turned me down claiming it was too annoying. ^^;;

Thank you for making it a reality XD!

It's made in Unity.

I'd say to try and find some online courses on programming. There's a lot of good ones. Though I don't know how the Japanese resources are.

Whatever you choose as your first project make it SMALL. SIMPLE. Don't over extend.

Good luck!

Me too!

There isn't a super easy bug report place, so here is GREAT, and thank you so much.

3. Annoying, you're supposed to get more after you die. BAH!

Great feedback, you're amazing, thank you. Trying to get some serious bug fixing done to improve the demo while dev continues..... slowly.

You are correct and I will.

Art can only be experienced. It doesn't exist in many ways outside the person who enjoys it and uses it. The art is created inside your mind.


Haha. Really? Wild! Thanks for having a good time with this one.

Hopefully a statement of like 'wow!' However, I know very little about Korean.

You're a 10/10!

I don't know what that means but I do appreciate it.