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It was free! Now it is 5,000 dollars. (Steam, GameJolt, and Newgrounds still have it for free.)

Aww, thank you!

Good question! I wasn't planning to put it back to free as I thought the 5k price tag was funny and it is free elsewhere. However, if people really want to play it off I will. Let me know!

It's still free over on gamejolt and steam. Mostly I made it cost 5k for their reverse sale. I think it's funny a free game also costs 5k.

Oh... yes... uh... it's been a year, so uh, if you still want to talk to me, derringer AT works best. sorry i didn't see this until right this moment!

No bug. Just a weird reverse sale. You can still get the game for free on steam or gamejolt if you want it! was just having a reverse sale, so I decided to make my free game cost ten thousand dollars. Oh, the bundle with the soundtrack here is free. So, you can get that instead.

Thanks for taking the time.

Does the issue happen if you make the screen larger? The programmer thinks it might be happening because of the screen is smaller than the minimum resolution of the game.

We'll see. I'll pass it along to the person who worked on the game who actually isn't a moron and can code.

I will try and keep you in the loop.

Any chance you can get me a play log?

Thanks for taking the time to play it!

STrange, I only know one other person who had this issue. Can you give me your full stats?

Thanks for taking the time to play it!

The new Linux version should fix this issue.

Thanks! We have a new build but it only fixes the issue with some players... we're working on it!

Just watched! (As much as I could stand) GREAT play through. You have a nice easy way with the camera. I just hate listening to people read my text outloud. Loved it! I'll make sure to tell my friends about it, and check out your other videos and things. Thanks for taking the time.

Oh hey! I saw that video on youtube earlier and thought 'no man, that cover image is way too cool to be for a play through of my game...' and didn't click it.