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Any changes in the Windows version that was just uploaded?

Hello! Yes! Changed the UI so the game fits wider screens better, there’s bug fixes, art improvements etc. Haven’t had a chance yet to update the screenshots. :) 

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Ah cool. I was just curious because the only changelog on the page mentioned mac and linux specific stuff.

I've seen that there's a Panmorphia 2 on your website, is that coming to PC one day? I'd love to play it.

No worries, didn't have a chance to update the page with new screenshots, logo and do a devlog yet, as I wanted to update the demos too first before doing that! 

Yes! I'm going to port all of my games to PC, and also currently working on Panmorphia 3.

That's great news! I'm already following you so I suppose itch will tell me when I can buy them.